What's up guys, I'm here with your hourly Payfair (PFR) shill thread

What's up guys, I'm here with your hourly Payfair (PFR) shill thread.

On Jan 5th the devs return with news and updates and I move on to shilling reddit. I tried to give "us" a chance to make it.

yhis morning the Market Cap was still at a low 3 million. You know what that means right?? M-o-o-n mission.

I told you about it when it was $.02, and now I'm telling you about it at $.10, don't be the guy who has to buy in at $.25

With only 100 million tokens, Payfair should have no problem reaching at least $1 once the project is up and running. That means an easy x20 if you get in with the early boys

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Here's some of the basics on the project:

Payfair (PFR) is a decentralized escrow and P2P crypto-exchange on the ethereum blockchain. If you're too daft to understand what that is, it means you will be able to sell your crypto directly to buyers for FIAT.
Yes, this could literally get rid of the cant cash out meme.

But its not just crypto, potentialy Payfair could do FIAT to any crypto, any crypto to any other crypto, crypto payment for contract work, etc.
There's potential for this to become a huge market.

Everyone and their boomer parents will be using Payfair to buy crypto and to cash out when the time is right.(tip:never sell, always hold)

Another cool thing about Payfair (PFR) is the potential to make money just by holding the coins! That's right, It's like you will be getting paid to make money.

While the exact numbers will be up to a community vote, currently you need $200 worth of tokens to form a trust node, and $250 for an escrow node.

And even though you can only buy Payfair (PFR) on Etherdelta it has still managed to have a great healthy grow in its first month.
The developers are already working on getting it listed on other normie friendly exchanges and that alone should bring us a nice bump in profits.

Now check it out, the exchange will be ready by February and an IOS app in Q2 will help get Payfair to the mass adoption level that will not only take us to the Moon, but potentially Pluto.

One of the concerns I've seen come up is "Why would I trust a random stranger (escrow) with making sure my money stays mine"

Okay, I get it, it could seem like your putting to much at risk on the hands of strangers, but you don't even need to use and escrow with Payfair (PFR). Its just an option. If you want it can just be the seller and the buyer making a transaction after both parties agree that their requirements were met.

Now let's say you do want to use the escrow for extra security, From my understanding you transaction will be handled by 3 different people. They are all anonymous to each other and to the people making the transaction. The transaction will be approved after three consecutive approvals from the escrow participants.

And what keeps the escrow participants from misbehaving? Their own tokens will be at risk for bad behavior, there will also be a rating system, and people who use the service will be incentivized to rate by the giving them lower fees for participating.

Telegram old post
"Hello, dear friends! Today we want to remind you that this week our website will be updated: payfair.io. This week the main page will be the Payfair platform.

1) Soon, you will be able to sell and buy PFR and ETH after testing the platform.
2) At the moment, we are fixing bugs and evolving the functionality of the platform.
3) We ordered a promo-video for marketing in masses. It will be complete in January.
4) We will be listed on the WandX exchange
5) We listen to our community and we will hold a voting process and possibly we will peg the trust-node to the number of tokens and get rid of fiat peg

P.S. Guys, please vote and leave your comments ;)

ill be around to answer any questions.

we experienced the first wave of FOMO this morning.
Get ready for the next one.

Lol I'm from previous thread. I bought another 10k PFR. I feel like 100 million market cap is pretty much guaranteed.

100 million seems guaranteed.

now im wondering if we can hit 200-300 million.

When's it coming to binance or bittrex

Went to look, jesus fuck how do you use etherdelta?

after it costs $2+ per coin.
jk jk

no news about those specific exchanges.

wandx and possible next exchange comnig soon

you can also find it on IDEX and stocks.exchange

you need eth in your walllet.
then hit the deposit tab to move it into the etherdelta wallet.

you can click on one of the red number (sell) order, and buy that.

watch a video, the learning curve is a little high, but it's worth it.

always double check your numbers. you will lose a lot of money if you misstype

Wait so If I have 200 dollars worth of tokens, im able to make money with the coins?


i would recommend $250., the price for an escrow node.
the escrow node seems set, but the trust node will be changed to a set number of tokens after a community vote.

from what i read they will pay out monthly

Thanks OP
Got in from one of your other threads. Already x2.

How long before it hits 100m market cap?

If i buy 150 worth and it rises to 200, does that make it eligible too? Also, are you able to mine these?

my guess would be around february after the first release and when it gets on a decent exchange.
but this is just a guess.

yea, that should work.

and i dont think you can mine.


I bought this in stocks.exchange is that okay? etherdelta sucks.

dunno m8, you better ask your mom

yup, you're all good.

Okay I've got some, suppose it would be a good idea to get it the f off of etherdelta.

heads up. I just checked and it is actually around $.08 on stocks.echange. cheaper than ED

yea put it somewhere safer.

at least they're not street shitters

I really want to all in with 170k but that's more than ED's entire 24 hour trading volume and I feel like I'll pump it up too much. Fml

Alright, jeesh that wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do. See you when we're at $10

do it faggot

I just got mine, do it!

juuusssstttt doooooo itttttt.

i know right. I always tell people to consider EtherDelta the normie filter.

Hello user, you called earlier inquiring about shitcoins that had huge upside potential with very little downside risk?
The reason I am calling user is because something just came across my desk, it perhaps the best shitcoin i've seen
The name of the coin is PayFair, it is a cutting edge coin with huge developer support and worldwide financial transaction applications - NOW!
Right now user, the shitcoin trades for 9 cents a coin, and our analysts think it could go a heck of a lot higher than that
Your profit on a mere $50,000 investment is upwards of $500,000
>Wow, that is enough for a lambo
Exactly, you could get a lambo

God tier pajeet shill detected


Wait did you pussy out?

Price will only go higher. Post caps if you do it.