New Blockchain Game.

CryptoPussies. Literally released minutes ago. It's like cryptokitties but with virtual waifus.

GET IN HERE NOW! Do you want to be poor for the rest of your life?

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Well, it didn't take someone that long.

they all look like shit

hahaha holy shit.
Expect a feminist ragestorm about this.

This is getting out of hand


While I appreciate this, it's not normie-friendly enough to be taken seriously. If I was good at this shit, I'd build a crypto-waifu game like this, but with a shitload more character variety and the ability to buy/trade accessories, housing, etc.


site is not even SSL? no thanks

I'm buying the alien bitch fuck it


>not a ponzi
who cares

I'm not defending that shit btw, just saying.
Feminism is shit.

>in history it will be written that the first major use cases of blockchain technology was for illegal purchases, pump and dumps, and collectible ponzi schemes

Spank you mean?

Fucking kek

Damn I wish I could spend some WomenCoin on this~


Okay so like, how do I get in on the ground floor of this ponzi and make bank

oh my god hahaha the headlines would be fantastic

Buy a Gen 0 now. Wait a couple of days for this to explode. Then sell it for mad bank. This is less like ethertanks and more like cryptokitties


Last night I Pierce Brosnanburgered your sister?

This is what I think, but watch me be wrong again



>oh look it's another crypto collectibles episode
As soon as I heard about CryptoKitties I knew unoriginal faggots would be shilling Veeky Forums every week with their latest crypto collectible clone until the end of time. I didn't expect it would get old this fast, though.

is this why ETH is running guys

Feminist ragestorm means media coverage get in while there cheap

>Auction ends in 6 days
No fucking way anyone will care about this 6 days from now

Cryptocunts is DOA

That's exactly what this needs. It's free advertising. someone contact all the sjw outlets now. GO GO GO

Fuck I was just looking at her to buy.

>>Auction ends in 6 days

yeah wtf how does this work? ethertanks I just bought and held, I have to wait 6 days for this or what?

Yeah, this will end well.

I fucking love it.

Can finally buy pussy with crypto, fucking made it.

gave me a good chuckle mate

This is what all the advancement and innovation in cryptocurrency has been leading to.

Is it worth getting into this for 0.078 ether or the tank one? Do you think any of those in op will 10-20x?

ok I got 2 pussies, do I breed them or what

do I sell them, how does this shit work.. I never played cryptokitties, I just did tanks where you buy and hold

>do i breed them

Did you just pay for deviant art pictures you fucking retard

Yeah you can breed them. From what I understand you can breed them 10 times.

Also how do women breed with women?

Ummm sweetie it's 2018, get with the times you bigot. Strong brave women need no men to breed.

They take two eva, then pull the DNA from one and insert it in the other one

They're being auctioned off for 2 days, so priced will probably go much higher.

butch dike in thread O_O


>no bush
2/10 would not shill

There's a "DNA auction", so dey getting the artificial insemination

$15 for a crypto pussy!?

But she will steal my wallet and leave with chad user!
Why should I pay for this???

Because hopefully this hits reddit tomorrow and some autistic dipshit is willing to pay more than you did

ding ding ding.

Humm, seen like this, I like the idea.
Let see what happens.


Why havn't you jumped on Ethertanks yet?
This has only been around for 3 days, you will be an early adopter.
This is guaranteed EASY profit.
For every tank bought you will get a dividend, and the tanks value will go up.
On the 7th you will be able to sell you tank at a profit!
It's literally impossible to lose money on this.
I recommend buying the LT-1 or LT-2 Tank as it is the most popular so you will get the most dividends.
On the 14th you will be able to battle, and their will be ETH rewards. Therefore increasing popularity and increasing your gains.

You missed Cryptokitties do not miss this.

Fucking kek

still not sure how I am supposed to profit from this.

I bought 2, bred them, put the gen 1 they spit out up for sale but I don't see it for sale anywhere, only gen0

figured I got scammed so put my 2x gen0 for sale for more than I paid. prolly never gonna see my ETH again am I, lol

The first one is ugly af


Fuck it Tyrone sold me


the extension is a virus idiots, thanks for all your crypto

Never in my life I thought crypto would make someone say this. Fucking kek'd for minutes
What a time to be alive


now i have a problem trusting that dotcom
any user check it out?
Is ti safe?

how long do these cunts need to rest before breeding again

top kek

i need the original of this lol

10 minutes, RTFM

but if you have a gen0, keep it aside.
You can only breed 10 times.

When it goes up, the more breeding oportunities, the higher the price.

Also, checked.

this without the link please?

I bought it, am I autistic

If I make money off this I think im going to kill myself

learn how to internet

>going to kms
Can I have your waifus?

This can not be real.

I think the artist is Frank Castello...
He makes porn games
It looks like his art
and he is making a SciFi breeding vidya.
If you see this Frank
You done good lad.
Also you games need a Linux port.

>kek when I will see my own screenshot in tmr

holy shit. im speechless

Somebody should do this except cryptokitties style and use

>the niggers at the last ones to be bought

Just bought another one. Lets go boys.

Anyone managed to make any money yet?

I don't have enough eth for the minimum withdrawal from kucoin...

If anyone can help me out, I will reimburse you in a few days plus a reasonable percent if there are any bags to be had.


My metamask.

should I make these two twin sisters scissor each other to make another butt slut Veeky Forums?

So I figure all of us have bought in and are the early adopters, how do we get another wave of rubes to come and give us money?

Where do we need to shill this

the cheapest gen 0s are like 0.025eth for now

Reddit for real. Someone create a thread on one of the cryptocurrency subreddits, link it to us and we will shill it.

someone needs to post this somewhere that buzzfeed or salon or something will see, we need an article to get published

I fucked up when trying to list mine for sell and accidentally sent the transaction to the network twice. How long is this going to take for one of them to confirm and one to get rejected? its been over an hour

This, generate as much outrage as possible
HackerNews, etc... I want to see them literally TRIGGERED

Tomorrow's headline on Salon:


Looked over the smart contract. The one thing I'd beware of is that the owner can make Gen 0s as fast as he wants. There's no time lock on creating new gen 0 girls like there is in crypto kitties and there's a max of 30000. Also unlike kitties they don't go to auction when created, they go straight into the owner's account to use as he sees fit. Anybody reading this right now is early as fuck and will almost certainly make money on this, but still beware that the market could crash a lot faster than cryptokitties did if the owner decides that he'd rather make a quick buck than a lasting game.

Ethertanks is over man. It's exactly the state Etheremon (the game it got all its ideas from) was in before they removed the ponzi because nobody was buying. Barely 10 tanks sold in total in the past two hours. 110 still need to be sold before the new tank #17 is created. The smart thing to do is to sell what you've got to other users with the contract before the marketplace opens up and your competition increases massively.


The fuck does this mean

When I click to buy nothing happens