Anons that have been in crypto 2+ years, how much have you made?

Anons that have been in crypto 2+ years, how much have you made?

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Bout threefiddy



>2 months

i have no idea why i went to college this shit is too easy


you are earning less than a real job with zero benefits congrats

I love reviewbrah

the more capital he gets the more lambos he gets



This is 100% correct. This should be supplemental income.

I turned 20 cents into $6 in 4 years. Ask me anything

Hate to break it to you but a lot of college graduates are lucky if they make $36k a year these days.

6 months, $45k

started in mid 2016. At around 800,000 usd right now.

holy shit you retard


didnt cash out

lol i do drywall with no HS diploma and make 40k a year....just dont be a dumbass loser


wagecuck normie detected, boys

Been in crypto exactly 9 months now and I've made $154,000. Started with $3,000.

I've been in since 2013, I'm up almost 1.25m from investing ~2500 initially, never invested a cent more.

>inb4 "larp"

Nice, what did you invest in?

My FUCK I can't wait to get gains like this.
Every day is crypto now. Crypto and senior year of uni before finally getting a real job. AND DUMPING IT CRYPTO I'll be fucking rich.

Is it real with less than 1k$ start slowly crowl to numbers with 5 digits?

I'm jelly.
Really jelly.

I started with $60 user.

1 month
2k USD to 8k USD

And now?


Nice job.

Well done user

a lot of larpers posting.

all u fucking newfags dont understand that crypto took off in 2017.

2013-2016 were pretty shitty and in no way compareable to now.

getting into crypto beginning of 2017 was probably the best entry point. very little time to fuck up

i got into it 2011. then sold way too early. saw the price in 2013 . got so mad that i avoided everything related.

If you get lucky a couple times sure.


How is he doing? haven't watched any content he may have made for the past 6 months.

yeah, but investments are based on percentages, so his income grows exponentially. Wagecucks earn the same wage every year. Start with 1k, x5 returns you now have 5k, x5 returns, now 25k, x5 returns and so on, meanwhile the wage cuck gets a raise once every 10 years.

There is no need to work apart from generating capital for investments.

What are your current gains

Next namefag everybody

Started with 4k two months ago now at 12k.

That's it? BTW the well is drying up retard, look at how many of your fellow classmates are investing in this. It's over. You missed the boat.

uni degrees from a state school are dumbass certificates that tell a company they can pay you less than someone without a degree in most offices these days

Ive had to hire fucking fresh graduates with Bachelors and some with even Masters degree and pay them $12 an hour cause they dont know how to do shit but think, and write correctly.

Nah it's still good and wet. And yeah I learned alot the last couple months and don't intend to make those same mistakes again.

April 13th

1500 total fiat invested

Was making $80k a year ($100k with bonus) but i've been making easily $20k a month in crypto. Stressed out and hated long hours/working weekends so I said fuck it and quit.

Best decision I've made in a while.

What coins?

what can i do to ensure these constant gains? i want to do the same thing as you. i'm sitting at $7.5k after a week of investing initial $2k and i realized i'm tired of wage cucking.

Did you fags even read the OP?

>"Anons that have been in crypto 2+ years"
>Fag anons posting about their 2 month gains
>Can't fucking read

Fucking retards

Not really. Growth will be exponential and chances are high he didn't work nearly as many hours or as hard as a normiejob

Initial investment amount?

>will grow to be larger than the entire world
it's logistical growth

Not many oldies are posting. Someone specifically asked me for my gains. Kill yourself, bitch.

Honestly if you been in the game that long and you made it, you won't even waste your time on biz

kek'led ma shekles

Taken a position in anything since


However I was sleeping on Eth for 98% of the time.

In the last two weeks, I went from 46k -> 61k.

well except for the memes.

My career advisor in my MBA program said most graduates should settle around 40k-50k I said why the fuck am I spending 2 years in school when I could've worked right out of college and made more than that in 2 years.

I think she is stupid as hell but she did have a point, employers would rather see a lot work experience. Luckily I have a pretty good resume building internship.


I make 42k not a college grad (yet)

got in january 2017

currently at $300k

I've gone from $1,500 to $4,000 and I've only been in for 12 days.Most of what I learned was from r/cryptocurrency, talking about both fundamentals and specific coins.

November, 2200

Would be at 10k if i hodl

At 2700

CIA fud niggers are tricky

Just started

I've got like 1750 into it, including the filing cabinet and fire/water-proof chest I just bought

But I only have $150 plus a few normiebase fees invested in coins right now, which according to kucoin (where you should definitely sign up for and use my ref code 1extr) is worth $149

I feel like a hotshot doing all this investment type shit. I'm about to leave everyone behind

Started with 1300$ 2 weeks ago, now at ~2500$. Pissed the fuck off that I didn't make it on time on 30th Dec. to the bank, and now I have to wait until 3rd to get some more of my savings in and get shitload less coins that I wanted to (all of the coins I wanted to buy started mooning).

What was your initial investment?

Started in earnest a few days ago with $460, now I'm at $730. I feel pretty good so far, it'll be nice to have some money to fuck around with.


but i cashed out $10k very early on (which ended up fucking me out of a lot more money in the long run)

Little over tree fiddy

Threw in 5k between 2013-2015 and it turned into something like 250k. Cashed out ~85k and still got the rest riding

>how many of my fellow classmates are investing in this
literally none, and i'm a finance student

Same, pretty much. Started late Oct with 4.6k, now 11.4. Not "great" for crypto fine, but pretty fucking great vs my ira

>2 months
>Went from $350 to $3600
A-am I gonna make it guys?

Almost 2 years now. $8k to $250k

Started with 1k in June, got 14k today. Ask my anything

Choked on my cereal

I’ve been raised every year since I graduated. Started at $45k now $125k.

So you did worse than if you'd just held BTC.

Been in for exactly two years. Currently holding 2.5m usd

Why haven't you cashed out yet?

It’ll go higher.

Care to share? Just recently got in on this. I already know about avoiding fees and keeping a private wallet

>mfw jobs in my country get you about 12000€/year
Crypto has been a blessing to me.

I put bought one BTC when it was around $420, and I have made around $22k from this initial investment. My next goal is $50k then $$100k and so on until I make a comfy amount.

Look out for small profitable coins that are not on their ATH and have news coming up. Do some fcking research and don't hop on every hype train cause you will be always too late.

Started December with 5k went to 20k and then to 4k back cause had always FOMO and afterwards FUD. Have been investing in small coins past 2 weeks and now im back to 25k.

Almost up to 400k until you normie shits started selling.

Join this discord pump group and make more than you are right now.

>being this mad about people using their brain to make money, while you break down your body everyday

nigga, i literally make enough to live comfortably and stress free from my crypto trading. this is the best time in my life. i make money from a few hours of work a day, then do whatever i want with the rest of my time

Master's are good for career growth boio. Upper echelon executive placementa are for those with developed scientific research skills. Be they economical or technical. (Hence the MSc/MBA)

What was your initial investment?