bought a shit ton of btny. how fucked am i?

still holding

You bought at a good time. There's a couple whales with millions of this shit and I think these faggots are probably done accumulating soon, so we should see a spike eventually.


Still holding as well. Good niche market, way undervalued. Strong hands, boys.

Not as fucked as the people that dumped their bags for DBC at an ATH just for DBC to dump right now

checking in lol :(

im with you user

We good boys. Ready moon edition.

Not fucked if you aren't a weak handed faggot. Welcome to the crew.


holding a couple thousand still

Get some lube.

Buy high, sell low. Biz 101

It's down just one cent.

Exactly, buy now at its lowest. Sell at $1-2 by the end of the month.

Yea but imagine being the guy that got cucked all week long on BNTY just to flip into DBC and it go down. Issa funny


BNTY volume is going up, and theres not to much upward Resistance. Wouldnt be surprised to see it gain some ground this week

everyone keeps saying whales own a tonne of this coin. how do you know?

money flow

I’m holding for my dear life. But i’m debating if i should sell it all (i’m all in) and go for XRB.

Is there any news to back up for a possible moon mission in the future? I guess it’s still a good while before it will hit binance.

the way it's been bouncing up and down like clockwork the past couple days

>But i’m debating if i should sell it all (i’m all in) and go for XRB.
That would be incredibly foolish.

Yea i guess. But it’s a shit feeling not being able to trade other coins, feel like i’m in a limbo.

What if pfr lists bounties and does what bnty specifically does

fuck the pajeets

100% in BNTY since ICO and still buying

BNTY stack just got higher, thanks

When these whales get done accumulating I’m gonna ride with them to the stars

dunno if its good for them. shouldnt they do their own thing?

hate myself for not getting in when i saw payfair first time

I'm debating whether to say fuck salt and go all in on this motherfucker. Ride or die at this point, I'm only holding 2,800 if whales are trying this hard to accumulate you know this is going to 1 or 2 dollars easy

Fuck salt and go all in. I cant be the only one. If you are able to close your eyes and don’t watch this stall unlike me, your probably golden.

>tfw got in both PFR and BTNY sub $5m mcap.

Riding both to $1. Comfy as fuck.

still holding and increase my BNTY stack

thanks for cheap BNTY user

This, BNTY is an easy 3x if you can hold

Bounty will hit $1 one way or another in a month.

Either it will slowly crawl up soon, or it will be held down until it pops like 300% in one day.

This is a good coin though. If you got in at a decent price there's no reason to dump it.

thank u anons for your positive input. I FOMO'ed at the ATH but I am feeling better now.

stupid whale,

Im buying up all the BNTY i can get my hands on

strong hands senpai

Me too. I’m down thousand bucks++. Question is if one should sell at (if it reaches) $1 or hold for longer. I’ll probably sell and regret it later as i always do.

I have 300 on kucoin. DBC or this?

Already have 455 in dragon.

Just sell a sliver of your stack every time is moons so you can buy any dips.

that's when you accumulate more of the cheap as fuck coin that is about to 3x. it's like guaranteed money user and you actually have time to get a ton more of them for a discount.

I'm kinda jelly of your iron hands.
I sold mine (10k) because I don't see the point and rise some fruitful moon mission which were a good decision. Maybe you guys are lucky and it'll hit $1 sooner or later. Best of luck to you.

But where to begin, what to invest in? Is there somewhere to watch what coins will join the market? I guess i could sell $200 worth of coins and buy another hopefull close by moon mission.