Alright you faggots, I'm going to shill you the next 10-100x moon coin

Alright you faggots, I'm going to shill you the next 10-100x moon coin.
You see the logo in the picture? That's the logo that's going to get you into lamboland.

UFR aims to combine the worlds most revolutionizing conceptual technologies: decentralization and information sharing (filesharing). UFR is completely unique in it's idea and execution, there is no other competitor in the market. Therefor, the potential to boom is enormous.

>why it will moon
Current Torrenting technology suffers from the issue of being centralized through trackers and magnet/file exchanges. Piratebay and What do the latter two have in common? They were both centralized, and were both shut down by government. Many pajeet sites impersonating the latter two have popped up and it's fucking up pirating at large. This pattern of instability will continue forever until Torrenting becomes decentralized. UFR is The Piratebay/Torrenting meets Blockchain. UFR works by having a distributed hash table on the Ethereum network, completely decentralizing the filesharing process. Everything is handled within a nifty GUI connected to the blockchain.

- Absurdly low marketcap
- High quality whitepaper
- Unique concept & execution
- Responsive development team
- Solid roadmap
- Not a fork of any other blockchain

- No proof of concept yet.
- Anonymous team.
- Not on many marketplaces yet.

The developers have stated that they are working on getting UFR on Bittrex/Binance. The price is almost guaranteed to at least double before that. The alpha launches in 2018 Q1, which will pump up the price guaranteed, no matter the quality of the initial product.

Unique blockchain technology that is guaranteed to at the very minimum 2x, with chances of it booming up to 10-100x as it's currently criminally undervalued. If you do anything, read the whitepaper.
Do your own research on this coin and do not blindly believe me or any other fucking shills here.




Stop spaming this shit reeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

If you haven't bought yet, you are never going to be /Fucking Rich/

Sia but shit. Nice try pump lords.

You know - it is a discord shill - but that actually doesn’t change the facts that’s its a solid coin and people are making money off it. I’m holding mine for a while and expect a solid return.

good coin, easy moon

Im already in. Waiting for moon :).

I bought in with 1 btc

Probably the best time to buy some right now before the moon mission. Once they begin updating their roadmap, i think this is going to explode, especially since the market cap isn't too high compared to some of the other overshilled coins on biz

all you pajeets that don't buy this coin are gonna be stuck in your shit tech support job. get on the rocket and go into the stars with us.

this only avail on Etherdelta?

Oh great anons, should I buy into this obvious PnD or can it go lower?

Unlike shitty tron that got me no where this is gonna moon.

It is available on Cryptopia, user

Already priced in. A hidden gem. There won't be much low cap coins that are not shit for much longer.

This is no pump and dump. It is buy and hold, for at least one month.

definitely a solid short term hold

Well it's worth putting a few bucks

Worst case scenario I lose what I get from trading 1 day and if it becomes anywhere close to being legit it will at least double my stack

It's not too late to buy? How will I know if it is too late?

You'll know when it doubles in price

Big things coming this January from the team. Coin with this cap has a lot of room to grow.

Biz is going to be full of pink wojack threads when this shit moons

Okay cool. it looks pretty good.
has a point. If you're not a fucking retard, you won't lose anything.

Says here it went down.

Got up 10% since my last post
What do you mean ?

Hmmm. Nothing

Just tell me where to buy this shit

It's going back up, lmao. Don't worry.

Read the thread ?

sorry was meant for this guy

Anonymous team....sounds like a scam

Every word. Did I miss something?

They still shilling this coin?

Such a project NEEDS the devs to be anonymous
Otherwise they expose themselves to get sued by (((((((hollywood)))))))
It's a risky investment and it will always be (not ufr itself but similar projects)

Who is their competition?

Bought with 200€.

so when will they release the app?

Dunno I've only heard of that one

>for at least one month.
so a pump and dump?
you dumb fucking pajeet

Why am I seeing this everywhere?

Is this actually a legit project?

The marketcap and total coin volume look good.

But holy shit I just looked at etherdelta for the first time and jesus that is the least usable interface I've ever seen.

>Is this actually a legit project?
No one knows but we're all hoping for it