Bitcoin millionaire issues $100 target for ICON (ICX) - 20x ROI

So for those who don't know, Peter Saddington is a data analyst who is now a crypto multi-millionaire. He runs the BiteSizeBitcoin channel on Youtube to help those new to cryptocurrencies. His entered the crypto market early and bought lots of Bitcoins when it was $2. He ended up being the first guy in the world to buy a brand new Lamborghini with $115 worth of Bitcoins. Pretty entertaining guy to watch. He's semi-retired now (if you consider making videos as work) thanks to his huge stash in BTC, Litecoin, NEO, etc.

A few months ago he managed to snag an interview with the founder of ICON and has just recently set a price target for ICON (ICX) at $100 by Q4, 2018. Right now ICX is trading around $5, so if his calls are right, that's a 20x ROI! He was also the guy you bought into Antshares/NEO when it was trading around a few dollars!! I would advise anyone new to crypto to watch his video streams, a lot of his calls have been great and accurate.

He starts talking about ICX around at 22min.

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this absolute imbecile compares this to neo and says it has the same potential to reach +70$ like it but disregards the supply and cap

at 5$ were half the price of neo worth 70$

yes he's an imbecile who bought BTC @ $2, LTC @ $ 5, NEO @ 5.52.....

I don't know that it'll ever reach NEO price levels(that's rather optimistic), but it's an easy 4x-5x coin in the near term. You'd be a fool of staggering proportions not to hold ICX right now.

this is my concern as well. we're already at nearly 50% of NEO mc

>muh mcap

He doesn't disregard the supply and cap. These parameters are getting clearly outweighted by the potential of all the connections ICON has. Yet alone theloop project gives them so much business exposure.

Doesn't ICX seem a lot stronger than NEO though? Why couldn't it surpass NEO's market cap by a significant amount?

>falls for mcap meme and compares icx to chinkshit

It will do an ADA, it is as easy as that.

Any reason why this couldn't destroy NEO? Koreans would pump their own currency, has major partnerships, mainnet gets released within weeks, and they couldn't give a flying fuck about your marketcap meme.

Isn't ICX Korea's attempt to copy ETH? If so, I see no reason why they wouldn't be able to establish their own eco system of coins that are based on the Icon technology (when it's released) and duplicate the massive sucess of Ethereum. Also, if the market as a whole continues to grow like it did since July last year, why then would it seem so far out there to expect Icon's total market cap to reach current BCash levels?

It's more similar to a Korean, publicly traded version of IBM's Hyperledger

I just don't like to be too optimistic. That said, I absolutely think ICX is going to be huge. I just wish I held more than 1800.
It's much more than that.

I know that feel, I hold 10k myself, an Aussie got in ICO and holds 100k, mfw retired for life in a year.

That's a hell of a stack senpai, best of luck to the both of us. I'm just happy to be onboard as a healthy mackerel

Its ok, I feel like a fish compared to people that all inned during the ICO, desu I would of too if I found about it, its just a no brainer.

You'll do very well, be grateful and look for the next big one

NEO is just an ETH fork clone for Chinese market. ICON have been working on their own code, plus loads more real use + partnerships. Plus, you keep forgetting about Koreans, they don't care about supply. Will be pumped for national pride when KRW fiat enters.

Shit man you're gonna be rollin i bought too late

I'd buy but it's at ATH. When dip? hhhuuuugghh uughh

ATH is like 55k user you good

Yeah I meant to say it mooned recently. I'm just gonna wait for a dip

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting ICON

see for yourself bud

Don't get too greedy, take any decent opportunity and get the fuck in, time is short

Can you Indians fuck off

Eat a dick

Stochastic RSI on the 1 hour chart looks high. I'm going to wait for that to get lower before I accumulate some more.

Dude, dunno how many half-retarded stoners bought bitcoin to pay on the Silk Road for their weed shipments, just having some coins doesn't mean one is a genius.
Just saying, of course, he doesn't seem to be an idiot.

Is Stoch RSI a great indicator to use if I want to daytrade?

Takes lot of discipline to HODL and not trade it for weed/gains. I'd say 95% of the people here who buy ICX now would sell if it hits $10, or $15.

Who wouldn't? With this circulating supply there is not much room beyond $10 or $15.

Exactly this. So many people will drop out at the double digits barrier

This poor user is one example.

Classic supply/marketcap memes, oh boy you are going to be pink wojacking in a month or two after you sell at 10-15.

Dumbest fucking comment of the year so far.

I won't. My stack is not life changing, so why bother.

Bitcoin will never go passed 1000 dollars!ripple lol wont ever go passed 20 cents.litecoin at 200 dollars?keep draming!Ethereum will never see 10 dollars!!Cardano will be a 2 billion coin max!

Clowns like you never learn and have the foresight of a goldfish.You make the rest of us rich by selling us your coins.Keep it up.

It's a good tool. Look at RSI and Stochastic RSI next to each other to see the extra hints Stochastic RSI gives you.

Am i gonna make it biz?

>xrb future price reddit
Thanks but Binance wont let me use those two at the same time

> Thanks but Binance wont let me use those two at the same time
Just go to and load up a chart. They have binance's price and volume data. For ICX, type BINANCE:ICXBTC.

While you're trading, I'd prefer Stochastic RSI over plain RSI if I had to choose. They tell you similar things, but Stochastic RSI gives you two lines which lets you identify the reversals more accurately. Watch for them to cross.

learnt my lesson on HODL quality coins after I sold 1285 ETH coins @ $42. never making the same mistake again.

Ouch that’s brutal.

Its hard holding in such a fast market, but it will pay off just like ETH, dont sell to chase other pumps.

Oh man. Live and learn.


Market fundamentals mean nothing in the world of crypto. Something is worth exactly what you or i are willing to pay for it. If it's 70 dollar's, then it will be worth 70 dollars.

Also, take a look at NAV folks. Huge x20 potential there too. OP, thanks for the icon tip bro.

Are you the guy who made the video? Pretty good info
Also you said you're looking at a one hour chart. I see mostly 12 hour swings when I look at the one hour chart. Is one hour chart the best or how do you choose what time interval to use?

I'm not, I just thought it was decent.

As for what intervals I use, I start with the 1 day and work my way in.

1 day
4 hour
1 hour
5 min
1 min

I try to get the big and small picture, but I like to look at the bigger picture first.

desu, I'm still learning how to do TA.

I'd go watch this guy's videos if you want to learn more:

This guy is very practical.

Thanks, you've been very helpful. Rare shit on biz

>Market fundamentals mean nothing in the world of crypto. Something is worth exactly what you or i are willing to pay for it. If it's 70 dollar's, then it will be worth 70 dollars.
yeah mate that's every market on earth

>I sold 1285 ETH coins @ $42

oh no! I made profits!


Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting Icon
see for yourself

H-He's still alive?

He lives forever in /our/ hearts.

>only $100
I could see that in the current market but the overall crypto market will grow and this will be $1000 easy

Fuck you nigger

That would make me moister than an oyster.

That's right, user.

Wait for a dip?

You can try and wait if you want, but this thing will almost certainly be higher than it is right now by the end of january. Who knows what it will do in the meantime

>Bitcoin Millionaire
Yeah, listen to anything they say

Yes, but I'm not sure how low it'll go. I don't think it'll go under 40000 SATs, though.

Also, why does Binance not display the last 0 when pricing in BTC?

icx is the worlds largest decntralised network

I regret not loading up some more yesterday.

it dipped for 5 days.I wouldnt be waiting around now.