Show me the coins with the most promise and a market cap not exceeding 10 million. Drop your Ethereum address as well. If I find a coin that I invest in, i'll donate .15 for your tip

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espers coin my good sir



Etherparty (FUEL)


I'd take a look into these. Link is currently crashing so now's a good time to pick up some. It's definitely going to increase in value, and REQ will with it considering they go hand in hand.




5000% gains ez

>market cap under 10,000,000
Oops I'm retarded, sorry OP. I would recommend link and req together regardless though. Feel free to tip my stupidity

Xft footy cash


holy shit just bough 100k

PRL will be silent moon once they release testnet in Jan

Second all of these. I almost doubled my initial investment of a measly $320 in about a week just making smart trades between these and trx(crazy market cap but it's cheap and fairly stagnant around 4 or 5 cents for a week now. Supposedly they have a cryptodoggo game in the works so it might shoot up)
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Thats allot of fucks to give.

Literally this, OP. All the shilling on here isn't for nothing. Torrenting is huge and isn't going anywhere anytime soon

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QLink, very new, only on KuCoin Exchange so far.
Promising project with big support.

Very cheap right now.


UFR, or Upfiring, unless you are autistic. 5 mill market up, but a quality of coin equivalent to a 100 mill market cap? Just you wait.

Payfair, mooned today, still under 10 mm

sumokoin monero ripoff
technically 20m cap

I hope so, I'm down nearly 45% on that shit.

CAPP Cappasity
START Startcoin

obsidian, blockcat, ethbet.

Been keeping this one a secret user.



Yeah I'm sure it will be good coming from a dev with 8months experience and a psychology degree


OP...I'm assuming you've already seen the ones everyone on biz keeps shilling like Link, xrb, icon, req, etc. Other interesting ones you may want to maybe at least be aware of:
1. STORJ (hard drive storage, I think better than Siacoin)
2. GameCredits and Enjin for videogame industry
3. Po.et and Publica for writers and artists
Good luck!


MBRS embermine. Long term hold. Don't worry bout the tip, buy some MBRS with it.



Also Sega Genesis logo

>less than $10m mcap
>currently refueling from first moon mission
>already a working product
>massive rebranding and exchange listings to be announced this week.

The next BNTY. 10x gains at least guaranteed.

Dnotes, re-releasing as pos soon.


Electra ECA
Wait for wallet and private send easy 10x

Under 10m mcap, fart-ass!

Crypto Pussies


I don't get it though, you're taking the pirate market and trying to build a coin off paying for torrents

Why do you think this will work?

it mooned recently so buy after realization







OP there's some legit TA going on in a discord group, called XRB on christmas, and other fat gains as well, pic related. Verify it all for yourself if you have to.

Might not be under 10 million marketcaps that you find but shit is legit.


ETH: 0xf9dde53799680484b6ce0ae87067b491e7ce14d3




Bitcloud (BTDX)
It diped from 1.00 to .50 and it's about to rise again, easy 2x in a month


Authorship (ATS)

Everyone thought this project was dead but they recently tweeted that their Beta is releasing Jan 8. Soon listing on Bittrex too. Steal at the moment


im on the esper train also

Vivo. Look at Zcash, then look at Zencash(it's a fork). Now look at Dash, then look at Vivo.(also a fork). That alone should be enough but if it isn't check out Vivo's website: vivocrypto.com/ One of the best masternode coins to have a node in at the moment as well. Feels like I'm sitting on an undiscovered goldmine desu.


RLX and LDM. Top mooning coins of the day under 10M market valuation according to cryptocompare.com . Both 11x mooned today.

Why did these two coins moon so much? Must be for a good reason. Yet I don't hear much about RLX or LDM on /biz

lamden my dude

Safex. 2 billion coins in circulation and worth $0.019 at the moment. Currently in purgatory after being delisted by Cryptopia. Only place to get it is TradSatoshi. This will be hot when the wallet bug is fixed and it is back on the exchanges.

UFR, SNC, Don't throw too much in, but if you can spare $100 or $200, look into it

Electra, $40M market cap, but with a lot of room to grow so do not miss it.

Also, the Crypterium ICO isn't yet over so you should probably head over there and buy some to get in on he ground floor. The most promising ICO of 2017-2018. crypterium.io/



This and only this.

Payfair is gona buy me a house.

it's hardly down from its ATH. Seems a little hot for me still

Same. Actually might see this hit at least 100 mill mcap

fuck I hate Mcafees hair

Privatix privatix.io

It’s a token for a decentralised VPN product that the team are building

7.8 million MC, the team already has a plethora of privacy products that they have already built. The user base is already there, they have a very good team. This is a guaranteed 10x.

Don’t believe me? See my ETH address. I converted all of my ETH to PRIX. Right now it’s only there on EtherDelta. There are talks of other exchanges listing this soon.


WandX their 2.0 platform is out this month Trade ERC 20 token baskets and more wouldn’t be surprised to see 100x with only 75mm supply 0x24d82e3761120213f2422786b6781922d0dbb232

Spectre (the exchange, not the coin), unfortunately only on ED at the moment but will hit Binance soon.

Looking forward to those comfy weekly ETH dividends

Change Bankg (CAG). Fucking DHL CEO is an advisor

SophiaTX sophiatx.com/

Basically a coin for SAP users to get into blockchain technology. Not sure how truly valuable it is, but with a $1.3 million MC, and the ability to pitch this shit to legacy enterprise businesses as an emerging tech innovation, it looks like it can grow easily.


It's on coss breh

Qlink. Get in BEFORE the moon. Not during or after. Thank me later.

Its only on shit exchanges, what's the coins novelty and what are the chances of it hitting bittrex or binance?

PACCOIN its gaining crazy and has potential

eth address: 0x3948c851db48de73d013fe88654e6870a453e09f

motherfucker im always late to these coins by a week. If I was here a week ago I'd put hella money in and watch the profits rolling in right now


What's the circulating supply? Its almost 76 cents per coin.

Payfair, Hawala.today, Oyster Prl, BitBoost.



Yea and a couple more I think. I only use EtherDelta

Privatix, Luxcoin, Publica.

I have insider information. Intended for you but others in this thread will get it too, I guess. Tips appreciated. You will 10x within a week.


Some insiders are already over-buying and pushing the price up. Get. In. Now.


how do i buy this when its only available on a scam exchange

Dont listen to op he is part of pump n dump group

they are targeting These shitcoins being posted here

see for yourself

Literally FLASH
Got in at 98 sats
One of the best trades I ever did
Also it’s not too late to hop on

Snovio coinmarketcap.com/currencies/snovio/
It was less than 10m couple days ago, still early to get it. Lots of room to grow once it hits major exchanges. See for yourself
You can trade in ether delta

I misread coinmarketcap (from my phone). The cap I listed was actually the 24h volume. It is supposed to have 500 million total tokens, but only 30% were on sale in the ICO. No idea if all of those sold and are in circulation, which might explain why no one has a legit market cap for it. Not sure on the supply, sorry.