Real talk about losses

Give it to me straight Veeky Forums been here for a short while and every time i see a blockfolio thread i see tons of people showing off their insane 1000% gains, how are the people in the negative doing here? Because from looking at threads normally you would assume theres literally 0 people who are negative here.

Im a total retard when it comes to trading, bought btc last year at 600$ because gabeN killed the csgolounge and i still wanted to bet on pro matches, so i got 2 btc without thinking for a second that it would ever be worth more than 600$, turned it into 7.45btc when it was worth 20k each and now im not sure where to go from here, i stopped betting with it a long time ago when it reached 5k and its just been sitting here.

If btc doesnt go on another run in a few months time ill be selling it and getting out, but right now i registered on binance, and bought 1.8 btc worth of LINK and REQ, and now, 24 hours later, im up 0.6 btc with those. Thats fucking ridiculous since all i did was look here at the people shilling what they have already bought and copied them without understanding anything what im doing, how fucking lucky can i keep getting?

I constantly fear i'll lose everything any day now. Especially after yesterday of narrowly being able to buy in and get out of verge at an incredible 10 sat profit because i realised how fucked i am about to get, and during the panic i forgot about my intention of buying 10k worth of xlm

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For a laugh, here's me a few days ago.

>buy what is shilled
>find some random shit
>shill it

Welcome to 2018

I was going down for quite a while OP. Strong hands never lose, though.

Those values are edited in, not one of them are true

I've heard here that one of the rules of crypto is never sell at a loss because eventually it'll make a comeback but I don't really have the patience if I don't believe in the project.

So I'll take profits off something that did well, divide it amongst three coins, and hope one of them does well. If good news comes or one starts gaining serious volume I'll sell the other two even at a (hopefully) small loss and ride it out. Got sick of watching multiple things I wasn't in go +50% so adjusted the strategy... meanwhile taking off percentage of profits into fiat for various things

Pump groups. This is a discord group of over 5000 people performing collective pumps multiole times a week.

I started with 2.5k USD in October and dropped to 900 USD on FOMO and bad trades. Went all in on REQ at 0.06 and diversified at 0.30. I'm now in 6 coins worth about 12k USD.

dont invest in stupid shit.

And if you do make sure its already super cheap

I'm with you OP, any wins I've had so far have been a mixture of luck/seeing what people on twitter are shilling. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Where do people go to actually learn about how crypto markets work? I want to be able to make investments in confidence and not just wild swings.

It's real user

stop making shit trades and join a pump and dump group

I doubled up when I should have tripled, lost all of my profits and 10% of my buy in. Put it all on XRP at 40 cents and back on top. But only on Toyotaville when I should be in lamboland

Started with $500 january last year
Got up to $5k by early summer (lots of mistakes and risky trades)
lost most of it doing dumb shit
back to $600 in November
Now sitting with $6k again. December was good to me.

even i can understand how retarded doing that is, owners will dump on you first, and then the premium cucks that every channel has, only then will they feel generous enough to relay the info to you for spamming every single thread day in and day out with your recruitment links, this is a really retarded scam

making money becomes a lot easier when you have it already. im jealous

i'm up 30x in 6months, but i started with 200 so it's been a slow ride

being in verge is a big red flag. it's the biggest example of completely worthless coin getting pumped to absurd market cap.

do not be a retard and join a pump and dump group

if you want a simple tip: go park half your money in icx for the rest of the month. feel free to go do the research, but they'll be releasing at the end of the month. people tend to accumulate in the days before notable releases, so you can expect a 50-100% jump in price by then. there may be slight buildup in the weeks prior (there's been movement today), so overall gains will probably be a bit more than that. you can feel free to either dump or hold if you think the project is worthwhile (it's pretty similar to neo, so it will probably be a decent longterm coin)

screenshot this and drop me an eth when you double your money 0xdE539b9720D3889394956F2A04FC5362C5AE42B0

For every winner, there is a loser. The losers are too ashamed to post their losses.

It's so easy to make money if you simply do semi HODL.

I hit big on the following:
Bought BTC at 6000,
Then bought ETH at 350 and 450
Then I hit on XMR 2X
Then I hit on ADA 2.5X
Then I hit on ICX 2.2X
Now I'm in XLM up 70%

Of course I still have half in ETH and it appears to be mooning so there's that. I'm worth around 5 BTC right now. Put about 2 BTC from fiat.

I just search the popular twitter crypto accounts, telegram and here to get a feel for what's hot and invest and HODL.

There's also a huge incentive to lie, if you are holding onto a big chunk of a new investment.

what did you hold there? good for you

you had to be a literal retard to lose money on crypto in the past 6 months.

>invest in the memes, not in the product



the one thing i forgot to say in my already wall of text op is ask how much do you guys spend a day looking into everything, for the past 2 days since i bought in i've literally not done anything except sit here and stare at binance, this was supposed to be where i do nothing and just play video games while getting free money goddamnit

I'm legit curious how?

You find what's hot you invest and hodl. It's not hard. I guess the guys that find it very first get super rich, but the guys that hear about first through internet media get rich as well.

Fuck man. This is basically my second job. Actually it's bleeding in my real job but that job is corporate piece of shit so I don't mind.

when do you decide that a coin has "done well" enough and that it's finished so you can just take everything out of it?

Have you ever read a Veeky Forums thread?
People see a coin stagnate for a few days and they think it's a waste to HODL. They see a "ITS MOONING" thread and buy at the ATH. It could literally dip that day and they would then proceed to panic sell the dip. It actually baffles me.