Its about to take off.

Consider yourself warned /biz

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Been holding for months. Looks like it’s finally paying off!

Is it too late to get in now?

Is it too late to get in?

Definitely not user. Still lots of room for growth

no, not at all, still only 150 mm marketcap
>only trading at 8 mil volume

This is RLC's year

Just broke resistance and looks to do another run

These guys know what they are talking about!

you just replied to yourself? gtfo my thread bitch

It doesn't matter. We both know we're just two indians shilling this for a delhi pnd group

Are you samefagging ironically?

This fucking pajeet racism needs to fucking stop, grow the fuck up.... I dont shill shitcoins that will fuck people over, there is now doubt in my mind that holders will be rewarded with this coin, it has had pretty much no marketing up to now, is partnered with REQUEST NETWORK and announcing 2 new partnerships in the coming weeks...
This post isnt an act of greed, but an act of kindness

trying to drop $2k on this asap but btcmarkets are being cucks and taking years to process bpays

gainz goblinz

You do seem genuine. And I'll take it about racism. Sorry mate. Biz needs people like you. Here's a good read on iExec

seriously man... if you think all races are equal just look at what happened to google and microsoft since pajeets took those companies over.

Nice take off faggot


Golem is a shillcoin. Iexec is where it's at

Paid shills like you are ruining this coins reputation. If you aren't indian, go back to your eastern European shit.

alright boys my money came in. Should i buy this or not?

pls i don't need a lambo, just enough to pay off my student loans asap.

Serious estimates on time until orbit?


do pajeets even have feelings they sure dont act like it

I would buy it. I used to hold golem until december when Iexec actually released a working Dapp Store. Golem is still in alpha. SONM is super fishy. Those are the competitors, and I like Iexec moar.

I bought yesterday, and I'm heavily thinking about buying even more.

You can if you like. There's PhDs on board.

Feeling comfy