Smarter/easier ways to make money thread

Okay so my GF has been really getting fucked since she moved to America to go to school. Sorry, short /blog/

>Comes from poor family, unlike the other Chinese kids at uni
>Had to do some shady shit to get pass the Chinese government to get here

Since she's been here she's had to...

>Support herself with 3 jobs and a personal business to pay for tuition (which costs 3x as much for international students because America is great and perfect) and rent
>Deal with two seperate drug dealing roommates who didn't pay shit for a combined amount of time of about 6 months
>A broken legal system that didn't persecute said drug dealers and return gf's money, but instead made her pay more money
>And be a full time STEM student with a good gpa to keep student visa (somehow she manages to have a 4.0)

And now because of those past events taking up all of her money she has to come up with 5k by the end of the week to be able to pay for tuition to keep her VISA and not get deported. I thought I was going to be able to help her out with crypto gains but it's looking like that's not feasible within a short time frame. /Endblog/

What are some ways one could get enough money together so I can help her out?

>Inb4 kneepads

One thought I had was to blackmail pedophiles on the internet. She's too prideful for scams but I don't see a problem in this case. Pic related ofc

Thoughts Veeky Forums?

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thats not the way shes getting fucked. get a new gf

Obviously she shouldn't pay these high tuition rates. Why? Because she can get a substandard degree for much less money in her polluted air home country!

take out a loan and buy XRB, ZCL or DBC

If that's your GF in OP I hope you are sucking those sweet toes.

>Claims foreign student pays more than Americans
Go away LARPer.

I think I'm good on that

Most of my money is in ICX and SALT. But those seem like flavor of the month cryptos desu but I don't know anything about them besides Railblocks which I feel is too late to buy in to now.

I was going to be in a situation where I could help her with crypto gains but it's not like that right now and I can't bank on ant investments solving this problem.

I haven't but I'll give them a lick for that comment


Tell her to start a baby formula business.

Chinese students in Europe often do this business. They buy baby formula in local supermarkets and send it to buyers in China.

There are many fake baby formula in China and hundreds of babies died from it, so there's a huge demand for imported baby formula.

Good luck to your GF, OP. I'm an Asian student myself. Been studying in Germany for 5 years so I understand her struggle and I salute her.

What are you on about, foreign students have higher tuition across the board, and most of the time they don't qualify for the same grants and loans

Also Asian, can vouch for the high demand of formula from some relatives back home. Similar deal with vitamins

I really like that idea, that sounds good for longer term profits. She's been buying designer clothes and beauty products here and selling them back to China for profit (which I don't understand how that is even possible) already so that seems like something she can pick up somewhat easily.

She mainly finds customers from networking on WeChat and friends of friends though, how do you find customers?

White American students end up paying the highest rates because there are no government gibs for the "majority"

100% she goes to a private college with fucked up tuition rates

am I right OP?

Do you actually have any experience with college fees? Out of state students (which includes foreign students) pay higher tuition for public institutions. Foreign students aren't getting the "gibs".

I just checked back with her and apparently she already does this, if the person needs it. So her main problem is getting customers and getting a larger network.

No it's actually a local shitty state university, USF. All American Universities have fucked up rates in all honesty

Dude I hate to break it to you but your girlfriend is lying to get money out of you. I've seen this situation multiple times. A gf, usually long distance, has repeated financial difficulties from no fault of her own, or so she claims. In reality, she's fucking some Chad and buying him gifts with the cuck's money.

Lol she's currently living with me, and I know her situation and know for a fact she isn't lying

I hope that womans studies degree comes in handy back in china

She's in STEM. It's environmental science, but that's what she wants to do research in.

>Thoughts Veeky Forums?

She's not even a 5 with a hell 'a lot baggage.

Get a new gf.

this one isn't going to moon.

>Enviro Science
I had a dozens friends who studied Enviro. Only one of them got a job in the field.

Yeah I don't think it's the best choice personally, a lot of STEM is oversaturated. I'm in physics, but I don't really see myself getting a job in my field. But enviro is what she wants to do so I want her to have an opportunity to pursure it like the kids who don't have to worry about money

>posting a picture of your gf on Veeky Forums

Scams are welcome and I won't share any legit good ways with anyone. At this point she's trying to get a loan even though she can't get one from a bank

How about you...

Dump her OP. KEK has spoken

Already have one

Not trolling, not ironic. Op you fucking disgust me. You’re literally sitting here on fucking Veeky Forums trying to ask neckbeards if they agree you should use your girlfriend as fucking pedophile bait. How about this, instead of feeding into your “clever edgy 1337” narrative and broken ego, you get a FUCKING JOB AS A BUS BOY you pathetic piece of shit. What is wrong with people? since when was everyone “too good” to WORK FOR A FUCKING LIVING. Everyone wants to be the big boss man. Newsflash: you’re not. Fuck you, go to work you dispicable POS

I wasn't suggesting using her as pedo bait, maybe I could have wrote that cleaer, but I already have a job. I just need 5k within a week. There's been nice tips posted here before, why are you angry?

>I just need 5k within a week
Thread closed.

Good question. Why are you angry ?

You won’t make 5k in a week you gigantic faggot. ITS FUCKING NEW YEARS. NOTHING IS OPEN AND NOBODY HAS ANY MONEY.

So you are reply that you are angry because it's fucking new years and nothing is open ? wtf

lol y r u angry bro Xddddd

>Chinese GF

Hey OP, she’s tricking you. But I guess if you’re desperate enough for some chink stink puss...

What city is she in? I pay girls $300-500 to suck me off. I'm very simple, they can be done in 15 minutes or less if they're good.

Yes I'm aware I can pay girls less, but I view it as a charitable donation. Plus the girl's subconscious mind begin to associated my penis with resources, so they begin to love sucking my dick. It's awesome.

Rare is it to see such a man who admits to doing acts society despires to further his goals. I am seeing a man of my own soul, and I will help you. If you had said a month, this would be a much simpler process of just redealing drugs from darknet markets, but 1 week is going to be tough. Physical avenues will not generate enough cash, because access to a high disposable income network takes time to build. Has she plead her case to the bursar/whatever handles payments? Have you investigated loans? If yes, and they're dead ends, that leaves you with some nice comfy cybercrime. Right now the most gullible group of people that has acces to the most amount of liquid money is crypto users[0]. So I would aim your pursuits in this direction, not only because it's quicker, but also because it's simpler to setup and automate. Black mail and fraud take time to setup and negotiate deals (with other criminals or your victims) and will likely not be concluded within a week.

My thoughts are going towards avennues that rely on time before your victims see the "reward" for their "investment." I.e something that is believable and will be paid for, but not quickly verifiable. This includes posting fake wallets with "1000 BTC" on that one website where you pay for files, hooking in suckers who believe a "measly" investment of .5 BTC will give them untold riches. Perhaps this would be the quickest, you would only need to get one or two idiots to get hooked in and then you could cash out quickly. Or you could design up another "ethermon" "tankether" etc. and then post it on Veeky Forums. I know there is a large group of get rich quick chasers that would fall for that easily here.

I'd also ask family and friends for extra cash. It's unlikely because we're talking about America and our values are fucked to the core, but you never know until you try.

Monitoring this thread.

[0] Social experiment for how easy it is to phish crypto gooks:

>I feel is too late to buy in to now.

its not.

its not even on any functional major exchange yet ffs

>boo hoo feel bad for my girlfriend who took a spot away from an American student when she voluntarily chose to study half a world away from her home.
Fuck off, I'm tired of all the college towns looking like downtown Shanghai.

Either marry her and take care of it or tell her to go back to her shithole if she hates it so much.

She's in California isn't she. That's probably why it is so expensive. Is she going to UCI?

"Accidentally" hit her with your car. Your insurance pays out. You deal with the consequences for a bit but it's a short term solution

Ps. I hope she gets deported. Fuck China

Join a pump discord group like this one
You won't regret it.

Speaking from personal experience, she should just drop out of school and start applying for work saying she already has a degree. American companies can't be fucked with doing legitimate background checks for education. I myself have done this at Amazon and Microsoft and I personally know of many others who have done it as well ranging from technical to liberal degrees. The ones who said they have their CS degrees at least know their shit, they just didn't go through with it. Many more say they received business degrees from somewhere like South China Normal University where the verification process isn't English-friendly at all. Stop bleeding money and start getting it.

marry her dumbass

Ah I see. I'm not from China so I have no idea where to get customers. But I know my Chinese friends here are doing that business.

Good luck to both of you, user. Hope you'll marry her in the future and have cute white-asian babies.

0% chance you actually do this more like

>blank grindr profile with overly explicit name
>send dick pics to everyone in the free range
>wait until some fat exploring his sexuality whale gives in
>gets shitty head from completely unexperienced piece of human waste until i come
>3/10 used teeth
>gets on Veeky Forums and makes up stories to feel better about micropenis

No way am I going to waste any time reading about some random Veeky Forums faggot's girlfriend. Saged and reported.

if she goes rawdog atm I'll pay her like 50$ an hour 3 times a week. 150 if she brings her sister/mom

New York has free tuition and Washington's flagship university is only $10,000 a year with 65% of the students receiving financial aid that reduces it by at least 1/3. I've even seen friends who are upper class white kids whose families earn over 6 figures get a portion of financial aid.

She looks qt OP, hope you're treating her good

Shame she was retarded enough to go to fucking Burgerland out of all places

Meanwhile here in the civilised world I am getting paid by the state to do whatever degree I want, plus a scholarship and the universities are practically free

I don't even have to deal with PC bullshit nor do I have to see disgusting Anglo faces every day

Blog over

>studying in Germany
>I understand her struggle

Come again?

Any nudes? I'm willing to pay

Yes university tuition in Germany is very affordable. What I meant was, I understand how difficult it is for foreign (Asian) students to study in another continent and adapt to the Western cultures that's totally different from the Asian ones.

Sorry for the latish reply, but thank you for the time you put into your reply and the insightfulness of it. I really do appreciate it, you're exactly right. After looking at that link, I can't believe I haven't thought of doing this. I don't want to really steal from anyone, but the situation is dark. Some of my family is helping a little but overall they're either too poor or don't support us and it's similar with her. What I'm worried about as far as this goes is security, I haven't ever even ordered anything on the deepweb before. Besides using TOR, asking for monero, getting a burner phone and using public wifi, I dont know what else I could do to keep myself protected.

To be fair the problem with studying abroad in germany is that you must learn the language as a visa requirement, so they meme you into paying the most expensive courses. I had to invest at least $15k just to get settled down before I could even start studying

Whonix and good OPSEC. You don't need to even ask for Monero, you can take any crypto as long as you can convert it into a Cryptonight coin like Monero, because then the trail goes cold and you can send your money off to anywhere you want without much risk.

Just use common sense and don't get hooked yourself. Money comes easy and no one's (state level actors like the FBI or NSA) gonna invest resources into a few thousand stolen, it changes if you decide to keep doing it.