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Am I going to make it Veeky Forums?

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add BNTY and XRP

Yes you'll make it. You did well.

What about me?
Thinking of going into coss even more heavily by selling some DGB, all my CVC, TRX RDD and GRC so I have 1000 coss. Should I?

2018 is going to be a great year for us all

I also hold some COLX.. I'm thinking about just selling BNTY for more PFR. Any advice would be appreciated. My goal currently is 10k.


you're fine m8, add some REQ and a bit of ETH, maybe if you're into having some FUN as well

>No req
Nice link though. Everyone should have 1k link no matter their background. Just to be a part of the memes

Hehe fellow req and linkie. We're going to make it.

can't tell if this is a joke or not cuz XRB, XLM, BNTY, and XRP is my portfolio

pls advise

Raiblocks was a good call

Made $2.2k off of a $300 investment in XRB

Genuine advice: consolidate your shit. You don't have enough capital to spread it so thin on so many shitcoins. Find two or three that you really like and go all in on them

I like these. I'm not gonna sit in 2 or 3 that never move. Link and req make up 62% of my portfolio. That's enough consolidation. I wouldn't have any raiblocks turning 10 dollars into 250 dollars if I didn't experiment. If you only pick 2 or 3 and never do anything else, you have to pick good coins or get rekt.

Advice always appreciated


fuck my shit up senpai

t. newfag literally just got in yesterday

will i make it

Buy some real coins like link.

I would if exchanges accepted USD but the only place that does is coinbase. I am waiting on transactions clearing to spend on various shitcoins. I understand I am a new friend but is there anywhere faster than coinbase and is safe for USD purchases

Well friends, am I gonna make it?

Use card to purchase LTC on coinbase, transfer it to binance, exchange for BTC, then exchange it for some good coins like XRP, XLM, and REQ.

I want to buy some more fun

My nigga

I have the BTC funds now, all I need to do is pick a shitcoin to roll with, but I am definitely considering XLM

What do, Veeky Forums? Just started buying REQ before it dipped.

up to you, pick one of the three I suggested. If you had more I would have suggested XRP as well.

wait a week kek

Open to any feedback, feel free to rip it to shreds if you want.

How much do you think it will realistically be worth in q2 2019?

Any suggestions?

XRB, ETH and SKY are all patrician choices. Good job. Cant comment on ITNS though.

XLM is going to take off once FreeX is open to the public.


I only have ~$100 and it's all in XLM atm. The gains are slow and steady but I know this isn't how I'm supposed to do it with such a small stack. How do I choose a random shitcoin to dump my $100 into to hope for a 10x? There's dozens of them and they all look like shit. How do I succeed?

What should I dump a few hundred bucks in? Only thing I'm pissed about is not putting enough money in some of these altcoins. Like OMG i put $100 in and I'm up a ton percentagewise but it isnt a lot in dollars

Kek I just dumped all my BNTY for PFR.
They are both shitcoins so just go for the small market cap.

add ICX and consolidate TRX XRP XVG into XLM

What in the fuck are you doing

Fucking hell the absolute state of Veeky Forums

Just buy ETH and trade ETH pairs if your playing it safe with a normie exchange like Binance. Embrace the memes and you will soon be going all in on shitcoins on EtherDelta.


heres your (you)


I got iron hands, baby. REQ will hit $1 anyways.

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Thanks user

get more dbc or remain brainlets forever

>YCombinator has ownership in both Coinbase and REQ
>As FairX arrives, Coinbase implements REQ as payment method
>People can now pay with fiat, crypto, ERC20, and Coinbase can receive whatever they'd like
>With fees that are a fraction of credit cards

FairX won't change anything. I hate Coinbase, but they'll survive because of the above.

Get some DBC severely undervalued. Already working product that major companies already use. Clients can already purchase services from them using DBC. The only reason it isnt mooning faster is because its basically only on Kucoin atm. Wont even post referral link, dyor too.

Ive been fucking my shit up not consolidating, I really want to go all in on one or two things, im just not sure what

just getting started in 2018. all i could get into crypto over the last week or two.

hoping i didnt fuck up too bad. betting i did 8)


>tfw you're gonna make it