If you don't buy as much as you can of this before it breaks 10c you're going to regret it

If you don't buy as much as you can of this before it breaks 10c you're going to regret it.

This is going to the exosphere.

>tfw 4 BILLION supply

After learning what FUN is actually about, I bought some.

>tfw you don't know shit about the coin and you're still trying to spread FUD
Go for it, us HODLers know how it works and why that's not an issue. If you did your own research, you would too.
Nobody tell this guy kek


>hurrr durrr my coin burn
Wow you must not know the volume vs burn retard

In one year for now we'll be talking about the days when we'd blow 10,000 FUN on slots

>he continues to confirm that he doesn't know jack shit about the coin he's FUDding
0/10 FUD pajeet, stay poor

mfw I'm going to be having FUN in my lambo in 1 year

I have 7k where\s my lumbo?

>can’t refute what I’m saying
>hurrr muh fud
Literal state of normies

FUN is maybe the realest crypto project on tap for 2018

hes right tho, i would be very surprised to see this hit 5 eoy 2019


Just got $500 worth gonna get $500 more soon.

Shilled funfag here
Is it that good? Should i hold off buying Req for more funaroo?

Def keeping my ICX and other mains

>refute what I'm saying
do YOU even know what the fuck you're saying? I can't refute fucking retard babble you mongoloid. yeah the coin burns when it's played, and sure it's got a high volume. I bet you said the same about XRP
>"muh marketcap"

If you're not holding, then don't bother buying in. Besides, buying now, if it even made $1 EOY 2019, that's a 10x. I don't see the issue

Don’t tell pajeet why he’s a pajeet normie he will figure it out when he’s in scooter land and not lambo with the dragons

This place fucking shilled me into FUN. If I lose I lose but I see the potential use long term.

>hurr durr what are you saying about supply hurr durr it burns hurr durr I would need a billion fun to be rich so what

Just bought even more FUN @ .0096 (ETH market)



10.50 confirmed

poorboi exhausted his comeback vocabulary without even bringing up refutable points without a reasoning behind his FUD other than "muh marketcap!"
noFUNner gonna get BTFOed in 2018

>I would need a billion fun to be rich
>actually thinking this
true normie newfag spotted, this isn't the game for you bud

a dollar which could be pretty cool.

Hell if it hits a dollar i'll be tap dancing

I hold all 3
absolutely not
ICX and REQ will make you money for sure
FUN is a relatively low risk low reward flutter

Listen kid, we know you’re a normie. No one cares about the marketcap you retard it’s the supply you dipshit. Multiple people think you’re retarded so you can stop replying

It's 10 fkn cents and is a good project. Put a couple of hundred who the fuck cares. I feel more comfortable turning a few thousand in a couple of years with this then I do with tron.

I think you're the only person to think that, which is ironic considering you just tried to differentiate between marketcap and supply despite the fact that they're related.

That's what i was thinking

If you actually think marketcap and supply are correlated in that sense you are actually retarded and no there are two ids refuting your autistic ass. So please continue to reply like the autist you are.

Probably about $1 end of next year. Which would be awesome.

>literally can't go a single post without saying "retard," "pajeet," "normie," or "autist"
stay mad

Haha and you keep replying, you can’t be real Jesus Christ top kek

here's another
inb4 you reply again because you want to get the last post on a bahamian underwater basketweaving forum

FunFair is literally unstoppable.

Haha another reply, love it, is this real life

FUN is love, FUN is life.

I have some. I really count on it

Just bought today. I feel comfy with my few thousand. HODL'ing for ownership of a casino

hurr hurr m8, its called being realistic, this will not be 25 billion dollar market cap ANY time soon, 25bilmktcap = 5$/1fun, maybe in 3 years