Number 1 in 3 days. Screencap this

Number 1 in 3 days. Screencap this.

How do I screencap?

Someone please tell me how to take a screenshot

It's about to blow up tomorrow, get in...
Don't stand by and stay a poor fag.
Get on and make a sh*tload of money!

take a picture with youre phone dumbass. or better yet, go buy a disposable camera

super simple stuff

Hahah ripple is gonna burn the ground, just like the last time it overtook ethereum.

Sure it will correct like everything else, but ripple is the king and no one can change this. Btw i made too much money during swings and my decision.
4eth to 50eth.
Thank you ripple.

Will be re-posting this in 3 days


short enough that I can cfd it!

fucking "print screen"

you deserve to get burned if you're stupid enough to fall for this

Desperation is a stinky cologne john


bought ripple ath... selling at a loss

scamcoin owned by banks

Lol nope

Why sell? Why not hold. Jeez

I fucking hated the fact I only bought 1000 in September. I hope I don't die in this class.

Thats pretty good for swing trading user, im too pussy to risk doing tat since i never know when the dip is lowest and the peak is highest

>Lol go back to your /pol. 4eth to 50eth in 2 weeks.
what did he mean by this?

>blaming the (((banks))) for your own stupidity

For once your financial woes are not the fault of the kikes, brainlet.

fuck you normies, pajeet smells

buy more shitcoins the XRP and die

>((())) trippling its market cap

Ripple is nothing but a lever device that the banks are using to extract you dumbfucks' BTC/ETH bags and leave you holding bags of worthless XRP while they hold mooning BTC/ETH bags.

There's literally no use for that shitcoin other than the banks to use as a suction device.

If you don't heed my warning you deserve what's coming to you, it's what you'll get for trusting the banker scum.

Lamest conspiracy theory ever. Like even if you believe it, all you need to do is hold your BTC/ ETH and you'll be fine.