Veeky Forums makes a coin. Grand Finals Edition

This coin/token will have four phases

( We are here ) Phase 1: Naming the Coin and Logo
Phase 2: Grand Vision (website)
Phase 3: Economics and Coin release
Phase 4: Marketing

We are escaping the shackles of fiat and resorting to minting our own coins.

In the last 24 hours we have submitted and voted on /our coin/ and its new Name.
Now, only the top 6 remain. This poll will be opened for 3 days so we can get more Veeky Forumsraelis to put their votes in.

Here are your top 6 most voted names!

Wojax (WJX)
BizCoin (BIZ)
Girl (MALE)
Shekel (JEW)

Vote here:

Voting Ends: Jan 4 2017 5:30 PM EST

We have an official telegram group! ( spam evade )


Remove square brackets.

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Bumperino! Get your votes in!

Bumperino! Please give a vote and bump if youcan!

Literally all crypto's promise is a product after 5 years, BZC is the only one of 20 coins that's actually finished.

Bumperino. Peacing out for a bit. Will repost if this dies.

Lets go boy

up you go. VOTE BIZ FAGGOTS.

JUST coin, the difficulty of it is inversely related to the overall crypto market cap, it is a safe having against getting JUST'd

GIRL (MALE) in the lead!

I smell the lamborghinis! Totally shillable name!


How is this so shillable?
with trannies or something lol?

>How is this so shillable?

This is literally shilling both sides of the coin.

Traps will hop on this. WE can take the dual gender angle. Girl and Male are both being represented by our coin. This is 95% of the population.

Anyway, we will see what happens in three days!

>This is 95% of the population


Wojax (WJX) is by far the catchiest name.

Post Wojak's.

Vote Wojaks for President

voted wojax but I can see the normal shilling ability of #1 right now

why does biz need a coin?

who is she, dear lovely anons? =)

gains. a coin/token that we all could shill together cant be beat

no idea brother, found it here




I thought ark was biz coin

It may as well be. And for good reason.




Get your votes in!




I don’t get why it’s Wojax? Why not Wojak? It’s dumb and too >Le inside joke

Girl (MALE) and Shekel (JEW) resonate with both young and the old, universally catchy and understood

I think there’s some vote riggging going on

Are you all so fucking socially retarded that you actually think Shekel (JEW) has ANY chance of normalfags buying it? Make sure to buy at the ATH

Unless you have a vpn, theres no way to rig it



we want it to look legit to non-biztards so we can dump our bags on the them. If you google search wojak, you get the meme. Nothing meaningful comes up for wojax. Remember, we are baiting normies into pumping this coin, as 2018 will be the year of the altcoin.

It’s wojax because of “bux”
Bucks becomes “bux”

Excellent insight
We will need you, smart pepe, for Phase 2.