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normie here I have $500 in BTC

whats is going to moon in the next?


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DBC short term (2 months)
LINK long term (12-18 months)

DBC already mooned, idiot

With awareness of DBC due to increase with some of the near-term exchange listings, I just wanted to give my 2c's on why I thought DBC is a good investment. Before doing that though, let me clarify I'm not going to make any of those retarded and totally blind 'to the moon' claims - I am simply going to address some of the concerns that a suspicious investor might have at this point of DBC's market.

I was skeptical of DBC's potential at first, for a number of reasons. One, their website ( is far from functional and a lot of their WP marketing content is lost in translation (also hard to follow bc its written in a very scientific manner). Second, the 10bn total supply (achieved in 10 years), with 50% of that reserved for miners, makes it harder to believe in the price appreciation potential. Third, the current market cap of ~$200mm (1.5bn t/o * $0.13 as of 1/1) can be seen as a bit high for a project that just got listed.

With respect to the website, you can visit (DBC leverages this AI OS). For the others, let's look at some of the reasons why the valuation is justified, and is due to go up.

(1) Working product - DBC is essentially an extension of the DeepBrain AI platform ( - This site is not very known to western investors b/c it isnt offered in English; i only came across it after doing due dilligence. Found the site link from one of DBC's venture sponsors, GSR). DB is already functional and serves landmark customers like Siemens, MS, Lenovo and Samsung. Unlike some of the peers in the 200mm market cap zone, DBC is one of the few that has a working platform to build on and definitely a rare gem that can leverage an existing corporate customer base.

2) VC backing: I currently work in finance and I know that GSR and Gobi are top-notch VC shops with successful investments in growth tech. There is also investment from NEO itself. While you shouldn't base your entire investment decision on the fact that known sponsors are backing it, you can't deny that they probably have a lot more insider info than we do and are backing it for a reason.

3) High market cap, low float cap: For me, investing in a lesser known token like this one is harder because of the volatility associated with them (definitely more volatile than crypto in general). Ideally I want to keep short-term volatility as low as possible while maintaining the upside. DBC lets you do this because it currently has a low float cap; of the 1.5bn tokens in circulation, 0.6bn was sold through a pre-sale and are likely held under lock-up, so the actual number of tokens that could be in jittery hands is 0.9bn. More tokens will arguably be released as the years go by, but for a shorter term investor that would not matter.

Combined with the fact that there is virtually no competing coins out there (Golem comes close but is not truly comparable; SingularityNET does not have the cost-cutting value prop that DBC has), DBC has enormous upside and little downside from volatility.

P.S. There's some people insinuating that this is a scam project because they can't readily find the team etc. For your information, the team can be found in the whitepaper (p.19 onwards).

will DBC get listed on Binance? what about BNTY?

They said the same thing about XVG at 3 cents.


Definitely getting listed on Binance, though I'm not sure when. DBC will probably be listed first since it has much higher volume, then BNTY later.

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Hahaha OP.... DBC & LINK are the two biggest Veeky Forums bag holds. Don't buy this shit.

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Literally in the same position. So many good coins shilled here but it makes zero sense to diversify with $500

>normie here I have $500 in BTC
you realize multiple users here have $100,000 or more right?

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DBC isn't pajeetcoin

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This. Most of us are trading with more than our salaries and well over 100 ir 200k. No reason to waste time shilling to a shrimp.