Portfolio Thread : Poor fags only edition

Portfolio Thread : Poor fags only edition

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Started off with £300

Nice what was your initial investment?

waiting patiently for free money

Started with $300
Got excited when I hit 1k, I don't do any trading I just hodl

How long ago?

Started off with 100 and invested in litecoin at 60 and spent the rest on alt coins

If I was you mate I wouldnt invest in the btc bch or eth. Accumulate some alt coins for real gains

I started June of last year, really nothing to brag about. All I did was buy ethereum and held for a really long time. Only recently did I invest into REQ and turned $100 to $400 very quickly.

Debating on whether or not to trade my XMR and the rest of my BTC to REQ since it's mooning.
Looks alright user, but I would consolidate your POE and TRX into something else. There's too little to make any substantial gains

Looks good fellow negro, would take out BAT and VOX for REQ though

Pick one user

Put everything into REQ user


The XEM, DGB, BAT and VOX I've been holding since about June lol was £200 in XVG around the time too but stupidly sold that before another ATH in about august but managed to catch the tail end of the bitcoin cash pump then litecoin/XMR pump leaving me where I am now.

Got 300k mooncoin sitting in a wallet and that's picking up traction again (worth a look). Also 900k of pandacoin from years ago but I doubt that will ever go anywhere again.

Shits wild

Forgot image

>Pick one user
C-Can’t I just keep them all? They all have great potential to moon and I don’t want to miss out.

Started 12th dec with 600 usd

Started with £100 a month and a half back, but made most my gains in the last few days on rai and ripple. The BTC is from ripple profits, not sure what to buy with it yet, and hoping BTC might get a little bit of a pump along with the other big coins.

Also holding COLX.

Will I make it to 20k EOY?


DBC wtf bro :(

Just started broz
Any tips? advice?

Wish I could buy some XLM right now but my ETH still not available on Gemini :(

Hello fellow poorfags.

More like /extreme rage/ edition.

Started with $334 last wednesday.

College student just tryna pay it off in 4 years

hello I am a newfriend

Hoping to make it too atleast 50k. 6 figures would set me fucking free though

DBC on Kucoin. Not for the tech, it's mostly unneeded. But the sheer branding and slogans will pump DBC around $2 mid year. Cheap now, get in hold til 75% profit and sell. Read more white papers and flip small coins with good prospects, limiting gains to 50% and it'll make you spending cash to buy more. Or just hold

Pls no bulli


Started with 300 2-3 weeks ago now im here.
I've slowly started selling off my other coins that I have little of to start focusing more.
I think I will add another 500 into something. Recommendations? I was thinking REQ, VEN, any of those.

REQ, ICN, XRB, IOTA are all good choices
IOTA will probably take a few more months for crazy gains
REQ just anytime it can moon
ICN was just a gift today, expect it to moon hard end January when the mainnet is released: it changes from an ERC20 token to its own blockchain
XRB will only rise, but it will need to take a rest for a while after last month's crazy gains


Xrb is +740 and holding 2000 funfair. Can't decide if I should cut more or hold all. I used to have like 15 coins cause I didn't know what I was doing. I really hopeful for these coins. Wat do I do?

Lol dude how could you possibly be down on ETH @865 unless you bought at $875? Can I ask what made you think that was a good fucking idea



>poor fags only
so you are looking for advice on what to not buy?

whats left after 9 btc stolen from me in 2014... just got back in a few weeks ago...0 money spent, just the dust left over from early asic mining.

Yes I think I'll hold onto ICX until at least the announcement, its not much but if goes up, till go way up.
If it is bad I will sell. Thanks for the recommendations, I think ill go with REQ

I just started a new portfolio for my stream.

I started today with a grand. (well 960 after btc fees)

It's at 1310.24

Started with 300

What the fuck happened to this board. A year or two ago sure there were people all over crypto, but i come back and thats literally all this board is now. Am i just missing the people wasting money on penny stocks? No one has even told me to buy kneepads yet

rip in piece /rhg/. I lost a lot of money on that shit but it was fun

I'm sorry to hear that bro. :(

Be easy on my port

I played with it with like 50 dollars a ways back and made 100 dollars from some meme stock. Saw it had like 10 dollars left but I was just surprised no one is left to waste money with me on it. Did something happen that Im not aware of?

Started with 690 one month ago

Started with 800 3 weeks ago.

Began 12 days ago with $300, ignorantly blew about $50 of it on BTC transaction fees.

I'm not understanding. He must've just gotten some random eth from a faucet. Who buys 2 cents of something?

Ah, fuck me, I remember that. I still have 2.5million PND sitting in my pandabank with no future

crypto is just too fucking profitable if your iq is above 40


real stocks require real research (or a lot of luck)
Everything in crypto is just mooning and the worst that happens is an occasional scam coin that appears out of nowhere that gets shilled

>open's thread
>see's LTC as OP's #1 holding
>poorfag confirmed

Do you like losing money op? I mean if your into masochism its chill just curious


you can literally put money on anything and you'll be green at some point(Unless you're actually retarded and do some dumb shit like buy btc at 20k)

Started two weeks ago with a small amount around $160 (Didn't trust the market and it's my comfortable starting point). I got 4 additional coins with another $150 that isn't on Delta yet.

Got another $5-6k in savings and might throw more in if something catches my eyes.

Uber poorfag here advice plz I wanna make it

Never been rated last 10 tries...






I will rate every replier by ID

buy ark and fun while they're still relatively cheap

I really dont have faith in the modern Veeky Forums browser to dress themself safely so getting rich on purpose is out of the question.
Therefore we should be seeing penny stock threads

You will be profitable

Got $100 of btc, what shitcoin should i go all in on for quick profits

plz someone help :(

Is FUN legit? It sounds so decent, I'm thinking about dropping 1k in it.

just hodl, user. You'll be fine

What sounds decent about it?

I-I'm gonna make it right??

consolidate all into REQ

need help

Started with 365. Been at this a week. Why the fuck am I hodling Ripple?

Started in December with $800
Will I make it biz

I rate all who rate me.

Since you rated here is your analysis...

You will do well with Stellar, and your Ripple should be sold at $2.75, I believe that would be a safe profit without risk of selling late


I was on the fence too until I did some DD

just hold my friend. Everything is great there.

dont know about enigma or dbc though

>I have actually lost money in BTC
Feels real bad. Good thing I bought 66% of my links at 15c to make it up.

I want to keep my VEN and XRB tho, started a week ago with like 100$

When you have this amount of money split in 5 coins, when one moons, you wont make much profit from it. It would be better if you just put 50/50 in two coins and hold strong for a while

Well shit I forgot the screenshot.

No, im asking YOU what sounds decent about it, I have already done my research

most I can hope for is $2000 until I diversify.

Thank you biz bro. Been considering this a lot. Just needed to hear from another person.

Started with $280 a month ago, so fairly happy so far. Also holding some POE and a handful of BWK.

I know I'm probably over-diversified, but fuck me if I can't decide what to ditch.

moved stuff around today, how'd i do guize

Just sold my DBC at 0.14, any recommendations for a alt on cuckoin or cryptopia?

Can someone explain the hype behind LINK? I don't get it, I would go with ICX or even XRP instead of LINK.

Started with $1,300 1 month ago and now I’m sitting on $3000+ . If 100%+ increase in my portfolio per month is sustainable I’ll be in lamboland in no time.

I see them changing the online gambling scene. In the future when you can "go to the casino" as easily as you can turn on the tv, if they work out to be first to market in the complete revamp of the industry in a way that completely overtakes the industry, your investment will pay off big.

Also, the team is great too. I like the experience that they're all bringing to the table.

You pajeets are getting pitiful, cant even make one shillpost

I just did, faggot

ty biz I love you

Started off with €150 about 2 months ago. Made most gains with Vertcoin and Request.

But your dbc back before the morning

Started with $18, Justin is my messiah

Jesus christ dude, DYOR

Link is imo the most undervalued coin out there

Don't, you can only go all in on something you need to break 500 to even consider having more then 1 coin at a time, else it's a slow march to 500...

Their marketcap is already at 1/100 of the entire worlds online gambling scene despite having no actual implementation according to their site. Nobody who online gambles will care about using a blockchain because they are all normies, but you can already gamble on actual coins which have better teams and actual real world implementation, even ETH is a better bet than buying that shitcoin at an ATH.

Your argument would have been much better if you had of just said 'because it's cheap lol and biz will buy it', if you

I already have 100 in BTC, 75 in LTC, and now I just have 35 more to throw into another. Thinking between XLM and REQ, but still looking around. I don't expect to become a billionaire overnight but picking good coins will probably work out in the long run, and I'll drop more funds as I get more dividends or just some portion of my paycheck throughout the year

>10 seconds of research
>github not updated for 2 months
you guys are truly cruel to the normies

Bitch I did already, shady team and horizontal growth for 3 months till some Chinese bots made it go up in the last week. SCAM