ITT we find solid coins that haven't mooned yet and look like they might pop any day

ITT we find solid coins that haven't mooned yet and look like they might pop any day

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you're so boring, Veeky Forums

all you do is spam same 5 type of threads about the same 10 coins


wot dis, looks interesting

never mind, thanks for the tip user. will buy soon



Thank me later, fag

CRED eventually once it hits bigger exchanges

how hard is it to GIVE THE NAME OF THE COIN you're fucking shilling in your thread


how hard is it to find the coin kek, are you stupid?

The coin in OPs picture is Bitcoin.

This pic has me in cramps for some fucking reason


It takes time, why the fuck wouldn't OP just say which coin it is.

OP's coin is Everex (EVX) for anyone interested.

SALT, it's a matter of time.

yeah this makes sure faggots taht don't waste time don't get in, u stupid or something? normies are here and they're too stupid to find the coin if you don't tell them the coin. it's just for us real anons desu ;)

you sound like a retard

>In this thread, we do OP's research for him

Didn't you see the "Hey Veeky Forums I'm going to jail for 3 years, what to buy and hold" thread? Didn't raise a single eyebrow. We're too gullible.

DBC nowwwwww

>spoonfeed me

I'll bite since its the new year
XSPEC go all in
thread related


Check out STEPS.
Pre-sale is still open. Will be a small cap.

Not even kidding. Get in before it moons and get out before it booms.



>thread is about coins that haven't mooned yet
>pajeet links a post about his coin going x10 in a month
>pajeet pretends he is presenting a gift to OP

well done

I like sophia TX. it's a very boring application but it's going to be huge. I just hope it doesn't pop before i accumulate enough

Ctrl + F "wand"

fucking autists. etherdelta is going down the shitter, wand is going to replace it. get the fuck in. 7 mill marketcap. beta release this month. get the fuck in.

I can easily get to $100 million marketcap, $500 million halfway though the year

How about a dead coin thats cheap as fuck right now and going to hard fork this year? UTC