What's with all the coordinated BTC FUD lately?

What's with all the coordinated BTC FUD lately?

How much is Roger paying you all?

I'm being paid in having coins that are not shit instead. BCH is also not very good either.

it's mostly from newfags who know they'll never own 1 BTC so it's cope for them to consider it a dying shitcoin.


This isn't r/bit coin, retard. People can actually express their uncensored and often positive opinion on BCH here.

> And they are forced into a horrible world with higher gains.

Come on Roger, stop posting already.

Kek, you corecucks are so deluded. Im trading altcoins and making money and even gaining sats.
What are you doing? Sitting on a coin that will probably never even go 2x anymore.

Only Newfags invest in Bitcoin. It's outdated shitty technology. What idiot in the right mind would choose using a coin that takes hours to make a single payment with and cost $26 to make a transaction with when there are coins like Raiblocks and Ripple instead?


They get so fucking happy when it goes up 10% even though its still clearly in a down trend LOL

This fuck CoreCucks lightning is not going to do jack shit faggots. Suck it

>btc moons
biz consensus is that alts have no future
>alts moon
biz consensus is that btc has no future

just be smart and understand to play the cycles

The transaction fees are definitely on a bull run guys.

What's 10% of $13,000?
I'll wait.


None of this is true anymore. Your coin has to be dominant to have an effect. Just look at coin market cap and see the growing number of coins that move independent of BTC.

Also ALTs always gained more than BTC anyway.

>what happened in the market before will always happen in the future

Bitcoin legitimately needs to drop to $1000 to compete technologically with alts. $60 transfer fees are fucked up

A fucking lot

How can I invest in transaction fees?

by shorting btc

You need at least 1 week in crypto to understand that btc gains are shit. You could litearlly x2, x5 or x10 your money in 2 weeks with alts, if you know what to pick.

Teach me Senpai

this is gr8

Luckily started in btc when i heard the hype and it was still 9.8k. Sold at 18.5. Learned a hard lesson when trying to send $20 worth of btc cost me $24

>mfw I literally get paid 1 ETH per week to shill shitcoins and create FUD on biz