Prepare the pink wojacks


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Holy shit
It's mooning

Nonononononono pls I just sold nononono


what the fuck is happening? it was starting to decopuple from btc as it should, but now theyre both shooting up

one last BTC pump?

Everything that isn't ETH is a shitcoin

ahhh the king of 2018. can't wait to swim in the tears of corecucks

2k by eom



ETH's going to stay in the 700-800 range for the rest of the year.

800 here we go

wanna bet on this via smart contract. i will bet $20K no larp



Will smart contract bet 100k on this you weak ass cunt nigger.

if you aren't in majority eth rn you are actually a confirmed brainlet. the flippening will happen, POS still coming, futures gonna be announce, shall i stop? been most undervalued coin past 6 months

my brother

100% ETH reporting in

I'm also willing to create a 12mo contract that ETH beats $800. Willing to bet up to $100K, please let me know.

I got 106 ETH

Feeling quite comfy over here

pump it

w-what's going on rn guys, i-is it m-mooning?

Why don't you guys diversify your ETH into alts, wouldn't you be making significantly more gains? Genuinely curious

>tfw bought more during the dip

Nice work, user. I'm right behind you...

I day trade alts for eth gains.

WHAT THE FUCK, this POS does nothing for 3 weeks then right when I sell to build my 2018 portfolio it moons.

>your abusive father finally died
>but now your pedo uncle takes his place

This picture always puts a smile on my face

Damn you guys really are touchy about the recent stagnation; this breakout would be a monster.

I actually do think it'll break $800, but what better way to gauge market sentiment than posting b8? :^)

How much out of pocket nigger?

You deserve it for betraying the newborn king

hey you were on that other thread
100Eth boy here, we be rich soon


I swear I was gonna put ETH in my portfolio when I'll be able to sell ARDR. Fucking Bittrex seriously.

Fuck, must get back into ETH quick.

You really believe there's a single person that thinks ETH spends the entire year, hell, even the first quarter below $800? Come on now.

I'm a poor fag with everything in an altcoin, but it's on its way to doubling in the near future. When is it smarter to put a majority of holdings in eth?

>Man wanting to catch rocket begs astronauts to jump off.

offload dem profits like a G

ETH is the safest long term bet on crypto. Depends on your style because nobody knows exactly how things will unfold, but ETH will be king by EOY 2018.

I've been in and out of alts, but my portfolio is big enough now that if ETH goes 4x or above I can pay off my mortgage and live a carefree life

It's true I'm missing out on potential millionaire status (unless ETH does a 10-20x), but there's so much diminishing returns for me after I pay off my mortgage that I don't want to risk anything

ETH is the god-coin - it absorbs the use case of 99% of all other cryptocurrencies: zk-snarks (fungibility), sharding, PoS, programmable - something pretty drastic has to happen for ETH to not be the first main-stream ready cryptocurrency

Good luck doubling your cash... maybe.

what was your initial investment?

Traded up from 1.5k


> ETH's going to stay in the 700-800 range for the rest of the year.


is this from proof of stake or what

Market reacting late to the casper testnet news.

>Watching ETH moon when I hold triple digit amount

This shit is a rush but it is stressing me out

Fuck I just bought more into DBC....tempted to cash out back into ETH until we see where this goes.

Don't know but there is significant deviation happening away from the BTC pattern with both ETH and (surprise!) LTC right now. If this turns in to a full decoupling, ETH is going way up and it's looking like it may have LTC and possibly XMR along for the ride with it.

Strongly recommend exiting all of the small alts this evening. The big boys have be coming out to play.

>10k end of hour screencap this

I unironically believe this. So much is riding on it.

>just traded in all my ETH for link

should I convert my btc to eth now?

Check'd 'n capp'd

what the fuck I swear to god the crypto markets are so fucking retarded anyone who is buying ETH right now is legit paying a 10% premium over the price from ONE HOUR AGO. 15 minute RSI was at 87 ffs...

eth is never going under 800 again...

I don't do significant day trading or moving of my coins, but I sent 1 ETH and 1 BCH to my Kraken account. Guess what... ETH got confirmed almost instantly, and BCH I waited over 30 minutes, and ended up closing my laptop because I had to go somewhere.

Even BCH, which claims to fix the transaction speed of BTC, is a flaming pile of shit compared to ETH.

everybody who buys in now doesnt want to miss when the rockets hits mach 3

anyone who is SELLING eth right now is fucking retarded

I'm a normie brainlet, what's the flippening? It sounds comfy.

Anyone experiencing problems with Ethereum network today?

ETH pls stop, I just spent my entire stack on QSP an hour ago


People thought they can ride the waves with eth forever. This tsunami burries all the sellers in salt water

It's when ETH takes BTC's place as the main crypto.

This sure seems sustainable.


It's breaking out you dumb retard. This shit happens all the time in crypto

>0.56 -> 0.59
>Not sustainable

You act like that's a huge increase

this shit mooning without BTC wtf is going on.

banner day for once i didn't buy at the top

Eth to test ATH within the hour?

teri muh me gud aur sakkar

People are getting tired of BTC's shit, and are moving onto Ethereum which is cheaper and faster to send and has a promising future.

What's nice is that its rising completely independently of bitcoin right now.

It won't last. Waiting for that dip right now.

>BTC pump

try again

>Bought at 800 before christmas
>-14% three days later
>mfw recovering this quickly

>That feel when you have 1 Eth but it won't clear on Coinbase for 5 more days

bitcoin is DEAD if you havent noticed

ETH is the new king

not to mention all the alts that depend on it

eth is /our token/

Can someone please tell me what the fuck is happening right now?

That's pretty comfy, thanks.

ETH mooning without BTC is going to get more and more common.

put everything you have into ETH right now you prepare to lose all your money

We about to hit 2k ETH

What's ATH again? Under 900 somewhere, right?


No. This is it. Last ATH was like $805

>mfw ripple is really a jewish scam to hoard more eth/btc.
ETH 1.3k
XRP 1.1$
Within 2 weeks.

Bitcoin has been having serious network and transaction cost issues. It's gen0 technology and showing its age already.

The flippening is when any coin replaces Bitcoin for the #1 spot.

ETH is pretty much poised to do that at this point. It's cheaper to use and faster than Bitcoin, and the development team on it is actually setting it up to be a widely scalable network.

It will be the #1 crypto because companies are going to write smart contracts for this thing all day.

That's pretty much a retarded point of view. I don't subscribe to that shit, sorry. BTC is just chillin right now, no biggie.

it was at 840 before the last crash


just the next step in trying to dethrone BTC. fees were going down, add some spam tx's and boost ETH and LTC...

No, about 2 weeks ago it hit 860. I was at dinner with my gf watching my phone and once it hit about 860 it got dumped hard.

This is the recovery and likely next ATH coming up.

Oh no.

>focusing on the price increase instead of the RSI
Lol you literal tard.


You are unironically correct.

Can't even buy XRP with USD. Only with BTC / ETH.

Gee, I wonder why.