If you're still holding this coin you deserve to lose your money


im still holding this coin


Then you deserve to lose money.

enjoy your bags pajeet


Any reason why

>bought in at $7
>losing money

kek, OP bought at ATH and is a nigger

Got in early. Im yX today or zX..

it's a known thing something really really is coming in 2018 related to this coin

is that why charlie dumped on you all?

bought at 50 bucks a month and a half ago. for some reason i should be mad even tho i sold half at ATH. k.

its actually hilarious no one is holding. Better for me. They literally said big news was coming soon and people are dumping LMFAO

undervalued and I will gladly scoop it up at $150 for my easy 20x gains later this year

>believing everything chink says
ok bro

We have to decouple to grow.

dumped and donated millions of dollars to the Litecoin development, he doesn't want to be called out for taking huge profits

he makes 240.million gives 2 mill away hero

After fucking over all the holders of LTC by telling them its going to $20. after he sell at the top


i only hate like 10ltc i bought at around 50 bucks. ill sell if it hits 500 sometime in the near future. otherwise hodl forever i guess.


ahhh youre back!

fuckiing kek

If him saying it MAY go to $20, fucks it over then so be it. If thats all it takes to plummet the price then the price was inflated too much to begin with. You give him too much credit. Just some small FUD that you are buying into

I remember just a month ago people wouldn't buy LTC because 70% of it was owned by the top .1% of holders or something. Well, it isn't now so does that mean I should buy?

Can someone start a megacap of all the LTC fudders? Should be easy we get like 20 threads a day from them but I'm too lazy.

i have like 35 ltc. what do you think the price will be in 3, 6, 12 months?

Litecucks btfo!

>mfw holding 100 LTC

1500 in 12 months

he has no reason to lie. he has already made 100,000x why would he lie and ruin his name for that last 10x lol.

this. thanks bitcoin. thanks bcrash.

LTC makes me feel like a bagholder even tho I bought in at $50 and sold about 60% at 315. I didn't really believe in it then; I believe even less now and should have gotten out

Used the proceeds to buy XMR REQ and more ETH.

Your post will be a Meme once LTC goes back to $4 :'D

>LTC makes me feel like a bagholder even tho I bought in at $50 and sold about 60% at 315
I bought LTC for

Bitcoin just about back to 14k. Litecoin following on its heels.

We aren't kill yet!

ironically a pajeet is behind this post. who woulda thunk it.

>We aren't kill yet
Use "killed" instead of "kill"
Learn proper English, Panjeet.
Always do the opposite Panjeet says

Listen newfag, I'll talk in complete sentences for your Reddit ass. The use of the word "kill" rather than "killed" or other words such as dead is part of Veeky Forums culture. Just as the indusrtry that I'm sure you wage slave in has their own jargon, so do we.

good one reddit, you really got him there

Don't have an account there, never post anything
Was here since 2013, shit posting about BTC bubble
>Veeky Forums culture
There is no such a thing.

I have no fucking idea what you mean

Ive been holding since under 100usd though



What he means is, at the call center/shill center they use improper english because they are too stupid to understand what proper grammar is.

Get in here you fuding sons of bitches!

Obvious FUD thread LTC will probably moon in the next few days
Stack up brothas

>if you're still holding this coin you deserve to lose your money

Sorry, OP. Can't hear you from space.


Look at me. I'm Moon Now.

t. LTC

i am. and i'm holding all the other coinbase coins

>They didn't sell XRP for LTC

2018 year of LTC and ETH

LTC has broken it's bearish trend line and is breaking out. You can already see a new up trend forming, just need one more point to validate. Called this last night, damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Why didn't I buy more

>tfw holding 256 LTC right now

i can finally sell my bags

>selling now when we are just starting the upswing


Critical moment in progress. The 240 sell wall must come down or this moon may be delayed.



They mean it is diverging from bitcoin. Which is very bullish.

My apology for not speaking Huuugga Booogga, Nigga

oh i see it now
on the 15m you mean...

ye we are runnin bby

When will LTC hit 10,000?

EOY 2018

great thread

>oh i see it now
>on the 15m you mean...

Yes it changed in to a double sided green in the last few minutes on the 1 hour.

Anyway, 240 sell wall is down. Lots of large buy orders still coming in.

Ha! yeah, if this happens I can stop wagecucking

I just sold mine with a minor gain.

Bought in at $245.29 and sold and $252.98.

fucking ETH let us have this moment

Wow. What a fucking retard

Maybe, but it was a 3% gain and we rose way too quickly. I'll buy in later if we go back down.

great job buddy
scalpers life is a good life

>spikes almost 10% in an hour

why not both

I never would have sold if bitcoin was also going up, but because bitcoin is flat while this is spiking to me means it is only temporary.

No, the ETH run is very good for LTC as well. I believe if ETH challenges BTC's top spot, LTC will also benefit from that. What I suspect may happen in the event of a flippening is a major boom period for all of the large cap alts and possibly some smaller ones as well.

decoupling from bitcoin, charlie is fucking god

Mooning really hard...

litecoin will break the .02 BTC ceiling one day

Lol, the only person losing money is you! Charlie Lee dumped his coins so there isn't any controversy when he launches HE'S ICO ON LITECOIN PROPELLING IT TO THE MOON!! KEEP BUYING YOUR SHITCOINS LEAVE LTC TO US!

Good luck with that.

>charlie is fucking god
Hell of a compliment there

hes clearly new

he will learn

>Premature ejaculation
It is earthing again, :'D

It is already below when I bought. So clearly you need to learn!

Not quite. The sell wall between 240 and 250 is gigantic but, for the moment, it's holding flat and chipping away at it.

okay dont forget to buy back in

surely you wont sleep on it and miss the real run :)))

Are we teacup now?

>Was here since 2013
>thinks this doesn't make him a fucking newfag
Unironically fucking kill youreself newfag

>it's holding flat and chipping away at it.
When is "enough is enough" for you, user?

Gentlemen, it's a new year with a whole lot of days left. This time I'm sure we'll hit $1500 by the end of the year.

You can keep doing that shit all day. Just make sure you record the moves you don't make, and measure the fees, plus the taxes on each transaction, and then measure them against your actual gains and performance. Then you'll have an objective view of the profitability of your moves. This is to say nothing of the amount of time you spent watching the shit like a hawk 24/7.

Check, man. Check!

I bought this at 0.01946059 and still holding.

it'll moon again in 2018

250 about to break...

bought at 229, it's like 245 right now. not sure when i'll sell it. think it has potential to go to 350+ in the next few weeks

If it keeps doing what it is doing I'll have to stay up all night watching it.

My only New Years resolution was to make more money, so I guess I deserve this...lol