Had 24 ETH

>had 24 ETH
>told myself I'd just hold after getting fucked trading 6 BTC down to 2 in alts
>moon missions fucking everywhere
>start aggressively trading alts again, 50% gains in a week
>in one hour all that hard work is wiped out and i'm back to where I started


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nigger i sold 300 eth at $130. how do you think i feel

I dont understand how people can be losing money in this boom. Look at even the fucking stinky linkies, they're making money.

cause they don't hold

weak fucking faggot hands

The only way to win is to pick a few promising coins and holding them for AT LEAST a month

Stop daytrading

What alts did you buy? lmao

But it's so fun. The shitposting. The mooning. The crashing. The trolling. The wojacks.

Crypto is literally all I have besides work since June. I spent all new years eve and day shitposting on here and trading. It's all I can think about. How am I supposed to just hold a coin? I need the rush.

None in REQ? None in XRB? What have you been throwing your money at?

You can participate in them while holding actually good coins instead, brainlet.

hold atleast a week to a month ya dig...when you get some experience and read the market rythym then start looking for moonshots until then I will enjoy reading posts like these ya dig

Fomo bought into FUN at 900. Deep Brain at 210 Vitaliks. Bounty at ATH.

You find good coins in dips and hodl. How is this hard?

I caught ICX, XLM and ADA moon missions this way.

So what did you learn?

serious question because I want to avoid this happening to me: how did you actually lose money day trading? like what decisions did you make specifically? I just can't imagine losing a substantial amount of money on any coin

eyyyy my man those 3 combined basically make up 95% of my portfolio atm, keep it up

it's called 80% hold 20% shitcoin gambling

Just go all in on XRP, and stop trading. Buy only, don't sell until $50 Trillion market cap.

You know whats really fun?
Pic related
Weak hands deserve to be poor

So much this, but it's temping to trade your holds on the margin when things get interesting. Did that with XLM/REQ today, then consolidated all to REQ with that stack when stellar started taking a dump. Buy orders set to +100-200 sats from previous sell orders, then vice versa for sell orders unless it really tanks. Never settle for selling at a loss, and keep some spare btc/eth/bnb/tether on the side to buy the red candle.

>not poor

lol. calm down, kid.

>putting your life savings in crypto
Wew lad

I sold 150 eth at $20.

Hung onto 70 though.

I sold 273 at $15. still got 261 though.

discord.gg/arEbZvq if anyones interested