Bitcoin is sexist

How do we solve the gender divide issue in Crypto, Veeky Forums? We need to make sure women are equally represented.

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fucking hell... must they ruin everything? they will literally go around repeating that it's a bubble until it all crashes, all because they think it's a boys club

women have to be interested in it. Most don't give a fuck. It's not man's job to nurture them into it, just like it's not woman's job to nurture men into being interested in fashion.

So if I buy bitcoin would I be supporting the patriarchy?

We hand out half of gains to females obviously.


men will get the crypto gains
dumbass hoes will marry the men w/ crypto gains

what's the problem. fuckin equality fags. muh gender equality above all else. kys

HA no, this is the correct picture. CommunistBroadcastCanada is right. How dare we. Lets think about what weve done.

I can only see two potential things from that article:

>Women are underrepresented in the development of blockchain technologies such as btc
From working in software development, this is true.

The amount of neckbeards I've seen making fun of or belittling female developers (i.e, if I fuck up a commit, I get 2 seconds of ribbing, if a female does it she gets a whole 'lesson', despite being just as senior as me).

Despite the /pol/ bleedoff here, non-forced diversity fosters opposing viewpoints in the workplace, which, when accepted, can help you not miss your own cultural blind spots.

>Women aren't investing in bitcoin
Women can go on Gemini just as easily as men.

>woman owner
>worst performing coin

So if I buy Cryptos would I trigger some feminazi SJW?


>men go off and do something pioneering
>women literally don't even hear about it for a decade
>venture finally makes a return after a decade of work
>"we demand equal representation in *reads off of mainstream news article* crypt-oh-currency"

But they dont which is the fucking point moron.

as per usual guys, we will have to spoil them, to simultaneously stop their complaints and remind them how worthless they are

give your bitcoin to women of color

just switch "underrepresented" with "not as represented" and I don't think anyone will argue with you

Jesus christ could you fucking stop posting this stupid crap here all the time?

I get that you are a woman and feel like an victim but NO ONES GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR SPECIAL GENDER.

If you cant make money out of crypto, its because you are heavily retarded and not because you have a vagina.

Am I the only one who hates women a little bit more because of stuff like that?

to solve this issue, promote the idea of females getting into crypto, when we have enough, shill them into that worthless pajeet shitcoin named bazingacoin, and when it crashes we all laugh and remind ourselves once again the patriarchy never ends.

>Despite the /pol/ bleedoff here, non-forced diversity fosters opposing viewpoints in the workplace, which, when accepted, can help you not miss your own cultural blind spots.

Of course, a Canadian newspaper. What else do you expect...

Only if you buy Bitcoin.

I'm agreeing with you on that one you dingus. I was framing the issues of development (something where to be in it, you are required to be a part of a workplace culture unless you're a savant), versus crypto speculation (where being part of/posting in communities are optional).

CBC isn't a newspaper, user...

CBC is the state run media in Canada. It's more like a wing of the government than a newspaper

CBC is state-owned, which is even worse. As a leaf, my tax dollars pay for this drivel.

>My taxes pay for this
>Have to pay tax for crypto
>Crypto paying to call crypto sexist


Bitcoin isnt sexist, women just hate money

>non-forced diversity fosters opposing viewpoints in the workplace
Diversity of IDEAS! Not ethnicity, sexuality or gender. it has zero value if a team of programmers are of a rainbow composition.
The only benefit from wishing for more female or PoC co-workers, is if you say it out loud and is in a particular environment where people share your delusional world view.

>I was framing the issues of development (something where to be in it, you are required to be a part of a workplace culture unless you're a savant)

why dont they adjust themself to this "workplace culture"? Why does the "workplace culture" have to be adjusted to them?

>women will get involved when there's no risk


If you remove the risk (IE the volatility), you will also remove the ability for massive gains to be had. You can't have it both ways.

>Implying women have any degree of self awareness

Oh yeah the CBC. The same CBC that turned down the Snowden story when given to on a platter by Glen Greenwald.

Crypto is faceless. Why bring gender into this? The important women in my life have invested in crypto after I informed them of it and made a lot since then. They never give a shit about so why should ((they))

because working hard and challenging each other is toxic masculine behavior and women bring in the *diverse opposing viewpoint* of passive aggression and endless useless powerpoint presentations

too risky=sexist?
so let men get burned taking all the risks, then gibsmedat for equality.


because this is the state of women in the media right now. being a victim is cool.

I praise every single female that can join the crypto club without making a deal out of it.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but what the fuck?

Crypto is completely unregulated, with no barriers to entry in terms of either investment or development. You don't need an education, you don't need introduction into an institution, you don't need a license... You don't even need to interact with anyone to make a buck off of it. Literally the only thing stopping you is access to the internet and money. How can this possibly be about gender? How can women possibly be disenfranchised beyond their own disinterest in the subject?

I don't get it dude.

Agree with most of this other than the idea of diversity in viewpoints. That usually isn't the case, and diversity is just for face.

>men take all the risk
>women jump in when it seems profitable and men have made it safe for them

hmmm, what does that remind you of?

>Crypto is faceless. Why bring gender into this?

Because men dominate it. Don't you get it?

Because we're all retards who ignore human biodiversity, we assume that all humans are 100% equal. That means that when there's some kind of imbalance in representation, there is obviously some kind of sinister plot happening to keep women down.

Who cares about logic when you can put your gender studies degree to use?

>feminists and other lefties make fun of cryptocurrency
>come up with juvenile names like "buttcoin" as they jeer from the sidelines
>celebrate when Gox failure crashes bitcoin and causes some to kill themselves
>Hear from mainstream sources that the underlying technology could be an internet-tier disruption to multi-trillion dollar financial market
>mfw totally coincidentally some of them don't think "le buttcoin" is stupid anymore
Women should literally not be allowed to be involved in the decentralized fintech industry.

What we need to do is develop artificial wombs so we can finally rid ourselves of the vaginal jew.

>written by a strong womyn
>falls exactly into the cliche of the average woman
>one of the main reason why woman earn less is because they take less risks

>could be
>experts say
>gender divide

Haha holy fuck

agreed. Wish it could just stay that way. all this does is breed more resentment on both sides. I just want to make it. the women i know who invest are naturally more risk averse which in some cases is beneficial but to take out the risks is to strip crypto.

it's simple. at the Faggot Retard News department of the Canadian Faggot Retard Newspaper they have a meeting called "Gender Articles" every Tuesday. In it, the top journalists write all the major headlines from Monday on the whiteboard with "and gender" written afterward: North Korea and gender, Catalonian independence and gender, etc. They got to "bitcoin and gender" and handed the assignment to the Lead Faggot Retard Journalist, who then wrote this Faggot Retard Article for his international audience of Complete Faggot Retards

God damn I love being male

Exactly. Studies have shown men make more money because they ask for more

>Bad sign
I think they mean good sign, if women were involved this shit would be 3x more volotile. With guaranteed major dumps every month.

Shame that crypto-wealthy men will most likely act like dicks to women, hence resentment on the part of the women.

It wouldn't be a problem otherwise.

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af.

I can smell your tiny pussy from 2 miles. Wanna get a licky licky onto it?

I know this 9/10 fucking PhD student in Computer Science who has a masters degree and a delicious fuckable ass from Belarus here in London.

I try to talk to her about cryptos and she laughs it off saying it is stupid and regulations will make them a pain in the ass.


how do they know it?

I am more used to seeing such autism on /pol rather then /biz but whatev, its still fucking retarded non-less. Hope whoever wrote that article watches his filthy mother die of cancer right in front of him.

Proving the point

you missed the point, I'm a huge cock to any gender if you know what I mean.

Whats your kik lady?

it's almost as if there are differences between the genders that are so obvious we take them for granted...

pic related it's how the article's author will close the crypto gap

>cultural blind spots
10/10 bait
pls be bait

Men make something that can make them money, women want a slice of the pie when it is too late for them, holy fuck what a world we live in.

Neck yourself immedatiely you commie faggot.

That is the greate b8 my guy, but the last msg gave it away. If u work on dat u gonna be unstoppable imo.

lol dumbass astrology isnt real

its true in western culture we miss things like the inferiority of women

Thank fuck I was born a male, superior gender by far.

>Falling for bait this hard

>Some experts say no women means it's too risky
>basing what you do on the behavior of women in anything ever
Women on the whole are more naturally cautious than the average man. Well, I don't know about modern soibois, but it's normal, it's always been like this. It's an evolutionary thing. So what does it matter?

>women are missing out because they are risk averse
How is this our fault?

Can we just not have genders anymore? Can't we just all be people? Wouldnt that better suit the crybabys of the world. These fuckin idiots have confounded their made up problem and made a billion fuckin genders because they dont realize what in the hell they are doing. When Im signing up for a website or something, what does it matter what I've got between my legs? Im not there to fuck the website.

>I identify as a fuckin bmw

This. Women don't invent anything, ever. They just ignore/ridicule something until its popular enough, and then complain about "under-representation" when men don't gleefully hold their hand.

It's pure entitlement.

This, I am embarrassed to be in Canada sometimes.

>Women will get more in the cryptocurrency world when- and if- it becomes less risky
Aaannndd there it is, the fucking female mindset summed up in one sentence. Wants all the rewards with limited to no risk. Men take huge risks (on average) to acquire wealth but most women are so stuck in their childish "have cake and eat it too" mentality that they can't understand higher risk for higher reward. Then they bitch about it and write articles like this about "muh gender inequality!".

A woman invented you.

>"Its da mens fault"
Fucking retard

>a woman's body did something naturally and involuntary with the aid of a man's penis

I don't think you understand what "invent" means.

>waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah men are mean to me! This is why I need feminism!

woman here, god i fucking hate my gender.
Most women I know cant even do their taxes, its embarrassing. Crypto is better for not having women in it... but maybe there's a business opportunity there to make it idiot proof for them?

>So if I buy bitcoin would I be supporting the patriarchy?

sort of. you would be supporting the inevitable crash of the patriarchy.

Back to r@ddit
also tits or gtfo

>Literally a tard or an animal can create babies user. It doesn't require thought, it happens regardless whether she wants it or not after fertilisation.

I just can't stand how some women need to make everything a gendered issue. It just reeks of insecurity. Most don't even care about something until AFTER it starts making money. Then there is the whole "Its too risky!" which really triggers me because the embracement of risk is really the only way to wealth and if you're not cool with that fine but don't go write an article bitching about "muh gender inequality" then.

>if a female does it she gets a whole 'lesson', despite being just as senior as me)

i wish i was getting programming lessons for free

fucking privilege


My experiences with women and crypto:

- Got a haircut. Forgot my wallet. Told the lady I can bring the cash by, send PayPal as soon as I get home, or send Bitcoin. Set her up with Mycelium on her phone. Stressed the importance of the seed phrase. Sent $30 in BTC when it was well under $1000. She uninstalled Mycelium and lost the seed phrase.

- Told a bartender to get into Ethereum when I was buying all I could at just under $1. She showed no interest. 2 years later I am up huge in crypto overall and she cries "it's not fair!"

- Female family member told me to dump BTC at less than $1000 and NXS at 28 cents.

*puts hand on your shoulder* Just be cute and ill give u money to survive. It's easy honey don't worry

>Some experts say that if women are staying away, it's probably too risky.

nice summary desu

fuck off

Murder all roasties. Then they don’t have to worry about sexism in crypto.

>could be
>(((experts))) say
Can we just hang these people from lampposts? I swear I'll be the next mass shooter if they take crypto from us too.

Yeah, we need to change all our stuff to accomodate women, who do shit all to integrate in the businesses that already exist. Same happened in workplaces. They don't move a single step, instead demand that everything changes to accomodate their every whim. "Boohoo, it's too risky, I don't like that, please change it." If they don't like it, they should just stay the fuck out, how about that. Fucking women, I swear, it's as if they WANT to be hated.

hahahahha not we a decentralized coin

My girl just gave me 4k last week because she thinks ill do better than her lol


already working on it..

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Woman here. What is cryptos?

you win 50/50 flip

>$75/hr for feminist sluthole
If these were at least average escorts then I could understand this in the American market. Anywhere in the EU and Asia this'll see no uptake though. Cheap and attractive hookers kill your coin idea.


>they had comments enabled on this article

>biggest mistake ever