DBC climbing right now, get the fuck in here

DBC climbing right now, get the fuck in here.

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I'm in and refuse to sleep

what do i sell it user

WHY DID I ONLY PUT IN 1k!!!!!!!!!!!!

This coin has not disappointed. These organic gains are getting me hard af.

Should be around 40-50c end of Jan

dont fucking sell until the hubolli listing, we'll see it rise 10x when that happens

Same :-(

All I could liquidate was like 2.5 ETH...goddammit.


will it correct ??? i want to sell top

230 ETH wall

so neo is actually being used for tokens/contracts?

i thought you had to get permission to launch a contract on neo

it costs 10k$ in gas

Don't sell until the listing on Chinese exchange

WHEn is it?

Use code 1g625 to register on kucoin, WE BOTH'LL GET FREE MONEY

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group of losers

they are targeting deep brain dead coin

see for yourself

I bought this shit as a joke a few days ago and it keeps going up. Basically doubled my investment. Why does it keep going up? Will it keep going?

Nice try pajeet you aren't getting my IP address.

This coin is testing weak hands. If you never want to make it sell at 2x. I'm not fucking selling.

Is that sell wall on Kucoin ?

I am waiting more than a week already for my wire transfer to arrive at the exchange.

what is the fastest way to buy ETH with fiat? (euro-cuck here)



Don't listen to this guy, he's going around to all the threads posting this to try to get people to click on his stupid group.

Nobody falls for your thinly veiled advertizing.

300 buterins soon

when is the right time to buy more?

you dont get ips over discord

right fucking now, its still mooning

We freefal now


Chill, it's literally 0.000006 ETH from ATH



Yessss I bought right at the tippy top.

FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

litebit.eu worked for me...

That's how you do it. Now just sell at the dip, and you're one of us.

That’s the way

Let me in!!!!!!!
I wanna moon with you all!!!

It costs 500 gas to deploy a contract in the mainnet, but if your project is solid and goes beyond meme tier the community and the devs will support you. DBC got a fuckton of money from the NEO council for this very reason.

If you just want to dick around they'll probably let you deploy to the testnet unless you are a complete scammer.

I think that BTC spike was an insider getting in on listing news.


thx helpful user. SEPA still takes a few business days tough

a-are we getting dumped on

I have 189k dbc dear anons will I make it?

If you're talking about DBC, it was an user arbitraging and buying the walls to spike the price. He showed his order book in another thread just as it was about to archive.

Price starts dipping the sell walls disappear and other big buy orders are put up haha if you fuckin fall for these whale tricks and panic sell u deserve to stay poor

Your wrong he wasnt buying dbc/btc he was selling it and buying dbc/eth

Could be. Or talk about the exchange listing is abound and people are trying to get in before it takes off to Mars. If this is a whale pump it feels different. That said I think I should hodl no matter what til it lists

I JUST bought in. Just now. Was I too late? Did I fuck up? I fucked up, didn't I?

I fucking waited too long

get it guys

it's just a whale splashing the waters
>hands of iron

When will it hit the exchange ?!

Not at all, anytime before this gets on Huobi will net you a profit. Just think, the chinks are going to eat this up the day they can actually buy it.

OK, I was hoping it was just a douchebag faggot-ass sperm whale.

Someone kill the fucker so we can go to the moon

Fuckin' A



Why are people panicking so easily? I all inned this shit and I wouldn't care less. It's likely to be listed in Binance too after a while. Listing on Huobi may increase the price to $0,25 - 0,35~

If only we knew when that was. It’s almost like they could be delaying it purposely.. for nefarious reasons no doubt !

Wow, you put in all that work just call me a cuck? Awesome

Yeah, I was in a hurry. Just got home from shopping with g/f and wanted to get in fast because greed

It's fine Veeky Forums, whatever you got it at is still the ground floor. This will both moon very soon and is a solid long term hodl, so don't regret buying it now. I regret not getting it at 3 cents, but I got in at 10 and am up.

>transaction from kucoin to Binance still pending after 5 hours

>using bitcoin
You asked for it

Next time convert to ETH and then transfer. Bitcoin is a groaning, creaking contraption only held up by all the hype, which is now shifting to other coins.

I used ETH.

>all that work
>he thinks it takes a lot of work to make those photos

kek. mine took

Should I be worried?


ethereum at normal gas price took literally 2 minutes from mew to kucoin, bought dbc with btc few days ago now I'm 120% profit and bought in deep with ethereum.

>the chinks are going to eat this up the day they can actually buy it
...why? What do they get out of buying an AI shitcoin?

What video game is Veeky Forums playing while waiting for moon?
I'm out of money to buy more and need something comfy and immersive.

Mine took under 5, but when cryptokitties was in full action i had a missing transaction for 7 days. I wouldn't be worried yet

>what video game
None. Get yourself to the gym faggot.

Dark Souls 3, since crypto I've had a hard time being interested in games but the Souls series still holds my attention

I can't focus on anythog but crypto.

no time
good idea
I played ds 1 & 2 but haven't played 3 yet

I only put 100 yesterday when it was 800 sats. Is it too late too buy $500?

>no time
I don't know what you're doing in life to have no time lol

Go for it, only going up from here

>7 days
Jesus. I might as well forget about making money and go back to wagecuking.

is kucoin reliable?

It is, use my referral to register: 1g625
btw it is going to be bigger than binance pretty soon

more reliable than that BZC exchange XRB are being sold on

I paint my minis if I want to be comfy.

Guis is it worth putting a cut of my REQ into this coin? Is there any announcments coming up?

Getting listed on some chink exchange called Huobi soon

heres an annoucement:

dont buy this coin if you want to be a pinkjak

Who here iron grip, bought immediately after getting listed on kucoin and holding for at least a month.

Why are you asking this in a DBC thread? Of course everyone's going to say yes
Huobi listing soon

it's a very vapory coin but rumor has it will be listed on huobi soonish and maybe even binance, who knows

Iron grip holding strong. In for at least a month.

fucking faggot scum here that knows absolutely nothing here, how do I invest in deep brain chain family?

It's listed on kucoin. Use my ref code familia. 1dJQ8

You have to sign up for kucoin then transfer ETH to your kucoin wallet

Use my referal code or somebody elses so that way you get a bonus and some one else gets a bonus

Cant find where to input the referral codes

I sold at 200 thinking I could get more on a dip. Where the fuck is the dip?

It should be on the signup page where you set up your email and password says “invitation code” and the field says optional
Slap a referal code in there so somebody gets money on the back end and theyll give you free kcs (if im not mistaken)

xenoblade and mario oddysey as the game is literally about going to the moon
But xenoblade has waifus and I'm only just getting to the good parts
Its perfect I can play my switch while looking at my screen in the back

>Use my referal code
Hurdurff muh bonuses. Fuck off Pajeet. If you need bonuses to make money in this market, then I have some very bad news.