Told you

Told you Neo will moon *paah*

Conference is starting soon, looks like smart money knows something we don't.

why is that money always smarter than me?

everything is mooning nigger.

but i sold my ltc for 50 neo yesterday u all shilled me but feeling good about it

>everything is mooning nigger.
oh really. literally everything huh

BNTY pooped on, DBC crashing, what is life user?

everything but NEO LOL FAGGOT

If you guys don't have a neo position you're private a fucking idiot

i told you x would moon


All in since 23.90

/comfy/ as fuck

i fell in love, even tough you produce alot of GAS( es)

>mfw that lazytown autist was off by a day

can any anons tell me some definite coins i would want to sell for more NEO? i basically own all the shitcoins. just FUD me
im addicted to dividends

To buy at ATH or not

sell everything nigga

are you fucking retarded? this is a breakout, you buy breakouts. It might dip back to 84 but who cares when it will be 150 by friday



lol this is not getting to 150


See you at $200

I'm going to screenshot this and when it crashes


Neo gonnna moon big.
Waltonchain is up next

For what reason would this moon?

>op looking at neo
>doesn’t realize big picture

Normie at its finest

Not saying it will not go down a bit
But it will definitely be worth more than 150$

Lol. I miss him.
Been right here with him since 6 dollars.

Its pumping hard hours before a big conference. Usually that means somethings coming and the smart money is moving in on early information. Similarly if it was dumping you would want to get the fuck out.

you didnt tell me shit OP.

also, NEO to $150+ before EOY

Before end of week

Guys don't be retarded NEO will retrace for awhile. $150 is 1 month out

NEO will be 1000+ by EOY lel

If you don't have neo you hate money. Stop wasting money on shitcoins that, whilst will have sharp gains will also have even sharper losses, and you'll never time it. NEO is just gonna keep steadily rising.

Is it the most likely outcome, No. Can it happen, absolutely. This thing has lagged behind the other major coins through December and now it’s Neo’s turn to catch up.

This is Veeky Forumsbobs are poor.