Someone needs to make a proper FUN waifu

Someone needs to make a proper FUN waifu.

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what's wrong with yumeko?

But is she a real anime character or made just for FUN?

Netflix is localizing it- perfect for normie adoption of FUN

someone post that sexy clown girl

I enjoy this one

Holy crap that's perfect. We need to shill this hard.

Literally all crypto's promise is a product after 5 years, BZC is the only one of 20 coins that's actually finished.

Get on the FUN train user.


:^) It's honestly a good anime too. I finished it a couple months ago, but I'm due for another watch through. I'll take some screenshots for the memes

We need good artists to incorporate the FUN tokens into the anime screenshots.


Fixed this one for you

Saved. Thanks user, got anymore?

No but I did make this one originally.

no we need to not turn this coin into some weebfest and scare normies off

>implying normies matter
>implying some weeb memes will scare licencees off
Mate, just have some FUN.

>who do you think buys altcoins


the coin isn't only for licensees? it's intended to be the currency used on gambling platforms too

and yes i have some fun, admittedly only 5k though


I tried my best, i'm not an artist. Maybe a drawfag could expand on this. I like the idea of her having a fun and airy persona, loose clothing, and the FUN coin in her hair.

cute user :^)

Give me until the next moon and I'll draw your idea, it's good.

If coin-tans caught on it'd be a good chance for some drawfags to make a little money. Would any of you anons tip a drawfag for making one of your coins a coin-tan so long as it was good?
Asking for a friend.

Maybe there should be a double persona: the crazy seductive kinda scary one like Yumeko above, then the cute and nice one like this.

I will tip for a FUN waifu. Just make her similar enough to Yumeko in the OP pic. Coz we don't want multiple waifus fo the same coin.

Who else will pitch in?

Holy shit this idea needs to moon

find a good cleavage shot and put a pile of FUN coins inbetween her big juicy tits. post on weeb boards


She's not the pres

What's wrong with Yumeko?

my nigga

I would tip drawfags no doubt. I have much less aversion towards sending out coins than I do paypaling people USD.

But thats digi-chan

There are so many altcoins we need great marketing to stand out. What better way than making great waifus? Can even shill on the animu boards.


She looks like a casino girl tho.

Nothing, but having the 2 persona thing will give the character more depth and make it mroe interesting.


Using anime for marketing should be illegal. This is too strong.

How about now?

Does it make you want to buy some FUN user?

Nah not really, casino girls need to be wearing felt coloured red or green, to fit in with the casino colours.


She's not the best gambler

Someone plz shop the FUN coin into her eye.

I thought you were saying "casino girl" like it was a bad thing.

Is that a bad thing? Could be kinda cute if she's not that good right

No, it's a good thing for what we are trying to do here.

I like it user, good job

FUN is the future


I know how you feel, I suddenly want to buy some FUN too now. I did the same with Vertcoin since it had pic related being shilled.
Also bought some ARK because of the deluded Arkies Neptunia thing.

>tfw I'm an /a/ fag and this is how I choose all of my coins
It's the only reason I don't own fun right now. I like the logo though.

You should probably buy some FUN desu senpai

This is next on my to watch list. I really enjoyed Kakegurui. How do they compare?

Kaiji is fucking amazing but you have to get used to the style and pacing.


Cute meme user keep up the good work.

What is this coin about and should I invest?

founded by the creator of Star Fox. Used for online gaming. They already have working demo showcase on their website. Release in like 30 days

Is it going to dip more?

Yes, it's all about online gambling which is a massive industry.

Probably, just spread your buys out tho so you don't miss out on the moon mission then the mars mission.

Must-watch from me senpai. I like it more than Kakegurui because the consequences for the characters feel more real, thus heightening the suspense. But they're both great shows.

The artstyle is one of the reasons I loved the show. I was getting bored with the same repetitive style in everything I watched. As for the pacing, it was only bad in a few places imo.



How's this?

I like this a lot more than the scary looking bitch. Fun is fun!

now make a chainlink waifu pls.

Kaiji is a much more relatable protagonist because he's not some super genius Mary Sue, but a degenerate gambler like the rest of us. Furthermore, he doesn't always win so there's more suspense when he takes a risk.

Now if you want more Mary Sue gamblers I recommend
One Outs

>degenerate gambler like the rest of us
this is true. Plus the fact that the money doesn't mean jack shit in Kakagerui because the bitch's family is mega rich. The show isn't bad, but as a gambling anime it's bad.

I think there already is a big tiddy linkfu.

A bit too exposed. Needs to be SFW.


I love her

What is this meant to imply user?

The joy of gambling

Same. Drawfag user plz draw more we will tip you FUN coins and ETH for good quality pics.

I think she's charming. I wish I was a drawfag so I could draw her in funny situations, like losing her life savings.


These are great, I really hope the drawfag comes through and make her look nice

if you gimme a min i'll whip up something dumb

This is actually perfect.

Cute gambling chan.

cute gambling chan is my favorite

This is legit gonna be the comfiest coin in the history of crypto.

Fun-chan likes to gamble!

wait guys

Here, this was the best I could do

Not bad

>this is my absoloutely shit attempt
>obviously not a drawfag
>plz mock and ridicule me

Let me tell you about Andrew Loomis

You should be able to draw us a decent Fun-chan within a month. Make us proud.

That or I'll gib tips to a skilled person who can draw me a good one :^)

I think it's cute. It has an /s4s/ charm to it.

also, updated chainfu

>gambling waifus: the anime
lol japan

t-thanks user

Can funchan remind people to play responsibility

Man this is cool. You guys are turning FUN into a comfy coin just like Nekonium and Neko-chan there. Good stuff.

Honestly, I never even paid attention to this coin until today, and I had no clue it could even get this comfy.

If you guys have a discord, inv me and I'll spend tomorrow drawing more funchan. I'll even put some effort into it.

I don't have one currently..... if anyone wants to create a server tho ill definately join!