Literally the comfiest hold of 2018


Don't tell what it is retard

I'll look into this.

This doesn't look like the eng graph

it is link just before it went to the moon

No one tell this dude what this is about kek

How does one tell which coin this chart represents?

by not being a newfag

it is the coin which will make us holders rich. The funny thing is that everybody knew it all along

It's MACDcoin

with LINK all you have to do is just wait.

It is 100% a sure bet

Just accumulate as much as you can sub $10 and sit back and retire early from passive income in node staking


Just another LINK shill, I wonder when Veeky Forums will get on undervalued projects like QSP & POWR instead of shilling the same shit for months on end.

I can't believe I'm going to a fucking millionare. Holy shit I thought I'd be a cashier at walmart all my life but I'm actually going to make it.

feels good, donut

delete this. People are still acumulating

That feeling you get when you know Link is going over $10 in 2018 and you will still hold 1/2 your stack after selling half your stack at $10 while you wait for $20.

the accumulating months are over. the giant has awoken.

And its hungry!

>Mfw I been Lurking for so long I can actually pinpoint the exact time a whale market sold like half a million tokens. .

He got rekt

>selling link Ever

I remember that too. It was the point link reached exactly 1000 sats. I don't understand what kind of retard would market sell like that at the absolute ATL. Maybe he was a hacker that stole the LINK and wanted to dump it quick?

im gonna use my xrb gains to slowly accumulate a fuckton on link then i pump n dump it until the whole project fucking dies

So what happened to the previous ATH?

Holding 700 qsp. Im thinking about dumping my 25 ltc for more qsp. I just got a feeling as soon as i do that ltc is gonna take off. Aaaaaahhh I need to make a decision tonight. Im gonna be real busy all week.

choo choo stinky linkies


If you believe in LTC just dump some but not all, maybe 25%?. IMO not worth holding on to that much LTC with so many promising alts out there.

Nice digits.

Unironically think the whale got fed up with Link and sold low in the true Veeky Forums way.
Even for the ones that got in at 13 cents link was a painful hold

Kek. I'll never not laugh at this meme.

link isnt pos




LINK First Sergeant here. I LIKE DAT

What is something starts with stage 3 already?
There are utter shitcoins that already made me over 1500% and I refuse them to sell

Someone shill me on LINK.

>tfw you can identify your coin just by looking at a thumbnail image in the catalog

Linkies have the best memes


That's coming