What do you guys think of NEO? Hodl?

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Hold it like a motherfucker. This is going to be 500$ EOY minimum.

there's no reason not to hold some. gives dividends, has huge room to grow. no brainer.

How do I get dividends? Do i need wallet? I just have this shit on bittrex rn

Heard rumors bittrex doesn't even pay out NEO dividends bahahaha, move it to binance or a wallet.

I think it's shilled a lot

Yes, download Neon wallet from City of Zion


ETH, NEO, XLM are the best low-risk holds for this year imo

>Take 50% of my savings and buy NEO
>Doubles in value
>the GAS dividend is more interest than any of my bank interest accounts
Very bullish, after watching people get burned holding XVG and BNTY I'm very happy just sitting on this.

move to binance or cuckcoin if you plan on holding

Why? is what's wrokng with bittrex versus binance?

Bittrex jews you and keeps the dividends, they claim its "too hard to distribute properly"

what about cryptopia?

Does everyone holding NEO on Binance get GAS dividend?


Ive held NEO on binance and can confirm they give you GAS monthly.

Been thinking about going 50/50 on neo and icx

easiest hold of my life,
Just take a look @ all the upcoming ICO's on the NEO platform.
This will surpass ETH, it's just a matter of time,

they give you as neogas?

You're asking if the crypto that pays you to hold it is worth holding?
I'll hold it for you buddy AVnPsJ3ARMCZG2XHynmAgQxaFNE96WkpVu

ICOs basically killed ETH, why would ICOs save NEO?

Called GAS on Binance but yes, its the neogas

there is no neogas in cryptopia, so they are taking it for them?

Go to and download neon wallet.
Alternatively, I think binance credits you the gas produced.

Thanks user

if you don't intend to swing trade your NEOs to increase your stack, DO NOT keep your NEO on bittrex, they"re jewing you hardcore with the GAS dividend.

How did ICOs kill ETH? It seems to be doing just fine (at least price-wise.)

>tfw saying EOY no longer has the same memeing as the past few days
You're not wrong, but still...

HODL and never sell before 1k $

They are limit ed just like some lambos :D

>GAS dividend
how often are the dividend paid?

On Bittrex? never because they are actually Jew fucks that keep it to themselves, on Binance, monthly.

Eth went from $10 to $700 in a year. Wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility for Neo to go from $70 to $500.

you dont get gas on bittrex, holding in a wallet results in a constant stream of dividends

does binance not do that? How often are dividends paid


I don't know about the gas distribution but it's a less secure exchange imo

and how much in btc is 1 GAS for 1 NEO?

Does coinspot pay out gas dividends?

check if they have GAS or NEOGAS listed, if not, NO

Literally going around in circles on this fucking thread, Bittrex does not pay dividends, Binance does and its monthly... Do people not read anymore or something?

what other major coins pays dividends?

LINK will have simple to use pools for Node staking that should pay well if you get a nice stack right now

I've read that it's more difficult to do on neo because you have to pay a lot of money but I could be mistaken
If that's true then you an eliminate all the scam icos done by neckbeards browsing Veeky Forums

I got just 300, got a link about that?

Eth SOON™ whith Casper
Dash, but I think you need at least 1000. Good luck with that.

Frankly, the most profitable option right now is Neo.

As much as I hate all the garbage shilling on this board, KuCoin Shares has a massive potential with dividends, own 5k of them myself.


Can we get a confirmation on this? Do I have to do anything or just buy neo? I have some and haven't seen any gas credited. On Binance.

It's explained on binance
Fuck off


Dude, fucking google

Unles you are going to daytrade it's better to hold it in your own wallet though.

What wallet is recommended for neo

Neon wallet from City of Zion.

I only have 4 Neo but it's on Bittrex, I had no idea they pay dividends. I fucking love the idea of my money working for me, I'm getting a Neo wallet now.

Any other coins that pay dividends?

4 NEO... what's the fucking point, loser?

Better than no neo m8


I have just over 1000 NEO, am i going to make it?

You get a little bit every few minutes
Just download the Neon wallet and transfer it

>inb4 City of (((Zion)))

You will be a millionaire within 5 years guaranteed. Could be even less time but I like to make conservative estimates.

> t. 1500 NEO holder

we're making a run to breach 600k lads.

>inb4 City of (((Zion)))
It's because of the NEO/matrix meme.