Korea is awake

Korea is awake.

only have a few hundred in ICX but looks promising. hopefully those fucking chinks make me some money

THE coin of 2018. Not owning any is the dumbest thing you could do right now.

So when's it going to come to the korean market

Only hold 1880, but dumping 1000 Ark into this tonight

when will it dip so i can finally buy in?

Not gonna make it

Patience, it could happen literally any day. That is why you simply hold and wait.

~4700 is the new dip level now m8, dont wait too long

Are they buying or selling tho

They are buying ETH apparently.

>fucking chinks make me some money

I believe the correct terminology is zipperheads.

koreans are smart, so they aren't selling

That wall, I hope someone calls that greedy fucks bluff


I was there, ironhands

who's your kpop waifu, Veeky Forums?

New ATH tonight boys? Some cuck has a 60 BTC sell wall at 5000 sats

Probably, if it's not tonight then the next breakout will be insane and the whales wont be able to stop the FOMO

You brainlets realize there is such a thing as whales buying their own orders to fake buy/sell pressure, right?

That's the point of his post user, even with all that sell pressure they still couldn't contain it

>That's the point of his post user
It's not.
>couldn't contain it
Those "walls" are not meant to contain shit. They're put up to scare 2 digit IQ brainlets into selling straight into whale's buy orders.

You must be new here, that is like a level 2 understanding of their manipulation, it is a lot more complicated than that.

I stopped watching for a moment and it breaks out, typical, lambo time