You will literally never EVER miss another moon with kucoin

You will literally never EVER miss another moon with kucoin.

Why? Because kucoin pays out its dividends in both bitcoin AND its trading pair. This way you will constantly get dividends in literally every coin and not miss any moons ever.

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Do I have to hold the KCS on the exchange to get dividends, or is there a wallet?

u need to hold in exchange

yes, you do. hold at 12:00am for the reward each day

Just keep them on the exchange to get the dividends

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How long after the announcement does it usually take an exchange to actually list the coin?

The always give the exact date en time in advance, kucoin is always fast to list

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okay pay attention..this is not the one to miss. BNTY and PRL have proven in the last week that anything that touches Kucoin is going to surge. Kucoin's daily trading volume is sitting at a tiny $32m compared to Binance's $2.8b and Binance is only 5 months old. Kucoin has grown 800% in the last 60 days and it's aggressive listing of new unknown coins such as BNTY is going to be a major contributor to this growth. We're at a point now where normies are seeing this and scrambling to get onboard with the moon mission.

How do you take advantage of Kucoin's growth? KuCoin Shares.

user, what the fuck are KuCoin Shares?

KuCoin is dead serious about being a major force in the exchange world. They want growth and they want it fast - to facilitate this they're offering dividends in the form of trading fees to their investors. 50% of the entire trading fee revenue on the Kucoin platform will be shared daily with those holding KCS on their exchange. This is a two-fold investment with ridiculous growth potential as a result, you buy KCS, the exchange grows, your KCS rises in price, and the amount of dividends you are generating grows with it.


My current plan is to ride our Veeky Forums shitcoin profit and reinvest into KCS. See you in 2020 when I'm still holding and living off my dividends, I hope you are there with me.

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does anyone where where kucoin is based out of? is this a chinese exchange?

Does it matter? Get on this shit now and join us on a Mars mission, or be a loser. I don't give a shit.


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Yeah they're based out of HongKong I believe

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I trade pretty large volume. 20k usd per day. you should get decent dividends from my transactions fees

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I just realized, they don't even have LINK....what kind of exchange doesn't have the biggest coin of 2018?

They are the earliest market for altcions. They will be adding the big boiis very soon though.