Crypto..a way out for NEETs

>Be 21
>Have not worked in a year due to severe anxiety and derealization
>Dads friend comes over
>He always subliminally tell me im a loser when dad is not around
>Ask if I have been working lately
>I say no
>He chuckles and shakes his head
>He says why?
>I tell him im working on myself right now
>chuckles again
>Little does he know I made over his months salary in a few days thanks to XLM
>Silent win

A silent win still makes you a loser user

why not move away from toxic people and find people you can love and be happy with.

>my dad's friend bullies me

The only loser bigger than you is your bitch ass dad for letting you get picked on by his friend.

I'll knock all three of you out and choke you with my chode.

Actually my dad is the only one who really has my back. His friend does this when my dad is not around because hes a pussy. IDC though just gotta get my brain right and i'll start winning again user

Normies are so dumb. I made more than my former year's salary in just under a month by putting in around $600 and 10x'ing it twice. It's a dumb game that I'm so willing to play. Fuck work. Fuck people. Fuck Neetbux.

derealization...schizo tendencies you must of been coddled as a child ya dig...its hard to see reality when you so believe your success at an xlm moon shot has made you superior to others?! that is where your reality is flawed..Deal in the real world too, get a job and learn to socialize you faggot. good luck in life ya dig

Appreciate you senpai

check out the book 'the subtle art of not giving a fuck,' you're already half way there.

Bro don't you get it?

OP has short term gains over long term gains and security and benefits

it's not like having a $60k/y job can give you access to $100k+ in medical benefits or anything :^)

Wrong. Never show your power level. How new are you?

just don't blow it all on hookers kid

OP I would tell your dad about his shit friend. Not for your sake but for your dad's. If his friend is the type of person to do that to his friend's kid then I could not even image what type of other piece of shit that is. That is a seriously immature thing to do and I can only think of what other immature shit he could pull on your dad in the future.
You nor your father need to deal with idiots like that.

That is either the case or I hate to put the thought into your head but your dad might be talking about you in the same way to his friends when you are not around. That would give the confidence in his friend to even bring it up to you. I hope this is not the case though.

>living with mom
>contractors come to do work on house
>in fit of anxiety about my own loser-ness I complain to mom about lack of good food in the house
>contractors overhear
>as I walk outside they sing the "fancy feast" catfood theme song

user, you should get your dads friend into crypto... befriend him... show him some easy moves to make a quick gain... he will trust you.

get him to put in life savings on BazingaCoin.

he will then perish.

you win.

user, you will not magically be anxiety free and 'ready to work'. i recommend you take some data entry/no human contact job so you can at least keep a habit of getting up early and leaving your house

You're still a fucking loser.

heh, which coins did you invest in?

Great advice user

Found the loser.

Thanks yeah that is very true I'm actually gonna start to plan on working pretty soon. I have been seeing a therapist twice a week, and one foot at a time back into the real world is the first step of my treatment. Everythings been getting a lot better. This crypto has been helping a lot too just to know I have some more money coming in.

kek user why do you care about what contractors think? They're literally working for you

>be me, 23, trade shitcoins full time
>guy comes to fix our ceiling
>shows up 5 times, works around 6 hours each day
>ask dad how much he's paying for this
>mfw the guy takes home 2500 for 30 hours of work
>mfw I made close to 10k during that timeframe sitting on my ass

did you cash out?

at the time I had no money or job so short of identifying myself with my parents' money I could do nothing but feel owned

Congrats, you're now a lifeless loser with a bit of money.

Must feel great

>thinking there is a point to life other than money

Just run him over in your lambo. Poetic justice

Same. Haven’t worked a day since 2014. Haven’t attended college since 2016. But I’m going to make it. Let slaves be slaves. Rise above them all, user.

im rooting for you OP, you've got this!


How much did you make exactly? Did you just get lucky or is this like a consistent thing for you?

It seems kinda like a meme if you are earning six figures a year and you are gonna quit that to become a wagey.

I make 55k a year at 23 years old and I thought I was hot shit until I saw what people were earning day trading. I'm doing alright but if I could start seriously making a good stack off of this I would quit my job in a second.

I think if you are good at this shit it would be better just to move out, set yourself up with three screens in a nice apartment. Have workout equipment in your main room. Get up at 8:00 and go to bed at 11:00. Focus on improving your body and treat crypto as your full time job.

You can tell normies and your boomer uncles that you are a "day trader" so they don't give you the whole "crypto is a Ponzi scheme" bit. Tell them you are taking in about 3k a month or something so they don't get jealous.

Then show up in a corvette and nice clothes for the next event and just say that you are really good with your finances and don't have to worry about your family. This will really fuck with their heads and be a great silent win when they tell you to be more responsible.