Go all in on ECA. This is the most obvious x50

Go all in on ECA. This is the most obvious x50

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Why isn't it on any major exchange?

If it was on major exchanges it would be a top 50 coin and Veeky Forums would be shilling it every minute.

Do you like investing in projects that have already mooned?

Come on shill at least learn to quote i know its your first day and all

About to buy another bags worth once my ltc clears

comfy roadmap

What does this coin do?

its just bumbacoin with a nicer fucking webpage faggots. It's forked off bumbacoin with might be the real 100xer.

anyone notice its more expensive on coinstrades than novaexchange?

Its because nova is closing and they have blocked any deposits. The devs should update their website and remove nova as one of the exchanges

nova is closed iirc

Bought 70k ECA, hopefully making some confy gains.

btw does anyone understand the PoS thing? I should move my coins to a personal wallet to benefit more?

I don't know a whole lot about it, but in some other threads it was suggested that you should move it to the wallet to stake (after the coins mature) to receive coin over time, but apparently you can also keep it on the exchange, but you get less in return. Someone more knowledgeable should chime in

its fucking up my blockfolio holdings

what wallet works for mac fags btw?

They have a designated mac wallet available on the site

Where can I find info on this coin?

Just keep it in btc, and update daily until they fix this.

Yes you can leave it in the exchange but you will receive 30% over year instead of 50% as you would in your wallet
You need to create an address in the exchange by in the balances tab though

Bought 50k of these bad boys and synchronizing the wallet right now. Shit is fast as fuck. Really hoping this moons.

with the amount of people taking their money off the exchange to stake it is going to go up way more no question

Should I sell my MOD for this?

I love low cap coins! I have 50k of ECA

Also check this one before the moon.


Litteraly free money.

>investing into a coin with "make github for team" on road map

kys faggots, I'm skipping this one

One hell of a reason to miss out on a moon mission.

It's not on any exchange other than coinsmarket. Wtf is Nova?

this entire thread is a joke, the roadmap doesn't have concrete plans but rather ideas for plans, and their technology isn't even developed yet

Look, most of the failures in this industry won't come from companies that scam or lie but rather companies that just didn't have the right talent to make their ideas happen

if a company focuses first on marketing before completing the actual product, it's not a good product.

Roadmap looks good, im going for this one with small amount

apparently its an exchange that closed that eca is still listed on...

because they dont even have a white paper out yet cause they are literally that lazy

youre an idiot.

stay poor

They're working on things like android wallets and tor integration. Their wallet is already built and pretty fucking fast. The product is already pretty much developed. And tons of companies focus on marketing while developing products or even before to know if they have a market. Not trying to be a dick but just don't see how marketing while developing means it's not a good product.

>pranjeet tries to sell his shit bags

sitting tight with my 3mil ECA that i bought for fuck all, likely just gonna forget about it for 3-6 months while they work on it and re-evaluate for there.

This thread smells like indian food after its been eaten by indians

>stay poor
my Electras are staking right now making me $5000 in 2018 at current rates. If we see 50x this year that will be $250,000 for staking. Yeah, stay poor idiot. Make sure to FOMO in at the next ATH