Who here still /no coins/ in 2018?

who here still /no coins/ in 2018?

I missed the gold rush. I want to end it. It's too expensive to start now and everything has already mooned. It's over isn't it?

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They said that when BTC was $100. Don't be stupid.

Grow a pair and put some money behind something with traction. This is the golden age right now boyo.

are you joking? just get a coinbase account, put 1k in ltc, fast transfer it to cryptopia, and buy something cheap.

SKY and XMCC are going to moon IMO but you can try other stuff.

No, it's just the beginning. The current bitcoin dip is the bear trap.

buy xrb
easy 1k by EOY


Just go all in on DBC. Guaranteed 1000x EOY 2018

i was lurking in biz since september and was too pussy to get in all these sweet mooning coins

We're literally about 20% of the way, OP. Throw 1-2k into ethereum and buy 2 coins with huge moon potential.

You still have a chance, don't give up and post massive pink wojaks in 2019.

lmao keep being scared and missing out

Chill. Max is 100x which would give it like $200B market cap.

It feels like thats over now

>Just put 1k in X
People don't just have that much spare

We missed it

I don't just have 2k to throw into something

Exactly this. I also recommend XBY and CAPP.

I invested in crypto on the 19th of December, 2 days after Bitcoin was at ATH, and I've trippled my investment.

Do a bit of research,
Fucking HODL,
Never sell at a loss,
Learn to control FOMO

That's all you need

It has been "too late" to get in for 2 years now. Yet people are making a killing. Stay poor or get in, your choice.


They look like they've already mooned what do you mean?

BS or pot luck

user, I've got 93.9% gains from just last week from REQ and a few others. You need to DYOR and find something good while it's still cheap. CoinMarketCap's top 100 is a good place to start.

Even if you did miss out on getting rich (it's still possible) you can still make some good money on the side investing in stupid altcoins

I've looked but I don't know what is shitcoin and what isn't

Quit being a little fucking bitch, I put $500 in at initial investment and now I've got $1500.

Are you fucking daft?

You are about to enter a year of nuclear bull market where the amazon, google, microsoft etc. of DLT are going to break out.

It takes the computer skills of a 10th grader to trade these things.

You're like the pussy who whines about no girls but won't get the nerve to talk to one.

Either sack up and join the party or shut up and cry alone.

Hence DYOR. Read the whitepaper, look up the dev team to see if they're serious or not, follow the community, etc etc.

>dont have 2k
Then $500, fucking something you faggot.
10,000% gains on 0 is 0.
It takes money to make money. If you really fucking want this you'll find a way, otherwise you'll just sit here and continue to bitch. Check out the folio threads. Tons of people who started with 100-500 recently and are doing okay

Wow, you're gonna be a millionaire bro

We'l see. This growth can't last forever.

I have done too but its still difficult to tell.

Yeah they're larping

Retarded fud.

You can buy FUN for 9 cents. It will be a dollar by February.

>You're like the pussy who whines about no girls but won't get the nerve to talk to one.

Literally this. OP will wageslave until he dies from lung cancer at 54.

Stop with that mentality for starters, there's plenty of new opportunities every day

No it won't

It's gonna tank isn't it?

Seriously, yes. It's too late. If you are asking that, it indicates that you just don't have it. You don't have that yearning to get out of the rat race. You can't stomach the risk of abandoning what you know about the practical world and taking a chance on a new paradigm. You can receive some of my tokens as a tip once their fully integrated into the new world economy and you're serving me lobster tails on gold plated nvidia GPUs (2017 ETH Mining edition).

I can get pussy easily though

I just can't into crypto without indecisiveness


Of course the growth won't last forever, nothing does.

Nobody smart is in BTC, LTC or any useless gen 1 coins anymore just like nobody uses paypal over email anymore. Look at the combined MC of all those gen 1 shitcoins- all of that is going to go into the good projects that are getting ICOd right now.

Plus the DLT marketcap will be ~5t this time next year.

You seriously have to hate money.

Can anyone advise a nocoin idiot who lives in America about what I need to watch out for regarding taxes or buying?

>still difficult to tell

Nothing is guaranteed. You'll need a bit of luck. Just nut up and pick something to go all in with. If it's too difficult to understand, google the shit you don't understand. You literally have endless information on investments and cryptocurrency at your fingertips.

Okay, so what coins are you in right now? Or what do you think is interesting then lad? I've tried finding good coins but it seems they already mooned without me.

What about the ones mentioned ITT?

Any good? Or shills?

desu I like to think of the crypto game as just starting OP

If I can triple my $1500 in the next 3 weeks (which I will, because it's easy) I'll have $4500. I'll literally be a millionaire in 6 months while you'll be fucking some 6/10 in your mother's basement.

Basically don't daytrade unless you're already a pro- if you just buy a portfolio of 5-10 of the early stage projects that get shilled here and have reasonable looking teams behind them a few will moon over the course of a year. Sell, cash out, pay your low rate cap gains and enjoy life.

Just put a few hundred dollars in TRON.
Easy gains this year

Maybe it is

Yeah, IF

What about buying coins and waiting for them to moon, then selling ATH, rinse and repeat?

>I reckon them bitcorns cant go up much higher from here

I'm about to buy some fun and bitb right now. $100 on each. I either lose $200 or make thousands

this. The shit is just starting. Think of btc as the currency, and the "alts" as the businesses of the internet that will base the value of their in house coins on the value of btc so you can value them at fiat as well

Fun, maybe, Bitbean? Hmmm

watch out for taxes if you're selling crypto for fiat.

Bitbean is literally one cent in fiat. Everybody here can afford to buy at least a couple thousand lottery tickets

I had donated some money through
Bitcoin a few years ago and still had about $0.7 worth a few years ago and when I checked a few months ago it was $36. Fuck my life. All I hold now is xrp, put in about $120 and now at about $250 just looking at stellar and annoyed I didn't put any in, but then again I have put in about as much as I am prepared to lose already, the risk is just too much for me for these things to get in too deep

>less than the lords year of 2020
>Missed the gold rush.

Choose one.

Read Veeky Forums for an hour every day for a week. Ignore obviously paid shilling and 12 year olds.

Blue chip low risk:

Med risk med reward:

High risk high reward:

If you want even more risk/higher reward look at ICOs.

Know how VCs get shares of Snap etc. for 10 cents? Now everyone gets that shot. When has that ever been the case ever?

Yeah but bitbean is a genuine shitter isnt it

Fun I can see maybe mooning tho

That's what I thought when I started in July. Look where we are now

You could buy now and sell the "news" in Q1 2018. Something about a partnership with a retail store

Okay I just bought:

>200 USD of Funfair
>200 USD of XBY
>100 USD of PayFair
>100 USD of TRON

How did I do?

if you're too much of a pussy to spend even 1k, then yes, you missed it.

Nigger were still at less than 1% adoption. The normies are gonna wake up in 2018 and start pumping even more money into it in 2018. You are still early

shutup grandad cos you dont know anything


just buy icx and get rich.

Tron is a long term. Should see significant returns in 2020 hopefully. I'm high FUN they have product showcase and launch in Q1.

Why? What do you mean?

>invested 2 weeks ago
>preaches hodl

Join this discord, they share really good tips and do pumps together. Its already made me tones of money. thats how u get into crypto

Hold XBY through Q1 2018 at least.

Where do you trade these coins on?

I just bought FUN as well. yolo
I ended up just putting the $200 all on FUN. lol

We fun boys now

If this shit tanks I'm gonna fucking go nuts

this was my last 600 bucks

BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH are what we call laggard coins. Shits not going anywhere.... Ever. Nobody trades that fuckin shit anymore. We use these to transfer wealth away from roasties and boomers. Only good coins are the innovative upstarts you'll find on sketchy exchanges, gotta take a risk to make a reward, check out sumokoin, slm, eca just to name a few.

I'm ok with it. Every dime I put in crypto, I count as money I'll never see again unless I cash out in large amounts of btc

This is what everyone has said for the last 5 years. I started in September. You're still not too late.