How pathetic are redditors, this guy sells a future 10 dollar token at ten cents, and people are cheering him on

How pathetic are redditors, this guy sells a future 10 dollar token at ten cents, and people are cheering him on

OMG idiots are cheering him on

that subreddit is a fucking cancer circle jerk. i stopped looking at it becuase i wanted to sell everytime i did so i wouldnt have to feel associated with them

what makes people go out of their way to post shit like that. it is pathetic

Pretty much every crypto subreddit is garbage, it is just fanbois circlejerking each other into delusional beliefs about whatever cult of coin that they subscribe to. They are only useful for the occasional technical post but otherwise I have found that most of them are almost like a cult environment.

>They're actually talking about $10 and $100 REQ


they probably want to scoop up his bags for cheap

How delusional are these children?

jews ruin another life

Gains have to be made. Don't be left holding bags.

>Not selling a coin after it 10x in just a week
It's like you guys WANT to be dumped on.

Nigga people were predicting $1 EOY 2018 and we are now almost at $1. At this rate, $100 is possible in 2-3 years. This is OMG-level FOMO, the REQ sub has almost as many subscribers as the OMG sub.

Lmao if it hit $100 I'd be a 1/10th of a billionaire

It will never mantain over $2

he got out of debt so it wasn't that bad

i have debt as well but if i reach a point where I can pay my debts or hold and make more money, i will definitely hold.

so far i have only made money with crypto so it's all k

I don't know. I hate reddit, it gives me a headache how people always need to attach their life stories to everything on that site. Somebody posted a link last night about ICX or something and one of the paragraphs was literally some guy writing 5 paragraphs about how he's a plumber and will use ICX to start his own business or something.

Its like holy shit, nobody fucking cares!

Fomo is real huh

one of the replies*

Nice larp faggot there is no way you have one million req

Only cost $50k in eth back in october...

Says the guy with his anime waifu as a tagon on his reply, a completely unneeded add on.

Are... are you really that fucking stupid? You just did what you bitched about, but instead of having a story to the business of your dreams, it's a picture of some 6/10 fake schoolgirl.

It's like holy shit, nobody fucking cares.

paying off debt is essential. I have never payed interest on a credit card, and hope to never have to be paying some crazy debt.

keep telling yourself that, nocoiner

I liked it

If u pay interest, u build credit, which you can leverage to make more money faster. Debt is not inherently bad