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I'd buy into PASC if it's actually added to a decent exchange.

RaiBlocks is much faster than PascalCoin, though. PascalCoin is fast, but nowhere near as fast as RaiBlocks.

Raiblocks has no smart contracts though

>zero fees
lol pick one

PASC has infinite scaling and zero fees for single transactions.

Pick two?

Maybe because the website is garbage.
The name is garbage.

And really it's all DASH by another name, with block pruning.

nigger please

PASC has no growing database, Dash has.

PASC has smartcontracts, Dash has not.

PASC has 0 fees, Dash has fees.

PASC has small addresses, Dash has standard length.

PASC scales infinitely, Dash doesn't.

PASC will moon, Dash never will.

suit yourself. Pasc isn't going anywhere. DASH is garbage and so is pasc

you deserve poverty

how many tx per second? in a live environment?

Visa lvl with the next update, 100tx/s right now in live environment.


>unlimited supply

so they're going from 100 to 100k with one update?
and how does the "safe" box work? can't someone just spoof a balance once the history is deleted?



i aint clicking that shit nigga


MFW you didn't listen to what they described in the video.

it's a vaporware


The problem with this coin is that the safe box centralizes it. How is this different from paypal and ripple?

2 years old crypto, that is entirely written from scratch in Pascal, with several innovations.

you serious nigger?

dont listen to this guy, this gruop is literally pumping this coin right now discord.gg/5dMfZPH

the video doesn't explain the safebox at all. It sounds like anyone that could get 51% control of the network could modify the safe box however they wanted.
>buy all miners
>modify the safebox history
>im now a billionaire

im way to drunk for this shit lmao

IDK, but this bitch will pump one way or another.
Dumb money doesn't care about that.
Ripple up 19000% from last summer.
I love centralization in my bank account.

wut? NICE.
2% pump in the last 10 hours.

I've been in this coin since 0.00005 and I just sold. Raiblocks wins.

same with Bitcoin, 3 pools = 51% hashpower, sybil + doublespend.


250 billion marketcap.