You didnt leave the ark, right user?

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bruh im about to toss my 3100 ark and dump it all into xrb but idk if i should lmao
already have 500 xrb

Ripple is shit why would you get that cancer over xlm right now

Ark is a 3X-5X in the next day or two fyi

he said xrb retard

I dont care about pajeet coins, the great ark will have us float safely over the coming flood of normies

Dumped 1000 Ark for ICX yesterday, and probably going to dump another 500-1000 tonight. No regrets. I love Ark and will still hold some, but the devs just don't care to market it and it's really held/holding the coin back.

>pajeet coin
>goes 8000% up in a month

meanwhile the goofs on the ark team dont even know what the coin is used for

Ark is irrelevant now. Barely see anyone talking about on here and Reddit. It was a 2017 coin, it's 2018 now. Best get into coins that will actually get you some gains

Poo poo pee pee

The ARK is capsizing


Still holding my stack from April. One of my favourite holds. I’ll sell a bit off when we hit .002 in Feb 2018

You're on Crack, son. This shit ain't ever hitting .002

The whale will come out soon and ruin your fun

honestly if this moon breaks im getting out for good, all the meme triangles point to a 3-5 times growth, I pretty much went all in to capitalize but im getting JUST'd pretty fucking hard

i have a whole folder full of ark memes
but fuck me in the ass this coin is performing on absolute garbage levels
the only smart guy on the team is the bearded guy and the bald frenchie
the community manager is a complete moron
, when you ask him hows the progress going with new exchanges he leaves slack
ever time this coin moons some fucking whale cunt puts up his faggot walls

The pajeet whale on Bittrex is completely destroying this entire project

I heard that most of /biz sold their ark when they found out that this coin is just at the mercy of whale manipulation

You're probably right about that

Whale is always timing pumps with news, never allowing for random pumps. Will probably slowly let it climb to 70k and pump to 200k on V2 or pbb

He's probably associated with the Ark team desu. Mike Doty did say that he didn't want parabolic growth for Ark. It's gotta be an inside job

fuck this team honestly

Yes that’s possible.

Whoever it is, it’s one of if not the smartest, most effective whales I’ve seen in my 2.5 of crypto. But it’s not a pajeet and it’s not destroying Ark. You just have to sit back and let it unfold, you are unironically in good hands long term. But I don’t expect biztards to have the patience or be able think long term.

Tell me more I guess, make me feel a little better

I was ironhands on this until like 2 weeks ago, even the hands forged in mount hodl cant hold this shit

Im selling tonight. All in on xlm. Its been fun. But time to move on. Mfw ark super moons and I become red faced. Oh well. Gotta risk it.

I think it is destroying Ark. ICX has taken over and made Ark obsolete. Everyone knows the game this whale play and don't want to invest because of it. Ark has a black mark next to it and people don't want to put money in it because they know they'll get better gains elsewhere

to be honest it's already destroyed it, im just here for the meme triangles at this point

Fuck yeah I left bought in at 7000 says and sold for 100x $40 investment gave me $1000 thanks ARK u got me in the XLM game early

god watching this break triangles is the most tension I've ever felt watching a fucking graph

I sold for xlm. I actually made the OP image. The bullshit with ArkVM and the shit cunt djselery and that banana faggot made me drop it. Also mobile wallet sucked donkey dick. It might Moon soon but it’s not gonna do much after that. The next roadmap target is a ways away. I miss the staking gains. If Moonman and Chang fork off of Ark I would jump on Changmoon Ark coin since they have more vision and dedication but fuck me if I am gonna wait on Ark to fire those fuck heads that should have been let go months ago.

How those useless bums djselery and canna are still apart of this project is a testament to how incompetent this team appears to be

Have to agree, they are detrimental to the project

Never selling.


Ark price would probably moon if they made announcement saying those clowns were fired

Nice shop job faggot

It would supermoon if they found the wharu and harpooned his fat ass

I sold all my ark and went into QTUM and ZCL, the latter went up near 4x in a week and QTUM is due to skyrocket.


So you're selling something that is just starting to move up for something that has already 4x? kek

100% in ARK

No retard, I sold and bought before the 4x happened.

Interesting. Well I think you have convinced me sir to sell. Mfw regret sinks in.


I literally sold all of my ARK and put it into SALT a few days ago because I thought SALT was going to moon.

I'm just sitting here looking at ARK mooning and SALT dipping.

Fucking. Kill. Me.

Did you make a profit on ARK?

I did, im a sinner, I like ark but there are better projects

Sup haga

You better go back then, buy high, sell low

As a deluded Arkie, this is a sad moon compared to what other coins are getting. We aren't even over the ATH in USD

hello yes this is haga

this isnt the moon yet, check the meme triangles

Lol Ark mooning is 15%
Meabwhile other coins are 100%+ a week

I'm no good with meme triangles, are you telling me to hodl a bit longer? I was hoping to hop into ICX before the conference at the end of Jan

Yes I bought in around $2.00 and sold at $6.90

I bought into Salt at $15 and now it's sitting at $12, I thought for sure it would moon up to $27 easily.

I thought I was being the wolf of wall street

If you know what's good for you, you'll get into ICX as soon possible.

Wharu might ruin it, but this is going to be a 300% to 500% jump according to the holy triangles of mount frogmore

Wharu probably ruins it tho

I converted my Ark stack to ICX. Never felt better.

ICX gives me the same feeling Cardano gave. I'm going to trust my gut on this shit - it's going to 20 bill market cap.

I converted it into lumens and verge before the pump, felt pretty good, now not so much

if this pump doesnt happen as the magic triangles predict, im just going to exit at a loss and all in on enigma or something

Come on you worthless piece of shit coin, break out

You have me worried that the moment I swap over to ICX Ark is going to 300% and I have to neck myself

its 50/50 wharu ruins it, its smarter to be safe desu, still it could happen

Can you post the chart?

yeah gimme a bit


80k isn't exactly a 3x from where we're at.

he was being really conservative, there were other threads most people were saying up to 350k

Let the flood come already


Alright fuck ark forever, im taking my loss and buying some enigma

Sounds like the buy signal, all in

Pls no

This shit is never going to moon 100% in a week. Those of us looking for crazy XRB, ICX, Ripple gains aren't going to get them from this project.

Friendly reminder to always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says