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ITT: we post our age, highest level of education, country, gains you made (percents) in how much time. Let's see if we are all as smart as I think we are.

I start

>BSc Physics
>x18 gains since I started with crypto end october 2017

Current student (BA history)
$1.7k - $9.5k
Started 3 weeks ago

Well done user, insane gains

ITT: we all get doxxed by the FBI

>doctor of pharmacy
>$15k turned into 85k+ in 4 months

M.S., physics
gained ~70k so far, started a month ago. could've been 100k but I thought bitgrail was too sketchy to buy raiblocks. I fomoed in recently so whatever

Thanks m8 I owe most of it to xrb and icx

>BSc Math
>x5 gains since I started with crypto end october 2017, seriously started a month ago.

>highest level of education
current M.S. student
>gains you made (percents) in how much time
150% in about a month

>fuck all
>x6 gainz with crypto in about 1 year

Dropped out of college to work on crypto professionally
Managing a $500,000 private fund and have 680% gains since I started in October
Personal account is up 1500% since April

Gymnasium (highest school education, yet useless) - no college (yet) because I start a work and travel next month
Turned 200€ into 3,5k for my parents in 2 months

Turned 300€ into 3.3k for myself in 2 months (Going all in works better than holding 3 coins LOL)

B.A. in philosophy
2x in three weeks

>Highschool dropout with asperger and high iq
>x75 in eur
It doesn't need a genius to make money during this bullmarket. It's mostly luck.

>Managing a $500,000 private fund


your uncles?

>Bachelors Accounting in May & My masters in accounting by december
>x13 gains

Q: how can you tell if an asperger has a high iq?
A: don't worry, he'll tell you

BS in Physics here

No I just had the balls to work connections and meet people in finance. Enough people were interested that I started offering to take $50k from each of them and grow it faster than most hedge funds. Drop enough crypto buzzwords on them and they'll realize you know much more than them about the industry and invest it well.

>M.S. in Mathematics
>Started with $300 in BTC in 2013
>Now only have $3.6 million remaining after buying an apartment, car, paying full rate for tuition, and travelling for an entire year
Breaking free from the shackles of wage slavery actually changes you as a person.

How did you get from $300 to $3.6mil?

BSc Physics, working on MPhys
Crypto timesink might mean I fail to ever get it tho
250x gains since December 2013

So you under performed just holding BTC?

Graduated HS with overall 2.8 GPA
Up 2000% since starting early October
Shit's funny

I bought during the first goxxing correction.
$650, could have been worse considering when I got in.
So bitcoin is up 21x
I more than 10x outperformed bitcoin
$1 ETH bitches

>Ms in Mathematics
>$300 starting

Nice meme my boy.

>B. Economics
>15000% over a little less than 2 years

I'm a 19 year old drug dealer I dropped out of high school. I'm up to 4K after my initial $450 in November

econ phd
some absurd amount, started in 2014

Bachelors in Veeky Forumsness
300% gainz started 11/27/17

could been sooooo much more fugggggggggggg why did i fuk with LTC piece of shit coin

Semi-retired physician. USA.
Been trading since mid-nineties, started trading crypto since September.
Turned 8k into about 50k so far and to be honest, I have zero understanding what cryptos even do or what I even buy for that matter, but my 25 y.o. son does know and he's made atleast 300k last year starting with 25k, and he got me into trading these. Its very interesting, I'll say that much.

>in process of getting my Bachelor's degree in Business Engineering
>made roughly €200

> 20
> dropout
> August 17' - now, 7x gains

All in on CannabisCoin?

BA Comp Eng
San Francisco
5.5k -> 14.5k since Novemeber

>10% gains since starting Dec. 2017

Law School
Only 30% gains in a month. Built portfolio and I'm just hodling, (ETH, XRP, FUN, IOTA, OST and REQ) what am I doing wrong?


Direct PhD student, theoretical chemistry


x5 in december

>Bachelors in biochem
>Greatest America
>Started in Dec, net loss

Learning the ropes but gonna turn it around. Found my hodls.

>Mechanical Engineering student
>just bought $1000 worth of BTC to pump into pajeet coins


>posting in a datamining thread

> 24
> A-level not finished, no work
> x6 since started in July 2017 (only 18k USD :()
> poorfag

>Comp Sci; programming languages; MSc now into PhD
>~15% in a week

Should Be

B.Eng Electrical Eng, currently in M.Sc CE/EE
Around x12 since I starting occasionally buying bits of BTC in 2016/2017

Just bizarre, wishing I put more in sooner.

Global Supply Chain Managent



>BA History, minor in PoliSci
>Started last week with $20, because learning/poor
>Between gains and losses due to trial and error, am holding steady

>BA Education, BA Indigneous Studies
>x35 since July 2016

Never too late. I started with 200 Euro two weeks ago and I'm already in 4 digits. Starting small is the best one can do IMO.

Well done, user! So can I pick your brain a bit, as in, what's the pattern you follow? Not looking for specifics, because everyone's circumstances and options are different, but what's something you've learned that surprised you? Any wisdom you could pass along?

>BS Chemical Engineering
>make $75,000/year
>60% gains since mid December

So true not being emotionally invested gives you free iron hands

>Chemical Engineer
>x40 gains since june

>indigenous studies

wew laddy

>Currently pursuing B.A. in International Relations
>Germany, but originally from Asia
>Started in mid August 2017 with $2000, now $14000

Started trading in 2014, left crypto and came back a few times, now I'm just trading on yobit, binance and cashing out on bitflur whenever I make a real good trade.

my chem eng brother

what field do you work in?

>3/4 through Bsc Biomed/molecular biology
>Australia - will renounce citizenship and go back to NZ because no capital gains
>6k - 40k since 3 weeks ago

>Associates degree
> 5%
> 2 weeks

Physics and ME student
$1.5k initial investment, almost at $10k.
Started in the summer, but didn't really diversify until a month ago.

>BSC Computer Science & Math
>14k to 48k starting from December 1st

Finance Student
200% gain since middle of december.
was too pussy to buy earlier.

TFW when i bought 1 BTC in 2015 at $250 to buy fake IDs lol

Yeah, the typical meme talk you encounter everywhere.

Like, don't buy in when it's at a new ATH (it WILL dip again), do a lot of reading, when/what will launch next plus their roadmap (f.e. the upcoming update for ICX will atleast 2x it), get maybe a Twitter and follow some people in the scene what they talk about. Sell out your initial investment at the start if you wanna feel save.
Like I 3x'ed on BNTY and cashed out my initial investment immedi. Kept the rest, sold them nevertheless - thus don't be too fixated if you feel like it's not going anywhere soon (no news, no plans) and pulling out is sometimes the better choice. Choose your tactic - do you wanna hold longterm? Do you want to flip your coins as good as possible (f.e. to make your low budget bigger) and want to reinvest? Don't listen blind to people on the internet - they want to make money too, even if it's on your shoulders. The most important experience I made so far - don't look into charts and statistics all day. Do your investment, look maybe in the evening or sometimes in your smartphone but don't let it consume you and your time. Let the money do the work. In case you have a fixed sell/buy limit on mind - just set them up on an exchange so you don't have the feel of missed chance.

Good luck. I know we both will make some losses along the way but I think this market is pretty merciful. Tip: Get into DBC, sell once you made 2-3x. Then get into ICX this coming week. That's easy $100 you made then with your $20 initial.

>BS Compsci / BA business entrepreneurship
>on full scholarship(thanks VA)
>at Florida State
>in several businesses in free time
>started crypto the day I turned 18, am 15x since then after taking out 4x my initial investment(so in total I've cashed out about 10k)
>used gains to put it down on an 18k car and loving life

>only 30% gains in a month
Fuck I love this market

BCom Marketing in progress
16x since Nov 13

why didnt you buy a used car. come on user.

Nice try, FBI

>in high school
>up 50%. I started around the beginning of December

nice. what did you invest in? what are you investing in now?

Bachelor Degree, Engineering

cant blame him, did same thing.

Bsc (Physics + Applied Math)
Started off with 2k AUD a month ago and now sitting at 5k AUD. Thanks ADA.

>bsc math, current phd in economics at an ivy league school
>dont do crypto, only stocks

new car... just burn your cash

Yeah some people are so fkn greedy..

>Student, Math major
>started November and only doubled my gains because I only recently learned the power of hodling

>college drop out
>started in early december , up from 2.5 k usd to 11k usd now.
collect my data lad

>at Florida State
sup fellow nole nigger

It doesn't seem conceivable to me that people consistently make gains of this magnitude with crypto. Fortune favors the bold I guess.

>high school diploma
>13600% since april

Current portfolio is 30% XRB and 20% REQ. Bought XRB at $1 and thought was buying ATH. XRB was like 1% of my portfolio when I bought.

LINK and FUN are long term holds.

Look into KuCoin shares (KCS). If you buy use my refcode; 1bPd3

KCS value is directly linked to exchange volume as it pays out dividend daily paid from their trading fees. Currently 1/100 of Binance volume and will list XRB soon drawing a lot of more volume to the site.

you're not taking any risks and buying everything biz shills. ETH is good to hold your gains in, but you need to catch the moon missions early and flip them at the top back into ETH or cash them out. I cashed them all out to make back my investment in ETH 100%. never try to buy in the middle of a pump either.

>B. Information Technology
>785% gains since June 2017

>Computer Systems Engineer in 6 months
>2X since last week

Honest question. What's the average salary for CSE people in Mexico?

Some college
I have two six figure jobs that I work from home.
I just started Yesterday morning and I’ve roughly doubled my money - looking forward to 2018.

>Bachelors in Chemistry
>Murrican, but both parents are Serbian
>Started end of November, went $1.5k to $3.5k

it's a start

BA in English
3x since Sept 2017

I literally started last week and I already doubled my money.

Pick anything Veeky Forums shills like XLM or REQ and they'll go up. Even if it's a memecoin it'll still probably double.

To quote a little old lady I know, you sir are a scholar and a gentleman. May you reach your financial goals, dear user.

I've heard that recent graduates get like $6k MXN which is pure shit, you might as well just work at Walmart. But some with more experience like $18k MXN, I know a guy with 4-5 year a experience who gets paid like $80K MXN. All /month.