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Stop your shit now and just buy BZC

We've been through so much I dont even notice dips anymore

it doubled topped

it's over. We're going back down to 20

Press S to spit on stinky linkies


LINK will be $190 by 2019.

You have no idea what a crash is. Just because you're watching the minute chart and it's not CONSTANTLY going up, doesn't mean it's crashing. I guess you'll learn the hard way though.



Hold dummy. You FOMO like a dumbass. Now HOLD. It WILL recover. The meme power is too strong!!

thanks sold 100k and buying back at 0.03 cents again. thanks for the heads up

Nice, just sold 1 BCH to acquire some more LINK.

You don’t understand marketcap


looking forward to pink wojaks from stinky links pls

>bought around 500 Linkies
>will not make it to Lamboland but I'm heavily excited to make a real good vacation in one years time
>thank Veeky Forums for that as well

I'll wave to you guys from earth but with a smile.

500in one years time will be a 3 star in cuba

lol youre the one that doesnt seem to understand marketcap

implying link will only achieve 12b marketcap LMAO

it will easily get to 100b in 2019 aka 100usd you fucking brainlet

How does Market cap limit a coins growth? Plz explain.

You don't understand that the US dollar is losing value every day while money is constantly flowing into crypto. ChainLink could have a 244 billion dollar market cap (1000x the current price or $700/LINK) and still be out of the top 25 by the end of this year.

coin price multiplied by the amount of circulating coins = marketcap

Divide market cap by circulating coins to get coin price. That's what these virgins do and they think it means something.

100b market cap is actually around $300 USD, but yes.

It doesn't. Don't listen to these idiots. They have no clue what they're talking about. They'll probably sell link under $50

this is assuming all 1,000,000 coins are in circulations. But we all know most will be tied up in nodes so the price will be much higher as you say

Wtf I didn’t even realise that it pumped to 95000 satoshis!!

Yup, that's why I don't really factor that in. In fact, at $100b market cap, $300 would most likely be a low figure. $1000 might be more realistic.

Linkies will always be stinky. Always.

>op sucks at at shill meme
>op think thinks about himself
>classic fairy tale

But for real. What do you think is realistic EoY 2018 for Link?


literally no one fucking knows. you think people predicting 14k btc/800 dollar eth at EoY 2017 in december 2016 seemed realistic?

Once we're able to stake our LINK and earn money on them, the LINK chart will look like KuCoin right now, except much better. I think we'll be able to make much more and not relying on some weird chinese exchange, but rather relying on one of the most innovative and competently run networks ever created.

>you think people predicting 14k btc/800 dollar eth at EoY 2017 in december 2016 seemed realistic?

I think some did, yes.

I’d be happy with $10 but I think it’s sll speculation

I think both link and req will easily be $100 sometime in 2018, prob towards the q3/q4

hold till q1 2020 and you are guarenteed to make it