Realistically how high will XRB go


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1000 eoy


it's on borrowed time

how has it gone 100x in a month with no correction? surely whales have to be manipulating this

I'm no expert, but I truly believe it completely replace ETH and go into uncharted territory as normie integration occurs. I am never selling

100 end of January
200 end of February
300 end of March
$1,200 end of 2018



Its the ultimate shitcoin. Its fast wow. Ok. But transfers what?

Ill tell you

Fucking nothing

chad coins only go upwards

Sounds like Bitcoin

I don't know where it will end.
What i do see is this coin swinging between $300 and $500 around march.

supply is relatively low so it can realistically reach 1k


Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting DBC
see for yourself

nigger are you for real
ripple almost reached 3$ everything is possible now.

>I truly believe it completely replace ETH

Unironically this. ETH was a huge improvement on BTC, and XRB is huge improvement on ETH

It would be worth $70 if it got IOTAs marketcap. I don't believe it can catch up with IOTA in the short-term, though. The latter was the first mover among DAG coins and has backing by industry giants. It would be too fucking good if a grassroots coin could just beat that.

CHAD only invests in XRB and makes MILLIONS while you have a DIVERSIFIED STOCK PORTFOLIO and make HUNDREDS

238,900 mi

hahah thanks for the laugh

this is a chad xrb thread
fuck off with your expanding brain meme token

But XRB is more comparable to Bitcoin. It's a payment system, not a smart contract platform. But unlike Bitcoin, you can actually use it to buy coffee with.

XRB will replace BTC.
IOTA will replace ETH.

Everyone likes to think some of these coins will be worth thousands and shit but that wouldnt be reasonable considering market cap
Ive done some calculations
I took the average market cap of the top 10 coins without Bitcoins market cap and got about $30 billion dollar market cap top 10 average.
We then take that 30 billion and divide it by the circualting supply of raiblocks which is 133,248,289
and i get about $222 dollars. to compare other currencies with this method
Stellar (XLM) would be valued at 1.61
XRP = 0.76
BAT = ~30.00
For raiblocks you are looking at a 10X return on investment

Its true. When it hits binance this shit will dip 90%

Sell now if you ever want some gains

>I'm no expert, but I truly believe it completely replace ETH
I can tell you aren't an expert user...apples and oranges. This will not replace ETH it will replace BTC

>XRB will replace BTC.
>IOTA will replace ETH.

ITC will replace NEO

nervous corecuck ?

No you cannot man. Volatility completely negates that possibility.

This is as valuable as a quick fart

XRB will be the standard currency but wouldnt replace BTC, BTC is a store of value at this point, its not meant to be a currency but rather our "gold"

also ETH is going no where and IOTA is shit

>shhh he doesn't know that ethereum will hands thousands of txs/second soon

NEO gives me GAS

Yes but that assumes that the market cap of all crypto stays stagnant. Remember it is 600B now and was only about 20B in Jan 2017. If crypto has similar growth (it will grow faster) it will be at least $100B market cap.

Its more valuable than a widget spinner

bitcoin isnt volatile eh?
i tell you what
find satoshis private keys
bitcoin will crash to 0$

That is absolutely retarded as you don't factor in market growth. The influx of new capital this year will mean we're all going to make it, user. We are early.

> Volatility completely negates that possibility.
If that were true, it would negate the entire purpose of crypto as long as it's measured in fiat. Yet more and more vendors are willing to accept crypto payments.

>Proof of stake soon
>Make money from just having money
god yes plz

you are correct, once i posted i felt i should have mentioned that it doesnt account for that but I think it is a fine calculation for Q1 2018 if not at least Jan-Feb.


I just put 1k into this. It's gonna keep going up right?! I didn't just fuck myself?

You're fine

You're not gonna buy a Lambo but maybe a Fiat Punto or something

thx anons

We should talk about how high XRB can go realistically

Do you realise that the market cap of crypto as a whole more than doubled in one month? XRB could have BTC's market cap today for itself in one year

more and more. where?

Hey poor mutts. How's the buy high sell low going. If you were an alpha redditor like me you'd have bought when it was .20.

Well guess what I'm feeling nice for poor mutts. Post your raiblock wallet and I'll send you one rai

I dont have one]

what the fuck do you talk about
with raiblocks theres only one strategy
buy high sell higher

100 USD in Q2

Wtc XRB?


xrb is a complete shitcoin

That's already one thing it does better than 120k-mempool-coin.

Why is this? I’m hearing diametrically opposed predictions here, with few saying it will gradually rise or fall.

Either binance will radically increase demand and liquidity and the price MOONS

Or binance will cause a huge sell-off.

Is the idea that whales will intentionally manipulate the market downward so they can buy in? Even if they do that, won’t HODLing likely lead to a return to the ATH or is it generally not the case?

Just trying to understand the logic. I am newfag

Don't worry about that other guy, he's just trying to FUD. Everything you said is correct

people forget that most of the coins that have a huge dump are fresh ico's because etherdelta and craptopia are shit.
bitgrail isnt that bad actually

As a xrb big dog, it's a little worrying, I mean, it's like your teaching your kid how to ride a bike and you push him out into a busy highway.

Is that motherfucker gonna get fucked up or is he gonna do a fucking dope wheely right between the cars and own that shit.

Only time will tell user, only time will tell.

Wonder why ETH is going nowhere. Mixing code with data and execute it on random computers sounds like a great idea.

Because tons of shittcoin icos are cashing constantly cashing out their eth

Chad coin only moons. Expect $100 within a week of listing and no noticeable dip. If you think about it, XRB has never naturally dipped (except when whales literally bug abused Bitgrail). It hasn't so far and will not when it is listed on Binance.

Thanks Anons.

To be clear, then, his logic applies when there are too few transactions (eg on coins only available on exchanges like etherdelta)?

Why does a more trafficked exchange cause downward pressure rather than just follow the same marketplace dynamic but at higher volume?

BTW I apparently fat fingered my payfair transaction on EtherWallet (my first ever) and paid a 30% premium. FML.

Yeah watching it double in a few days has been terrifying. I am not a big dog but something that I first bought with “whatever” money is now third in my portfolio.

Though only a 0.25 of my top position. Not used to this level of excitement or anxiety being a Top Market Capper

(Meant to say, it’s like a new transaction magically appeared after my first on ED. I even have MetaMask so either my dog stepped on my keyboard or am I really REALLY retarded)

soooo bitcoin, expect you dont wait 45 minutes and pay 35 dollars to do it. yep sounds about right.

I had this pegged as a promising coin when it was at $3, but I let horror stories about BitGrail and Mercatox losing transactions FUD me. I'm pissed. I bought REQ and ICX instead and made decent gains, but less than half of what I would have made with XRB.

How many XRB do you need to make it?

no whales, hence organic growth.
the whales are on competitors, they would seek to undermine it.
bitgrail mercatox, who gives a shit on those exchanges?
no whales, price is reflectinv utility.

$500 by march. screencap this.

our crypto curnsies dont werk anymor, its gerld now. dont sel it.

I like it that it dips for like a fucking second and goes straight back up. kek

>made my entire net annual salary in one day watching tv
I-is it really this easy??

daily reminder even if there would be a 50% dip on the binance listing it (which i highly doubt it will go down that much) its still worth 15$ kek

I'd buy XRB but I'm all-in on Decred and this shit is pumping hard. Genuinely don't know what to do...

idiot, i personally know two guys from the chat i sit on who have 2kk+ xrb. whales are real and you are on their mercy


How in gods name is this worth a 4 billion marketcap?

yes because the whales will dump all coins at once crashing the market completely
fucking hell

chicken gives me gas

I didn't buy XRB because I thought the exchanges were sketchy. Was going to buy 1k at 1 dollar. Oh well!

I think where the market is right now, $100 is a reasonable ceiling (that would put xrb just above ltc.) If the market continues to grow, then anything is possible.


what's that app user?


was your password hello01 by any chance, lel

It's not. It's literally fomo at this point and prices will tank. It won't go down a lot, but it will dip once people realize it's got nothing to show for the past 2 weeks that would validate this rise in value.


Well, you know the smart way to deal with the situation ... it wasn't too hard to get me some of those XP.

> it will dip once people realize it's got nothing to show for the past 2 weeks that would validate this rise in value.

It already had this value. It is correcting up to what it was worth all this time. Iota is vaporware and has a 10B market cap LOL

congratulations you bought a coin even more worthless than doge

You’re retarded. Devs already announced new web design, improved wallet, new exchanges coming, they added 1 dev recently to the team, ALL of this for mid-end of january. This shit will not go down. We won the Kucoin vote, the Bit-Z vote, new exchange dedicated to XRB opens the 9th jan, and we will win the binance vote. Hop on the train or get left behind like the faggot you are.

Also, a mobile wallet app, since the computing power it needs is so low.