Crypto Taxes

How fucked are American Veeky Forumsraelis?

>be American
>your president signs into law a bill that makes ALL crypto transactions taxable (including between coins like ETH, BTC, USDT)
>submit nearlyevery single transaction you've made in the past year to the IRS
>didn't include your novaexchange trades because they shut down their site
>IRS discovers the discrepancies
>you end up getting fined and possibly sent to prison

>be Belarussian
>your president decrees all crypto is legal and declares all crypto transactions (including ICOs) tax-free for at least the next five years
>have a collection of lambos and Eastern European qts at your disposal in a few years

>ballout in belarus
>get fucked by the mob
>i'm good

>not moving to Ukraine or something after you make it

>tfw actually considering going to Eastern Europe to find a poor traditional wife
Women there are so thin and beautiful compared to the USA

>be American
>don't report cryptos on my taxes because I'm not selling
It's literally that easy, the only way they know your in crypto is if you sell

On Russia's far east cities like Vladivostok or Khabarovsk are my good bets
>Russian girls and Asian girls
>very cheap compared to western cities boomers and (((them))) brought them to ath in everything and I'm not the one that will be bagholding in the next 20 years
>easy ocean access
>best Korea is very near too keeping western puppets out the area that made them shitty in the first place

Normies are literally going out of their ways to buy this shit. Get rekt, BZC is the only one they'll buy for fun.

EU and other countries are also gonna get fucked. The literally do whatever the US does.

>Do what US does
I don't think that it was USA that came up with Libtard and Feminist laws

Yeah and then they wanna know where you got that much and how much it was when you bought it so they can anally probe you and throw you in prison if you don't pay up

L to R: 4, 2, 3, 5, 1

>I value my crypto holdings at $0.00000000000000000001
What are they going to do about that claim? Where's the official price listing for crypto?

I used to work for a bank investigating fraud. laundering money isn't really that hard just takes time and effort. It will take months but it is doable.

This. The Ausfailian banks are currently fucking us by trying to close fiat to crypto gateways and you know damn well the gov won't be far behind.

I dont care about Ops dumb thread.

what is the best way?


>converting back into fiat in 2018...


...just wait until you can buy things with crypto.

Naaa bro they getting that PNX masternode for da doe

Live in Belarus
>you have to live in Belarus lol
>you have to join the military lol

naw im good

This. So much this