What's the deal with all of the VeChain FUD on this board? Are you guys still trying to accumulate or what?

Nobody actually doubts the merits of this project, right? Most obvious moonshot ever.


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Yep this is going to explode this month

Honestly the fud is strictly from Walton and wabi bag holders

Not saying they’re not good projects cause they are, they just backed the wrong horse and are realizing it

why do the order books look like this?

Whales tryna win the trade competition without letting the price go too high

Whale manipulation to get their trade volume up for the Binance BMW promotion.

And yes, this will go up. 10$ end of month, 50$ Q2 2018.

It's more undervalued than REQ by an order of magnitudes. When we take off, it'll make REQ's bullrun look like sideways trading.

This coin is going to explode as soon as it's listed on any other exchanges. Literally whale manipulation and Veeky Forums trolls who think it's funny to pretend they hate this project

novechainers will be on suicide watch after this month

VeChain is an easy, easy moon.

so what does this coin do?

Makes money.

Top 10 after this month, Top 5 after Q1.

If PBoC partnership is confirmed it could lead to a flippening in the long shot.


VeChain FALSE marketing & LIES



Reminds me of OMG with their development of deeper partnerships.

Been debunked 1000 times, get new fud please.

>Inbefore a THORtard comes along and tells you it was a miscommunication

Vitalik as an advisor. I will never forget you sunny.

Yes vitalik debunked the lies from ven

Sad you have to lie

Lol. Dude this bullshit FUD completely twists the true. Kill yourself.

Nothing was debunked. They thought that nobody would mind, until vitalik publicly tweeted about it.

Yous posted it dude. Vitalik called yous out. Suck it up. What other lies are yous shilling? How the fuck could anyone trust that team?

You waltoncucks make it sound as if vitalik can make or break a crypto project. Who the fuck needs him when you have multi billion dollar companies and the fucking government backing you. Fuck off with your shit tier fud.

Didn't some redditor jump the gun on connecting two things and then apologized?

That’s how it was, yes.

Yes this is what happened.

There is one other thing though, the vechain official subreddit listed Vitalik as an investor in VeChain, WHICH HE IS, although he has never heard of it.

How is that possible? Vitalik is a passive partner in Fenbushi Capital, which was an early investor in VeChain. Dots Connected.

With all the vitalik shilling that day .. kek musta fooled half you tards.
Yous were talking shit and the big man himself made yous look like the idiots yous are. Shilling gone too far and you were made to looks like tools.
Go shill your shit coin elsewhere.

only have 10k not gonna make it

That’s exactly what happened, this guy tries to fud that same bullshit in every ven thread it’s pathetic

Thor point? Kek.
Look at all the shillers trying to bury the truth.

VeChain FALSE marketing & LIES



hmmm... so this is the Nigerian prince of the crypto world

not even slightly lol

should I sell my ARK for this?

vechain thread are so funny. feelinging comfy wit my stack

Fuck Sorry ven fags, I didn't get in this thread on time

VEN has the best partnerships




Comfy as fuck. I don't even check blockfolio anymore.

Vitalik is GP at Fenbushi Capital. Fenbushi Capital invested in VeChain.

Nobody's fault if Money Skelley puts his name somewhere and then forgets about it


Please tell me how you know better than this man and call this a shitcoin.

never said it was a shitcoin there are just better coins out there and that will be WTC.

at this point in time WTC has more room to grow ROI wise,

That's what I've done to increase my VEN stack. Hope it works out.

also better technology and china government contracts

shit even VEN copypastas WTC AMA format that WTC has coming up

It's kind of funny seeing someone who is so salty that some other coin stole WTCs thunder and thinks shitposting non-stop on a Zambian catfishing forum will change anything.

seriously if this person isn’t getting paid to do this i feel very bad for them. think there may be slight autism and something going on here

could someone please shill me VeChain?
I see alot of people saying its a great investment
but i see just as many people saying its a dud.

So, you are not buying VEN, WTC and WaBi? Buying the market is clearly the best option: the idea is good, the interest is there and the market is gigantic. I really don't get the idiotic competition between coins on this threads. If anything, you are making people hate the coin you shill.

Basically they are using blockchain and nfc(or rfid?) technology so you can use your phone to scan a product in China. Could be baby formula, luxury goods etc. When you scan a product and vechain says it is legit, you are buying the real thing, not some shitty knockoff or worse fake baby formula. There is a huge market for this. Not only that, if it costs pennies per product, the manufacturers will jump on board because it sets their product apart as the real deal. The blockchain guarantees the authenticity and cannot be tampered with.

Is there other people in the crypto market trying the same thing?

It's a masternodes token on ETH which will have it's own blockchain Q2 2018. The main reason there is buzz has more to do with the partnerships and connections they have plus rumors.

The technology is solid enough but I will say WTC has better technology but so did Betamax. Despite what WTC shills will tell you the connections VeChain has are on another level with rumors of PBoC integration that are well founded. You also have people like Roger Ver and Jim Breyer shilling it out of nowhere.

I believe wtc is doing the same thing and failing miserably. Wabi too?

Pretty much this. At the end of the day when you have two comparable products such as Netflix and whatever the hell blockbuster was offering whoever has the best partnerships marketing and adoption wins. Wtc could be better but if they are not first to market or can’t market, they won’t be the product that wins out.

do you think Vechain is ahead of they competitors completion wise?

I really don’t know. I do know you should check the Apple App Store for “vechain”

They have said they are ahead of their roadmap so I would assume so.

I'm pretty sure WTC is launching before Ven does as it's I think a Q1 launch compared to Q2 for Ven. However if the Alibaba rumor and PBoC rumor are true it won't matter.

If the rumors aren't true it's closer on who will come out on top.

thank you for the input anons. I will keep it in mind.

There are a few operations trying to do this, it's a great application of blockchain IMO. In order, here are my favorites:


Doesnt matter who launches what first, theyre catering to entirely different sectors. VeChain also has more of a global aspect to it plus partnerships are most of what matters in this industry as they could easily refer vechain to other massive corporations to secure more partnerships with. You could have the best tech but that wont matter if you cant spread its usecase all across the world due to lack of partnerships with global powerhouses. That is what Vechain has and that is why it will massively succeed.

VeChain is about even with their competitors completion wise. Partnership wise they're way ahead of everyone . That said, WTC, AMB, and Modum have some pretty good partnerships too.

VEN is working with a Chinese SEZ to build a new smart city called the Gui'an New Area. IF successful, this tech will be rolled out to all of China.

VEN is working with DNV GL, a multi-billion dollar company, to manage cold-chain supply systems.

VEN is working with a Chinese Wine importer called the DIG, to eventually manage and track 30% of all Wine imports to China, which is a $400 Billion annual market.

WTC & WABI are shitcoins too but at least they don’t lie


VEN must be the biggest shilled piece of shit i’ve seen in biz in months. Whens the dump because you are shilling it so hard you def have an out leave these poor bastards with very heavy bags.

P&D incoming

You would be a dumbass to not hold all WTC, VET, and MOD.

t r i g g e r e d
t r i g g e r e d
t r i g g e r e d

Their partnerships are great but I think what a lot of people are banking on at this point is the PBoC rumor being true. If it is it pretty much assures VeChain goes interstellar.

This is actually getting pretty pathetic... even for a troll

Truth hurts. You’re sitting on a coin made up of shills and lies.

not recalling banking on it. The partnerships they already have blow every other coins partnerships out of the water. Prove me wrong. I am holding this coin until at least 2020 when Gui'an the smart city is built

not really banking on PBoC* it would be sick though. The biggest thing to happen in crypto for sure

You're retarded


these are not even a quarter of what vechain is offering

It really doesn't make sense for it to happen though. The main rumor was because China was going to start running all QR codes through their own clearing system which some took to mean Ven because of the proximity to their own update and the coindesk article.

I just can't see China actually using a non-state owned business for their banking.

yeah its hard to imagine but its possible and the coin desk article and the timing of the app update with PBoC running with QR codes was coincidental (if you believe in coincidence) but what was surprising to me was the rumors of PBoC started circulating before that and then those things you mentioned came out about a week later almost like wink wink to the people who do their research. Time will tell but either well Vechain is a severely undervalued gem.

Yeah I was there when the whispers started and then the news came out. The thing I will not about the App update was that it was just an iOS thing. The Android version could already do it but they finally got the go-ahead from Apple to bring their iOS version up to snuff.

That connection is the most tenuous because timing is the only thing that makes it seem relevant.