ZRX Buy-in tier list

0.00 - 1.00 = God tier
1.01 - 3.00 = Top tier
3.01 - 5.00 = Mid tier
5.01 - 10.00 = Low tier
10.01 - 20.00 = Shit tier
20.01+ = Veeky Forums tier

So u are saying i shouldnt even bother

Wish I heard about this coin sooner.

If you didn't buy around $0.2 you're late

>avg buy in price 11ยข
icofag that's gonna make it

Fat green stick coming right up

1500 at 20 cents reporting in.

I maxed the ICO presale but only left myself 2k after taking some nice gains soon after it finished, still very comfy

I swear all the newcoiners here counting "gains" in fiat would make more by hodling BTC.

tfw bought at 0.04

0.01-.020 god tier

.70-.90 pleb
.91-1.0 king of normies
1.0+ normies
100+ Thank god

not true, i 4x-d my portfolio in december.

would've i 4x-d my gains by hodling bitcoin?


Some (myself included) make gains in sato but many these days seem to think they have been making gains holding ETH for the last 4 months.

You don't make money holding Bitcoin, grandpa. You lose it. Get back to fucking October or get with the times. Counting in satoshis is for brainlets.

10usd eoy screencap this

It's at .90 get in faggot

Bump , don't let this thread die pedes

Measuring in dollars = Pajeet tier

anything below $1 is good a good buy for anyone still considering to get in.

that being said where do people see this being by end of the year? any speculation? im excited

I could see the market cap easily reaching 10 billion if ethfinex is successful. There is lots of demand for good decentralised exchanges at the moment. If 0x is the protocol of choice which can already be seen happening we will see massive gains. As you said around 1 dollar is still a good buy in.