Newfag here how much money would i realistically make if I put 100 dollars into a cryptocurrency...

newfag here how much money would i realistically make if I put 100 dollars into a cryptocurrency, which currencies are best rn? what do i need to know about taxes?

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DYOR. Don't blindly listen to shitposts on here.

If you only have $100, I would first do lots of research on fees for transferring. Some platforms only allow you to buy, other platforms only allow you to trade.
Figure out which websites you want to use and how much their fees are.
Because if you get hit by $60 dollars in fees, your $40 isn't going to do anything spectacular. Even a x10 moon mission will net you $400 which comes down to x4 from your initial investment.

wrooong. always trust the pajeets here.
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But realistically you get 10% a week if you're unlucky
Or you can just gamble and go all in on some random coin, but then you can go play at the casino and have the same odds

This Do a bunch of research, i bought $26 of Ada at $0.02, turned it into $600.

It is feasible to chain a few moon missions if you can dedicate all your time to it

Anyone know the name of this girl?

ah i see, so id need a bit more than 100, well ill definately do research cause ive heard alot of good things about this type of thing but i never got into it when bitcoin was big, nobody ive talked to trusts this except people my age

Count it as a hobby below something like 1k, if you ask me. I believe 2k is the magic number. You can choose longterm or short term depending on how much money you make. There are safe bets out there for easy long term turn arounds, and there are gambling moon missions. It's complex. Spend some time browsing around and figure it out. Learn the terms you see with google, and have fun. It's addicting.

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af..

Want some immediate gains

$100 ECA
$50 DGB
$50 TRX

Is it this portfolio good senpai?

You could probably make about $100. Life changing money.

Hey newfag. Do some research so you dont have to dig through alot of bullshit here.

Anyways, for example. had you put in $100 into XVG exactly 1 year ago... You would never have to work again.

600,000% gains? yes please.

Is it to late to jump on the Ripple bandwagon? Their business portfolio seems very promising.

see this is the stuff i think about... i just dont know what to do cause im late on everything :P

>how much money would i realistically make if I put 100 dollars into a cryptocurrency
Not mmuch, OP.

Not terrible, though I'm not convinced TRX isn't a meme coin. You're basically gambling on those though, and ECA imo is a very short term coin because from all accounts their tech is shit. DGB I honestly don't know much about. Best to pick the one you feel the best about and go full into that, however. Biggest gains that way instead of trying to play it safe with such a small amount.

Realistically, you could easily lose it all on your first few decisions, and that will be the end of that. It's probably the most likely outcome, actually.

Put it all in LINK and get a fucking job.

How come?

anywhere between 2x to 10x depending on the coin and how lucky you get. You should focus on getting more money to invest.

which alts you recommend?

BTC went from 18000 to 13000 in the month that I've been coming to Veeky Forums

Its a bubble/pump n dump scheme. Don't get involved. It's too late.

ICX lol

thats honestly what i was thinking... but all this is interesting to think about, friend of a friend made it big too...

We are still on bull market, its really forgiving, i started about twice (or less) amount of money you have 2 weeks ago and made crazy mistakes in first week, lost more than half of it. Now im on +50% above my initial start (even btc dropped from 19k to 13k) and i'm still learning, Everytime i look at my trade history i see how easily i could make 4x to 5x easily.

Just don't follow the normies and you are good to go.

you need to invest in new projects with small marketcap.

also, they need to have some advantages.

Pascalcoin is the best coin for that imho.
40mio cap, scalable, no fees, smart contracts.

$100 is enough for a moontrip

Inexperience, you make more mistakes at first, and the mistakes you make tend to balloon into multiple mistakes. You're going to panic. You're going to lose patience. You're going to hit the wrong button. You're going to buy high, and sell low, multiple times. Just trying to prepare you for the inevitability of learning to trade crypto.

Easy to say it's forgiving when you're up tho. You can just as easily drop back to nothing . You might be amazed how quickly it can happen, especially if you margin trade.

op here, if i was to do it i wouldnt touch it much, just wait til it gets high if it ever does, its just a thought thats why im not putting serious money into it

I'm seriously thinking KIN is going to be a great longterm, but as of right now most of the safe moons have left. DBC is still going up, not too late on that one.