Im goin all in on either xlm or icx shill me your choice

im goin all in on either xlm or icx shill me your choice

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icx if you like money. It will be $100 EOY

ICX without a second thought.

ICX fucking duh.

xlm if you like money. It will be $100 EOY

Do you want a logo of a rocket ship or an actual product?


50/50 and save yourself some stress user


i think they'll both do well. ICX might get a bit more gains considering it's a quarter of the market cap of xlm

/allin/ XLM here.
ICX shillers, please explain to me why I should switch to ICX. Looking for short term gains.

Because you got into XLM to chase short term gains

it has a good logo bro. that's all you need. xlm is too cartoonish. it feels like a coin for kids

All in ICX, then switch to 50/50 beginning of Feb.

xlm actually is really awesome and the technology will probably fuck coinbase and catapult it in the top 3 longterm, icx just has lower cap, looks reallllly professional(normies love that) and will be listed on korean exchanges soon so i think the shorterm grwoth will be higher especially cause xlm already boomed a bit

the only correct advice is to go 50/50 right now. but since youre an idiot you will FOMO back and forth between them and make 0% returns on the year

Solid plan right here. Mainnet is going to blow our tits off


Both are great, but I think ICX has greater growth potential in the short term. I'd go 2/3 ICX, 1/3 XLM to keep fomo skele in check.

You could try following a TA trend with some diversification, probably less risk with still good chance of return.

There's a legit TA discord channel that gives signals for free, faster if you pay I guess, but still free. Results so far in pic related.

Split for both.

My position is ETH, ICX and XLM. That's probably a great many of Veeky Forums positions. Well add REQ and then it's the Patrician Veeky Forums portfolio.


It's a no brainer, user.

Do 50/50 each.

I know you won't listen and that's not what you are asking.

Whichever one you buy will tank, and the other one will moon. You will hold strong for a couple weeks, maybe a couple months, but it won't get any better and you finally will sell. And then when you do, it will moon.

Cute Korean girls alone will get ICX to 10x when the fomo starts


XLM wont tank, the wait for fairx is too much.

t: all in on xlm.