I'm rich BITCH

I'm rich BITCH

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Can we discuss when the next correction is coming? Why do people think

At 600$. Unironically.

Won't be for a while, nigga. Expect this to reach at least $100 before that.

ugh. i would have invested in this at the start of December if it wasn't for their really off putting and shady ass looking exchange.

got 500 of them will it be enough ?

This shit is going to moon before it corrects. Binance is voting on which new crypto to add to its exchange and XRB is winning binance.com/vote.html

1. Go long while you poorfags can afford it
2. Vote. Costs about $0.80.
3. Dump this shit before people realize it's not replacing BTC and that's all it's good for.
4. Profit.

lmao nigga i thought this was called raiLblocks

no such thing in the world of raiblocks :-)

Half will do.

Don't worry the L is coming

How long does Binance take to list after these votes?




Didn't put more because it was on those scrummy scammy exchanges

Im curious about this as well

at this point it doesent even matter if we win the poll im starting to think they will list this shit even before the fucking vote is over #16 in marketcap lmao they would be fucking retarded not to list it

I lost 2 XRB by selling and trying to buy the dip
I fucking hate myself

should be listed by end of the month

Will bitgrail and mercatox exit scam once it gets listed on binance? Because everyone will be trying to move their shit there. I'm scared.

bought 50k dollars worth of it at around 2 dollars
i'm shaking rn

really hoping this tanks so i can get back in.
XRB has 1/10th the volume of its competitors on CMC, so there's a good chance of a crash once it gets on another exchange.

I regret only having bought 110 of these. If it crashes on Binance I'm going all in, balls deep

no pics no care

meh all these retard drooling just cause of the price , there's far better projects you can put your money on. too many people high on green candles here

lol u filthy nigger u really need proof?
coin was shilled here and on reddit hard

Kucoin sooner than that

thank god
ive got 256

yeah right ZERO fees and INSTANT transactions are not the best thing we have right now

lets see ur 25k coins. either ur a fucking liar or u made it

binance when

Stellar Lumens can do that and run smart contracts , the decentralization for both these projects are bout the same..

Raiblocks literally solved ALL of the problems with Bitcoin. You literally CAN'T get any better.

get your XRB off the damn exchange

Goodnight xrb marines, hopefully I wake up with more money.

>tfw less that 250

i've got 115. will i make it?

I'f it ever dips again, I'm going in hard

Raiwallet you dumb fuck.

too late. mercatox got the transfers out for maintenance

I'd rather spare myself the fees.
They take a chunk of raiblocks when you send them to the wallet.

33 XRB Will I make it ?

They didn't take any of mine.

Oh, Mercatox. Never mind, thought it was about BitGrail.

Wonder if the guy who had 1 million held, he'd have $33 million right now, holy fucking shit.

since I know there are some ACTUAL raiwhales here

can I just ask you guys

please sell responsibly
dont crash this dream when we get to binance
take your profits slowly okay??? I need this one

Is it better than the desktop wallet?

nigga people that bought btc in 2010 had to go through much bigger hoops to get rich
this is like buying btc in 2011
we gonna be rich lads

Sell it before they do.

its way better

i got 200 now am i gonnab e riiich

I’d be surprised if he did, he was here a couple days ago stil hodling

How did you faggot even buy this stuff when it was super cheap?

Nah man, let the whales dump and crash the price. I believe in XRB enough that I'm positive it'll bounce back quickly. If the price crashes, I'm buying as much as possible.

Same way you can buy it now. It was less than 2k sats a month ago. Its gone up 100x in a month sat wise, even more than that in fiat.

I'm not sure what I will do but I certainly won't dump it all at once. Might not even sell upon listing, or I might off load small chunks.

I bought for laughs at 95 cents because of some particularly hilarious shilling. Still hodling.

please don't sell whalebro :(
what if it by EOY 1 rai would be worth 1k?
think about it

i bought this coin after i watched a youtube video where the guy showed the transaction happening in 7 seconds and told viewers there was no fees. I had MASSIVE problems with BTC just days before and i went all in on raiblocks... I know I got lucky cause everything could have gone to shit but i was very confident about what i was doing.

Im aint hating nigga. But i hope you aint planning on showering, eating, or taking a shit any time soon. This chart doesn't look right at all. You can hear "tick tock" just by looking at the mf. Dont fall asleep nigga. Best iof luck you kamikaze bastards.!!!!

how can we get this shit off mercatox when the time comes

option 1- send xrb to binance (when it arrives)

option 2- sell xrb to btc to ltc and move ltc to binance then buy xrb on binance

plz halp

>waiting for the entire fucking world to hop on board and invest first to make it pretty for you before deciding to invest in a guaranteed diamond
fucking retard get the fuck out of my crypto you stupid piece of shit what are you even doing here kill yourself

LOL WTF are you a special kind of retard?
I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to say.
But send xrb from the exchange to your desktop/rai wallet
then do anyhting you want with it.
Send it to binance(when it is live) to sell, send it to bitgrail/meratox to sell.
So send xrb to binanance, then you can sell it to btc, use btc on that exchange to buy more xrb?
There's no need to xrb to btc to ltc