Get into ShipChain Pre-Sale RIGHT FUCKING NOW (it ends tomorrow of when hard cap of $20m is reached).
I just did and am now shilling you to do the same.

Minimum commit is $25k (5% bonus), $26k-150k (10% bonus) $150k and up 15% bonus.
I contributed a 15% bonus payment and I'm going to buy several lambos in 4-5 months.

This is not a pajeet shitfest coin
Serious fucking business, most overlooked ICO imo

Ex-CEO of DHL is in their team as Chief Strategy Officer and CEO of SharkTank.

You better not miss this out.

>what if I don't have 25k...?
Public ICO is around Jan 15th but you'll have to be fast it's hard capped to $10m (ether contribution) only.

Im fucking serious if you don't take this chance I feel sorry for you.

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reeks of shitty advertisement

no, im a student started with basically nothing and is now finally going to make it
i want to offer biz the same chance because ive been shilled many good opportunities. It's only fair.

This actually looking pretty damn good

It fucking is
dont miss out...

how many coins would you get for 26k, the max supply is 500m

Hope to keep this thread going sometime so as many as possible of you bastards can take this chance

That logo is fucking TERRIBLE, and for that reason, I'm out

sure thing, pajeet

had to dig it out of an old mail here you go
Regular cost per token $ 0.34285000
Purchase amount (USD) $ 26,000.00
Tokens (not including bonus) 81,250
Bonus % (f.ex. 0.05 = 5%) 0.10
Bonus Amount 8,125.0
Total tokens 89,375
Your cost per token after bonus: $ 0.29090909

your loss bro.

Added to my watch list. Thanks user

No prob! I'd get in now in pre-sale if you can, otherwise good luck on jan 15th! dont miss it out.

Its a 30M marketcap. They just changed it, OP is wrong

i dont know how many coins will be released at token release, how do you get 220m?
anyway, if pre-sale doesnt sell out till tomorrow the unsold token will be locked for 10 years according to the team

yes pre-sale+public ico 1 will be 30m hard cap

yeah nevermind I think I stuffed up that calculation

so we got 20m at like 28-30c pre-sale thats like 70m tokens (unsold tokens locked for 10 years)
then we got 10m at 34.4c public ICO thats another 30m

so we will have around 100m initial supply or 30m market cap at token release
unless i missed something

I like how you didn't mention the tech or use case at all whatsoever.

Can someone not biased tell me what their initial read is on this?

I have read the whitepaper but biz doesnt care about tech

btw many are wondering when "Sale 2" is. here's the answer from WP

This ‘TGE’ will occur in multiple phases, including Pre-Sale, Sale 1, and Sale 2. Pre-Sale and Sale 1 will
occur immediately, ending after January 2018. Sale 2 will occur upon the completion of several milestones,
including the live use of our web platform, version 1.0 of our full tracking system, and generation
of live revenues with real client shipments. We anticipate Sale 2 will occur between 1-2 years after Sale

for best understanding, you better read it yourself
here's the WP

Thanks for bringing this up OP
I also participated in the pre sale (just 26k though).
This will be huge, you've all been warned.

DHL is a fucking awful company, badly manage,d and poor quality of service.

Also what the fuck does a courier company have to do with crypto?

it's not DHL
just ex-CEO if DHL is on their team (implying he has a lot of connections in freight/transport industry)
They want to bring carrier shippings to the blockchain because the current system is very old, inefficient and expensive (for example brokers take up to 30% commission for directing goods to certain carriers)
i really recommend reading the whitepaper

here's a good post about the whole thing:

posted 1 hour ago

This project will be huge.

Congrats! Very good decision user
Oh yes it will, more certain with this one than with DBC! got in already?

I am being persuaded...

I dont see anything about the minimum requirements on their site or anything... and to get in presale you have to email them? Isnt it almost over?

I think I will try to get some of this in the public sale, I'll have to sell something else

OP how did you learn about this?

Do it, you will absolutely not regret it. Easy 50x if you hodl 3-4 months after token release
it's not on their website because pre-sale is kinda private/manual
but the numbers i mentioned above are correct
maybe you can get it down to 15-20k but youd have to email them and ask
you have like 23h left i think
good luck! to the moon
read it on biz about a month ago, by chance

comments on the steem article are reassuring

Presale by email, shady af

is usa citizens allowed to participate in ico ?

are you telling me we need to throw 25 000$ to participate in that thing???

Thank you for notifying us.


Yes, but different paperwork to sign for them.
its not, its jsut the pre-sale
public ICO will be registre-less
Yes, but maybe you can get it lower, at the moment pre-sale is mroe like private investor funding, just ask them via email if you can do lower (like 15-20k) you can always try...
No problem, hope many people will see this, this will guaranteed moon 100x within 3-4 months.

No, it's not ~guaranteed~ to 100x, if you wanna shill this shit you're doing a disservice by using this kind of language

That gif, funny.

of course it's not guaranteed
it's my personal opinion, sorry
i dont freaking care, i dont even need to shill this its not even out, actually as a rational investor Id be more happy ith as few pre-sale sign ups as possible because they will lock up unsold tokens for 10 years

just goes to show how nice i am to Veeky Forums

Alright Veeky Forums I'm out.
It's up to you to make the right decisions.
With a great certainty I can say that getting in ShipChain now is the right decision.

Adios and get rich.

So... can anyone tell me what actually makes the tokens worth anything in this system. Like I can see a public blockchain for tractability being valuable... but why would the tokens have value?

Whitepaper says its the currency of the platform. All payments and remittances are settled as ShipChain tokens

Even I read the whitepaper on this one.

Shipchain has an actual business model, unlike 90% of the shitcoins out there I've seen.

It states in the whitepaper that...

"Fees will be a low percentage of the cost of shipping, and ShipChain will avoid having
to hire typical telemarketing brokers, keeping the cost of selling at a minimum. This base percentage
fee will be the primary income source for ShipChain Web, followed by partnerships for Cargo Insurance,
as well as partner value-add services upsold on top of shipments." Just search up Revenue Model in the White Paper

Also there is capability for large scale enterprise resource planning implementations, "which routinely run over seven figures". If online retailers start incorporating Shipchain one day, we are going to see this shit really take off.

I hope I can get at least 1eth into it in the first sale. No way could I come close to the $25k minimum in this presale.

how many token in total?

225 million if all gets sold in this pre-sale.

Here is a screenshot from the whitepaper

Logo is fucking Horrible just make some contemporary modern S shit

einstürzende neubauten in Paint

I literally only have around 25k to my name if i sell my truck. I work a shit factory job building engines for tractors, Is this my hail merry, or Veeky Forums literally going to fuck me in the ass with this?

honestly this seems like a big deal if it gets adoption, and they have the names involved that it stands a good chance.

Obviously 25k is a huge investment. Especially as the real value in this is holding it long term as it (best case scenario) revolutionizes the shipping and freight industries.

IDK dude, maybe grab some at the ICO?

The team is incredible. I put in $50k myself. Solid plan, massive industry that’s ripe for disruption, good token utility, existing partnership with billion dollar company, another partnership with Sweetbridge for crypto factoring, already members of Blockchain In Trandsportation Alliance (BiTA).

They were also listed in Forbes as one of five blockchain startups to keep an eye out for in 2018.

Like I said, I strongly believe in this project.

You gotta be an accredited investor for presale anyway

People (here, twitter and whatnot) are saying that $2 - $3 by the end of the year is not overly optimistic. During the milestone accomplishments between now and sale 2, the price is almost guaranteed to go up. Can't say for sure it's going to be 10x, but it's pretty hopeful that it will increase as news spreads of progress and the , it's just a question of how much. If you have seen me post around here before, you will know I am not interested in shitcoins. I am looking for 2-3 super solid long holds to make up the bulk of my portfolio (pic related) and thanks to mathereum on discord, ShipChain is one of them now.
>the real value in this is holding it long term as it
Shit this just keeps getting better and better. This is my strength. Im not looking to day trade a lot. Iron hands unite.

How do you get the 25k to them? Do they take tether or what? Fiat payments will take more than 24 hours...