At the end of January, ZCL and Bitcoin will hard-fork to give birth to Bitcoin Private

At the end of January, ZCL and Bitcoin will hard-fork to give birth to Bitcoin Private.

ZClassic is a futures market for Bitcoin Private.

After the double HF, 1 ZCL will get you 1 BTCP and 1 BTC will get you 1 BTCP.

I have checked the Github, forums, and development team. They are legit.

If you look at the market, it has seen some price action (from 11k sats to ~7/800k sats now) with a very healthy stabilization phase. More interestingly, if you look at the order book for the past few days, people are clearly accumulating. In fact the ask side of the book is drying up with only a few ten thousands coins available for sale.

Bitcoin Private is a Bitcoin hard-fork incorporating ZClassic. Its features are:

- zk-SNARKs technology (shielded transactions)
- low-fee transactions
- advantageous fee schedule to scoop up miners
- adjustable difficulty
- no founder rewards (unlike ZCash who allocates 20% of the monetary mass for its founders)
- no pre-mine obviously.

In addition to that, consider that:

- the project lead, Rhett Creighton (, has two degrees from MIT, has been around for almost a decade, is an OG anarcho-capitalist, and has his reputation on the line.

- Bitcoin Private offers a risk-free hedge for Bitcoin whales. Privacy (and tax evasion) is a big issue for capital-rich folks in Bitcoin. Some folks have so much BTC that they cannot move their capital into privacy-centric projects at a decent pace without leveling the whole market. Bitcoin Private allows them to do that without any friction.

- The team behind the project is trying to deliver actual value to end-users. The best way to quantify that is to look at the dev logs.

- Historically, we have seen Bitcoin hard-forks with no substance at all be priced ~3/400$. My price analysis will factor this fact and assume that the BTCP hard-fork tries to deliver real value for end-users (not just cleverly engineer scarcity).

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In my opinion, here it how the next few weeks will go down:

- At the moment, ZCL is around 700k sats ($100)

- ZCL will move to 3/4M sats ($500) then stabilize at that price point once the precise date for HF is announced and as media picks up interest

- right before fork we will see it spike to 7/8 perhaps 10M sats ($1000)

- right after fork it will dip and bottom at previous floor: 3/4 perhaps 5M sats

- features that are already in development will be announced and pushed around a week after the hard-fork, I think we will see it quickly rise back to 10M sats, perhaps even higher (>$1000)

High quality thread, OP

I have 336 of these bad boys. Will I make it to comfyland?

can you explain the fork a little more in detail

some people say a rebrand, a soft fork, something else. im confused lol

Nice analysis

It's a SPORK

Yup. nice ANALysis OP.

I feel the exact same way, althought i believe price on ZCL could far exceed your post. There are a small amount of these in circulation. IF the demand for BTCP is large... people will buy up all supply and with its low circ will inflate price sky high.

The way i see it, You arent going to buy a BTC to get a BTCP.. $14000 investment for 1 coin that will probably retain ZCL value.

I think BTCP will fall somewhere in between BTG and BCH... but in the long term overtake BCH.

Either way. Get your ZCL now because once the normies and the rest of Veeky Forums pull their gains from alts into ZCL ... $500 floor is realistic and a much higher margin of entry. Im accumulating as much as i can afford under $200. After that, its gonna press my portfolio a little too much.

Im catching up to you. I hold 310 haha. I would LOVE to be at 500 before fork

**Seriously, get in before it moons to $200. It moved from about $35 to $100 in 12 hours. so we can lose this entry point very soon

Too scary to get in rn

what do you mean? that chart looks perfect fr entry.

That same shot is gonna have $1000 as the next index. Just saying

ok listen i read but i'm missing something.

will i still have both zcl and btcp and btc? im retarded so you have to understand this applies to 99% of people on Veeky Forums

gimme the details man

For every 1 ZCL you have you will get 1 BTCP

You will have BOTH coins after the fork


Yes you ll have both.

Let me simplify.

>Buy 1 ZCL today @$100
>End of January you have 1 ZCL @$1000 and one BTCP @$1000....
>Price of your BTCP should sky to about $1900
>Price of ZCL will fall to about half

Do the math on your $100 invetsment

yeah you won't actually lose anything

although realistically the price of zclassic will plummet after the fork

Get in user. I got in last week at 37 USD. Come join us in comfyland

Hey assholes zooming through Veeky Forums trying to find the next moon.

Don't skip this.

Read everything OP has to say.

This is the most informed thread Veeky Forums thread in a while.

It's a double hard-fork: Bitcoin Private will combine the UTXOs of both Bitcoin and ZClassic.

It combines two hard-fork into a meta-fork combining both.

I think the easiest way is to think of it as a Bitcoin hard-fork because it has the exact same properties.

fucking thank you thats all i wanted to know lol

you dont need btc as well?


if you hold 1 ZCL you get 1 BTP
If you hold 1 BTC you get 1 BTP
To calculate your number of BTP's, just add your ZCL + BTC and that number will be how much BTP you will own after the fork. And of course you'll keep 100% of your BTC and ZCL

I'm an idiot so please help me out. I've been mining ZCL for about 3 weeks and I have all my coins stored in the GUI wallet. Once the snapshot is taken and fork officially occurs - how/where do I get my BTCP? It won't be in the ZCL wallet obviously so how do I claim/redeem the new coins?

you get 1 btcp for every 1 btc you hold. however just holding all your btc in zclassic would make more sense. you get to hold all of them according to this thread

Any information about Bittrex supporting the fork?

I listened to one of You faggots shilling this coin and I have made $16,500 as of right now. If I break $100,000 on this... I swear I’m going to somehow find that guy that posted and send him 5k.

It was prob me desu

They've supported every BTC fork so far and they're the only main exchange that has ZCL listed so I'd say that's a pretty good dang good bet.

bittrex hasnt made an official announcement yet, but hopefully they do. however since zclassic and bittrex are both americans devs it would make sense they would support it.

All joking aside, if someone is able to parse through the shilling on Veeky Forums, there is some great fucking advice here. This thread is one of them.

Do I simply import my private key from the ZCL wallet into a BTCP wallet and my coins just show up? And from there I transfer to bittrex or whatever exchange is supporting it to sell?

How do I get the fork anyway?

Should I have a wallet?

Right now all my zcl is on

>IF the demand for BTCP is large... people will buy up all supply and with its low circ will inflate price sky high.

I think this is what it comes down to. Once they announce the HF date and push marketing, we'll have a much easier time gauging the futures price accurately.

Lol I called out the scammer behind this scam and he blocked me. Rhett got banned from the btc private subreddit. and now has to make a new one.
He literally copy pasted code to btc code and is paying pajeets bounties to do the actual coding, he is also getting people on twitter to make him a logo for FREE

Anyone here good at coding? Why don't we just copy his code from github and get the airdrop out faster. If we claim the btcp ticker on coinmarketcap we win. We can airdrop to some shitcoin we can all buy for pennies and make his copy paste btc+zcl shitcoin worthless.

Who is with me?


Is Zclassic going to crash like hell after the fork? yes/no why?

Can Zclassic reach like 700 before the fork and keep it that way while Bicoin PRIVATE goes to 1k or 500?

Rhett you're gonna have to get your lackies to do a better job than that.

honestly i couldn't care less as long as the fork happens

Of course it's gonna crash after the fork,
Doesn't mean it's not worth buying now

No one. Rhett has been around for years. Just support the development effort or fuck off. You are alone, a good community as coalesced around Rhett.

also i watched ripple go from 0.20 cents to 2$ under a month. ripple is the most centralized coin out there. i don't even know who the fuck rhett is and i been around long enough to know nobody is going to care. also you didn't post any source of your stuff so who are you anyways.

Just waiting for a dip

The dev team has confirmed that OS exclusive wallets are in the works as well as a web wallet. I wouldn't panic if I were you because they'll certainly have those out to the public before the fork. Just make sure to follow @bitcoinprivate on twitter and all the devs so you don't miss any info, official reddit is /r/bitcoin_private

They haven't made any statements on individual exchanges yet so make sure you follow their social media. I don't doubt that most if not all of the top exchanges will confirm support for the fork.

Exactly, ZCL acts as a future for BTCP until BTCP hits the markets.

What does it mean?

ZCL crashes after fork doesn't mean BTCP crashes after fork.

this guy has spread FUD in every zlc thread for the past week. probably trying to accumulate. has no evidence to suggest rhett is a scammer.

Anyone can fork a coin, ANYONE. There is no sense letting this sociopath MIT jew get the profits.

This interview sums him up well. Studdering autist in this just for his pure gain. Paid btc cash shill and pump and dumper. He argues he doesn't do anything wrong since he hardforks and people get the coins for free.

He has jumped from zcoin to zcl to zencash to whalecoin (a social network coin for whales to shit on their followers, I shit you not)

He isn't a genius, he is a conman and a fraud. Let's beat him to it. He has absolutely zero claim to the btc private name.
Let's hardfork ourselves.

Master, where do I store my ZCL before the fork? Is there an official ZCL wallet off exchanges?

FUD. The """"original"""" bitcoin private reddit is owned by someone that isn't even part of the dev team. He held them ransom so they ended up making new subreddits.

This is legit the best move on biz right now. You are already too late for those other pumps. I know a lot you basement dwelling fucks have shit for brains, but try and understand what's happening here. You will MINIMUM x2 your money at the end of the month. Much more likely fomo will be intense around snapshot it will x5 from here.

But after snapshot? This might be x10-20 within another month. Why? Because you will have the FIRST PRIVATE COIN ALLOWED TO USE THE BITCOIN NAME. It's also the first official bitcoin fork that will actually solve the high transaction fees. BTCP will be worth more BCH, currently worth $2200.

Nice FUD.

What the interview and evidence I posted, kike shills.

Yeah that is silly, Rhett is using his real name and has been around since at least 2011. He has at least 2000BTC I think he justs want to lead a project and see people use it.

Cynics and people who don't understand shit about engineering will be dumbfounded by that.


Yeah but my question was why is it going to crash after the fork?

Are you retarded? Even if you don't like BTCP then just sell ZCL right before fork for x2-5 the profit.

i hate to break it to you but more than 90% of investors of crypto don't even speak english. if btc was still in the 1b marketcap maybe people would've listened, but let's be honest this horrendously long questionable video won't reach anybody.

You have an enormous flow of people who bought it only for the bitcoin private, which means that they want to sell it as soon as the HF hits
And on the other part, you don't have a single person who wants to buy, cause why the fuck would you buy AFTER the HF, it wouldn't make any sense

The won't be the first coin allowed.

There is no permission, they are co-opting the btc brand name because they can and rhett is a greed, yet smart kike.

Who here codes, I don't care about profits. I just think it's fucked up this asshole can keep forking coins and can pay shills to defend him,

Let's start a discord and a github.

The video interview is just one jerk (Richard) yelling at Rhett because basically he tries to build stuff and doesn't buy into the maximal bitcoin view of the world.

How is that evidence of anything? Why FUDing so hard?

Jesus christ more forks nobody cares about. I really wish Bitcoin gets improved

eheuehh...leesen to meee....eehuahgu

I am not buying a dead coin that went $2-$100 overnight.

I can't fight bots, neither can you. Stop trying to mislead people.

This is what fucks people other than investing in coins that actually matter and holding.

Well then the price won't stay exactly the same after the fork?

i mean right after the fork when you get your bitcoin private coins would you have still time to sell Zclassic at a high price like 500? or right seconds after it would dump like trash?

What i am saying is if i can take profit from both

The only problem with ZCL is that it's traded on a shit exchange.

Hopefully they'll get BTCP and ZCL onto some decent exchanges after the fork.

how do i get 1 BTCP for 1 BTC?

Move my BTC to desktop wallet for snapshot

then? how does the system know where to send me BTCP??

This: Since ZCL acts as a futures market, the moment the future is "settled" it lose most of its appeal. It then becomes a race to sell the previous instrument (here ZCL) as fast as possible to get a better price.

Basically, people buy ZCL to get BTCP. They don't care about ZCL and will liquidate their holdings as soon as they are sure they got their BTCP.

> I can't fight bots
What are you talking about, just sell one week before the fork

zcl may be a dead coin but bitcoin gold and cash are both dead as fuck but still somehow makes it to the top 20

can you give timestamps? this is 2 hours long.

you last quoted his pinned tweet as evidence of him being a scammer - and its nothing of the sort.

Imagine the sell wall that's going to happen.

ZCL heading straight for sub $1 and all the miners who mine it are going to get BTFO.

Shit exchange? Bittrex is premiere suite, you fucking faggort

I would do that if it was only on small exchanges.

It's on bittrex. Too much volume. We will get fucked.

>) as fast as possible to get a better price.

This is what im saying.

Once the FORK is done, would i have still time to sell my Zclassic at a good price?

I mean it would be hell of a profit if i sold my Zclassic at 300$ and still get all my Bitcoin Private

You are so wrong here it's scary. Go look at the top traders on twitters. They have all held their ZCL. And your anti-semitism is getting in the way of thinking correctly. Either that or your "It's wrong what he's doing" crybaby mentality. Get unemotional real quick, my man. Or you will surely not make it.

t. peasant who has never experienced anything better than their hovel.

>They've supported every BTC fork so far and they're the only main exchange that has ZCL listed so I'd say that's a pretty good dang good bet.

IF they support it and by the time they release them to you who knows where the price will be?

you're better off moving to your own wallet. seriously.

Think about it this way: after this stable period, do you think it will break down or up?

It'll be bots against bots. Good luck. But it won't matter. The move here is to sell before the snapshot or keep the BTCP. Personally, I'm keeping the BTCP. It's going to be worth more than BCH in my opinion. But just selling ZCL right before snapshot (estimated by end of month) will net you likely x2-5 from this entry

So is it possible to sell the Zclassic right after the fork still in a good price? I would love to see that, how long does a fork takes?

i would sit my ass infront of the pc for those gains

you'll likely have plenty of time as most people don't even know how to use bots. look at nxt's charts and from what i can tell you still get tons of time from when the snap actually happens.

If you buy early (now), meaning before all the FOMO, you'll be fine. If you buy at the ATH pre-fork, you're probably going to lose money.

watch at 1:41:00

He gets called out and starts scratching the back of his head. Learn to read body language.

If ZCL is going to crash drastically once BTCP is released, why not just forget about ZCL altogether and just buy BTCP as soon as it releases and get the 2-5x gains?

That way you haven't got to beat any bots to sell your ZCL, and you get all the juicy gains of BTCP.

you'd have to have impeccable timing but that's possible. be prepared to not sleep for several weeks lol

You won't be able to sell it for a good price because its the abandoned stepchild broken privacy coin no one wants but you keep around since you want to pump and dump their mom.

No one has answered me.

How do I get the BTCP coins after the fork?

I'm holding them in the ZCL GUI wallet. This is my first hard fork that I've paid attention to.

Let's say I have 10 ZCL in wallet. The snapshot is taken x days before the actual hard fork. How or where do my new BTCP coins go and how do I retrieve them?

I have already bought at 53$

My dream target is to stay with Bitcoin Private coins while selling Zclassic right after the fork at 250-300 USD

Is that going to be possible?

You don't btcp is never coming, it's an exit scam for zcl cashies.

I don't think that information has been released yet user, but I also would like to know.

Biggest Idiot on /biz

Dude there is still no date for the fork, keep a eye on Veeky Forums and bitcoin private twitter and stuff, they are chatting with bittrex to see if they can support the bitcoinprivate stuff

Because you get 1 to 1 on ZCL to BTCP. What don't you understand here. BTCP will SURELY be worth more than 100 (current price of ZCL). Likely x2-3 times this, maybe much more in the month after snapshot. (look at BCH). The only correct move here to buy ZCL right now. Whether you can sell of your ZCL in time (assuming you intend to keep it for snapshot) is entirely icing on the cake.

IMO you'll have a few people who aren't aware of the fork or haven't heard of it releasing yet, but the majority of the trades will come from bots who are set to dump as soon as the fork is released.

If you can get in before the bots you might be good, but I doubt that is likely.

Dude just buy ZCL on Bittrex. They automatically give you the forked coins once the snapshot is over.

>dead coin
>went $2 to $100 overnight

Don't quit your day job to become a daytrader, user.

You are wrong and an idiot.

You won't have to do anything. Bitcoin Private will incorporate the UTXOs (balances) of both Bitcoin and ZClassic which means that if you hold your coin on your ZClassic wallet you will have the opportunity to basically import your private keys into your Bitcoin Private wallet.

And if i put an stop limit at 200USD or something right before the fork?
Assuming that Zclassic will be 400 at that point or something like that

We don't know that yet

>implying a privacy coin that siphons off the bitcoin brand for clout is any good with ethereum's optional privacy around the corner
>get cucked

Nice arguments shills

>>dead coin
>>went $2 to $100 overnight

>Don't quit your day job to become a daytrader, user.

Look, I can greentext your greentext, that means I win the argument right?

>Try to warn Veeky Forums about ZCL ages ago when it was 23k sats
>10 replies
>Half of them are by people who are into it already
>The other half is by a retarded nonsensical fudder

It's funny that the first successfull thread of this thing is probably because instead of the ZCL logo the BTCP one got used instead.
Well I hope they listen to you OP, I honestly don't give a fuck anymore at this point.

Dude, when has Bittrex NOT given forked coins? Especially on a fork with this much press.