Did you miss the XRB moon mission? Too lazy to buy it on some random shit exchange?
Fear not there's another moon mission incoming. It's the IOTA of China: ITC. Compare the marketcap of ITC to IOTA and tell me why you aren't in please. I shilled you modum and wabi this is gonna be the next rocket guys. You can get it on Huobi, OKex or Bibox. It's gonna be on Binance soon. You'll wanna be early.

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I can buy one altcoin from 3 random shitty exchanges instead of another altcoin from 2 random shitty exchanges? Excellent, thanks for the info!

What do you mean?

If the exchanges are whats keeping you away from this coin you're a tard. Letting minor inconveniences stand between you and money.

I suppose you guys must still be accumulating.. Well Veeky Forums I gave you guys another freebie, I hope you do something with it.

Been in it for a couple days now and I cant wait to see what it does in the next couple of weeks.

iotchain --> iotchina

literally free money when people realise this is the goat chinkcoin

And that they have a working product... gonna be ridiculous.

Yeah. It's just a matter of time for it to be listed on binance aswell. People are probably not gonna buy it cuz it's on one of the more unusual exchanges like with RaiBlocks but they'll regret it. I'm glad I got in this kinda early

Seriously what the fuck is that

Which product ? The wallet that isn't released yet. DAG network is still 2019.

Interested but I think it will dump

lol their product in 2019 Q1. dont fool people. XRB took literally sevaral months to take off. dont shill this chinke scammer.

XRB had a product, this has literally none. Fuck these chink scams, even if I might profit from this getting in at the top of the pyramid I'll rather make profit by holding legit projects.
DAG isint til late 2019 but they still have the mainnet undergoing testing.

This coin's volume is around 40-60 m USD for the past week, which is equivalent to raiblocks' volume at THREE PERCENT ITS MARKETCAP.

if you fags can't see the hype then you can just stay poor

Keep the FUD up. They're just fudding cuz they're accumulating.

Wash trading, whales are doing that to attract buyers

>It's the IOTA of China

whats that supposed to mean?

Remember how dumb you felt after you posted the same shit about NEO? Don't you learn from your mistakes? The Chinese love to pump their own shit, this coin is a guaranteed moon mission

NEO is a shitcoin but at least not an obvious rip off. IOTA of China, lol, get fucked.

Yea iota of china that has actually working technology without the shitload of problems that iota has.

sure it does. and you know that because you're a chinese toaster plugged into the chink internet of things i guess?

it's such an obvious scam, it even tries to get some name confusion going. chinese copy everything to make a quick buck, don't you see it?

>the IOTA of China

KEK when have i heard that b4 ethereum of china&oq=antshares ethereum of china

Can use these exchanges if your a burger? OKEX, Huobi, and Bibox are all asian exchanges

I used huobi and I am a burger, you just sign your phone number as Canadian. I also had to once I was able to create an account, register my phone number again, and use 2 factor in order to withdraw.

i can sign with ur email just like i did, u dont have to sign with ur phone, i didnt receive the sms anyways