XSPEC Coin - Privacy Coin MOONING

Some called it a scam. Some said Pajeet 3 days ago it was at $2.50 now it is at $7.00. The market cap is nowhere near where it can be ($500 million - another 3x-4x in a few days/weeks).

The devs aren't shit like XVG. XSPEC has a working product. XVG has an alpha. XSPEC has working model. XSPEC and XVG are the only TOR-implemented coins. You may say "TOR is compromised." Sure - but I'll say I'm richer than you - because people will still buy it.

Go to cryptopia.co.nz and buy it and hold it until it hits $30.

My name is Dr. Steve Brule. I'm a doctor.

Waiting for the dip like........... FUUUCK

It's all lambos on my end. Thanks Doc!

Big update coming out January 8th.

Dr. Steve Brule keeps it fucking REAL.

this coin is ridiculous af rn still underpriced

the rocket is ready ... or has it launched?

You tell me Doc..

This doc knows wtf he is talking about. Follow his lead for both your health and wealth.

This is INSANE. Xspec is easy 10x even from the current price. This will change my life...


:D For your wealth.

bought @5 less than two hours ago... only regrets are buying semi late and not buying more. This coin has potential the devs put in work, the only reason the price isn't higher is because they are more focused on developing the coin and technology not sending their time marketing like others.

well fuck me sideways! this coin has 100$+ potential!


XVG fanboys time to do something profitable

worth signing up for cryptopia to get this coin ... and glad i did. bought in at 2.5$

The thing is this coin is a better XVG. It will likely get on Binance or Kuconi at some point. It's everything XVG strives to be, and more. The only downside is that marketing is not so great at the moment - btu grassroots is spreading through discord, telegram, etc.

I personally bought in at $5.00, and I think we're going to see $15-20 in the very near future :D

So happy I bought in yesterday, couldn't afford many but im seeing some nice profits.


This is basically XVG but better. No joking. Look into it. Do some basic research. You will find this to list on Binance/Kucoin/etc. in the short term (maybe 1-6 months). Then look at the market cap. To get to $500 million, it needs to reach something like $20/coin. That would still be way less than XVG's $2 billion market cap. Because people have tapped about XVG and XVG wraith is buggy/alpha and unprofessional, people will throw their money onto XSPEC which works, has a quality dev, and has a huge grassroots community.

The main Dev literally quit his job to work on XSPEC full time. They're releasing an app called "Spectre Cash" which will hold a secure, private chat and XSPEC wallet. This is HUGE!

Folks - if you want proof look at the last thread from 12/30/2017 here: We're in the accumulation phase. We will see $10 very soon, and then $20.00.

geeze, it literally went up $2 since I posted here a couple hours ago

They literally want to miss out on FREE money.

To the moon we HODL

what a great night