What went right?

What went right?

bought BTC when ETH was at its peak

1 hour wait and $20 transaction fee.

Try 6 hour wait for $50-100 fee

BTC is finished

Scaling happened.
Transactions need to increase or this thing will never recover.

Alts are slowly murdering bitcoin.
Invest accordingly

Is it really alts fault though?

>6 hours
I had 50 dollars worth of btc and I had to wait from Monday to fucking Sunday to get it out. Only had dust left so I couldn't bump the fee.

>alts are witnessing bitcoin's slow self suicide

Fixed that for you.

>too many people are using it
>btc is thus crap

>Cant handle mass adoption
>Somehow this isnt a big issue

>BTC will scale in the future

Explain how this is possible without a fork.

Its not possible. implying I suggested otherwise.

A coin only simply utilizing blockchain is unfortunately old technology. DAG/dApps is the new way of things.

Bitcoin tanked making the small marketshares of shitcoins comparability larger.
Yes BTC has lots of issue and it needs to be replaced but it will remain the largest crypto for the foreseeable future because it has enough volume for investment firms to move tens of millions in and out without turning it into a PnD.
Nothing will come close to taking the #1 spot until it's just as easy to transfer into and out of fiat while maintaining enough volume for major players to get in on the game.

Can you retards please shut the fuck up. I literally just sent btc from my wallet to an exchange for $4 and it confirmed in under 45 minutes.

With the advent of LINK, REQ and HAT, it doesn't seem like we are very far off from converting any currency to any crypto and back. I imagine a future where BTC or ETH pairs simply don't exist because everything will be traded relatively to each other.

>Sends 100 satoshi to exchange with a 4 dollar fee
>"C-can you guys shut up Bitcoin is fine"

Cool. Try RaiBlocks. It would've been in your wallet within 10 seconds. And no fee what so ever.

Imagine someone who wants to buy a cup of coffee. Do they go with BTC which will charge them $20 of fees + wait 45 minutes for the tx to clear. Or do they use RaiBlocks and finish the transaction faster than if you've swiped your credit card?

Yeah. BTC is going out the window sooner or later. It's not a matter of IF, its a matter of when.

Nigga if I care about moving shit fast I use doge

>another newcoiner who thinks btc is ever going to die

>Scaling to Visa
>No Fees
>Instant Transactions

Sounds like XRB will overtake BTC

raiblock wallet is broken

btc is an investing asset. nobody will buy it coffee with it. billions of dollars from financial inst. and corps. will be invested in it.

Prove it. Been using the local wallet for a month. No problems. Ugly UI, but that's just UI. It's an easy fix,

But why? Imagine having to sell BTC to a boardroom, you really think they'll buy it just because you tell them it'll go up?

Are you stupid?

that's just not true

it IS well invested in but it's not an investing asset. those who are in it will keep it alive though

People do it with shiny metals all the time.

People invest in metals to avoid inflation, not make money.

Except that you don't pay 40$ to move one nugget of gold from one room to another.

1 bullion of gold worths $40k

do you go to store with one bullion and smash it into pieces and try to pay with one piece?

mark my words: 0.00000001 btc will be 1 cent and 1 btc=$1 million it's inevitable