Portfolio rate thread: hate on OP edition

Portfolio rate thread: hate on OP edition.

get crippled, faggot

Nice Ripple stack user, I sold mine at 2.10 a bit ago but didn't buy the dip. Waiting for XLM moon.

I need to add REQ to my spread. I'll take it out of ADA.

Enjoy your 2x by eoy

Can't believe you fell for the ECA meme.

I'm just holding. Millionaire by 2021 here

You actually think Ripple won't be ~$5 at the end of spring? You put a lot of faith that market capital can't expand ten fold.

>Millionaire by 2021 here
>$2k portfolio
nigga naw, not even close

>Not even XLM

m8 you're not gonna make it in 2018

What altcoins to hold overnight? Doesn't seem like much happening today, XRP XLM already done and definitely holding XRB for a bit, is there anything actually worth buying today besides sitting pat with ETH until tomorrow?

Yeah you only need it's 2 billion market cap to double by then, I'll say nah. It's more likely that it gets dumped big time as old money take profits.

90 billion to double even

looking for genuine feedback here


How mine?

Pretty solid you will see very steady/consistent growth with that. I’d personally sell btc+bch for neo

>XLM done

Not to move the goal post or anything...
You don't think financial infrastructure compliance gives XRP a upper hand in building up market capital?

I'm in XLM because of your point there, plus my point above. Holds true for XLM as well as XRP.


Dang your getting there. How much did you start out with and when?

>he still thinks the chinks are going to moon doge because it's the year of the dog

nigger that is spare change i found in an old wallet you dumb cuck

Started out with £5k in may. Gina be honest I lucked out with XVG at 5 sats I sold it all today after the normies invaded and development shambles. Bought nav,xmr and eng

Spare change? It is one quarter of your net worth, it doesn't matter where it fucking came from.

then maybe it's not so worthless after all ;-P

I think we need to see btc moon really hard and stay up for a while and someone like dimon to say something stupid and get btfo again before we see some true normie fomo. Most people are still very sceptical of bitcoin let alone other coins.

If there is one coin I’m betting will explode upwards next year, it’s CTT

put more into ITC, still low mcap and and x50 this year

Xrb is +$606 and I'm holding 2 Neo at the bottom. Don't know if I should cut more or not cause I'm hopeful for all these coins. My portfolio used to be way bigger cause I didn't know what I was doing

Goal is to bring my ENG stack to 2k over the next few weeks, hopefully it stays low. If it takes off I'll probably buy QSP. Bought REQ at .08 and moved that stack + LINK to a hardware wallet so I wouldn't be tempted to day trade with them.

good job for you NEO seriously I wish I could reach 100. I gave up at 35, I'm accumulating OMG my target is over 150

Um, not with those coins you won’t

>getting this butthurt
alright buddy, if it's spare change, then why the fuck is it the only coin you have a tenth of BTC in
sorry I hurt your fee fees

That's amazing. Happy for you.

I hope some of you listened 5 days ago when i said copy my portfolio


Am I gonna make it user?

this is a fomo portfolio

Smart on the WTC Gmn pick ;)

200 Ripple
100 REQ
2000 FUN
Am I going to make it?

Thanks bro. I think we have at least a couple more years of good times so we will all make it!

go allin XBY dude. your only chance

You're going to make it with what you've got, sure
Lamboland? Not even close

Can some nice user give me advice on how to reach $10k from my portfolio? I’m terrible at research for short term moons

I don't need lamboland, I just want to be comfy

Then I suggest either buying more now or completely forgetting you even have cryptos for like 3 years

>shows holdings percentage but not quantity
no you arent gonna make

not sure if srs

Hold on to this for a while just (shouldnt have said that terrible word)

I have the same portfolio as you except with Jibrel Network due to be added on feb 1st and a few neo + other lesser known coins.

Your portfolio shoukd have at least x 4'd by Jan 31st.

Then scoop off some profits, go in on some super low market cap coins and icos.

I still cant believe this is happening so fast. Almost doesn't feel real.

protip: skycoin

Why the fuck is everyone here so goddamned rich.

If holding this will ensure in a 4x then why not. I am aware that this is possible but my only concern is that DBC might plummet once it has been on Huobi for 10 minutes. Unless someone can suggest me something that will ensure even quicker and higher gains, then I’ll just stick with it.

Wish I had hands that strong

What's CTT user?

Im really not, I just took a huge risk and went all in on coins I believed in. If this fails Im fucked. Im either going to pluto or Im going down with the ship.

>gambling money you can't afford to lose
user come on. At least cash out enough so you won't "go down with the ship" and continue (because you're certainly doing a great job). But don't test the river with both feet.

what the fuck is going on

I exagerated a bit, id have enough to survive until I could get back on my feet, but I wouldnt have enough to stay comfty and not work

w-we good

R8 me please

Don't forget to take some profit bro.

All or nothing. Not selling until $1.00+ on ADA.

My nigga

guys pls halp 10x this in a month
what should i switch to??

am i gonna make it lads

>all or nothing
>in low risk low reward coins



NEO and don't sell it.

I don’t see how NEO is gonna 4x in January. Have I missed something?

Mai nigguru. Just tried moving funds to my wallet, can't believe the speed, around 15s.

Well I make it? I plan on buying xrb when it hits binance.

>loans rolling out tomorrow
dont forget to fomo in, goyim

I just started out today.


hahahaha you're so fucking stupid its your largest holding

comfy holding MOON, ADA and XLM for easy gains.